Cesc Fabregas Is Staying Put

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has confirmed he is staying with Arsenal for the new Premier League season. The Spain midfielder had been the subject of rumours about a move back to his boyhood club Barcelona, but the 23 year old has commited his future to the North London club.

Fabregas has confirmed that Barcelona had tabled two bids for him, but both were rejected by Arsenal, who kept a firm not for sale stance on Fabregas throughout the summer. The midfielder issued a statement to the fans of Arsenal, after admitting he was seriously tempted to move to Spain and play for the La Liga champions.

Fabregas said: “Firstly I would like to apologise to all the Arsenal fans for not speaking sooner about my future but I have not known what I was going to do until this moment.” He also added that he had had many conversations with Arsene Wenger and understands that “it is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me.”

I owe a lot to the club, manager and the fans and I will respect their decision and will now concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal. I am an Arsenal player and as soon as I step out on to the pitch, that is the only club I will be thinking about.”, Fabregas also said in his statement.

This news will be a massive relief for Arsenal fans, as they would definitely have struggled without their talismanic captain. However, Arsenal fans will be worried at where Fabregas’ head lies and whether or not this season will be his last in Arsenal team colours. Barcelona want their former player badly and I don’t think they will just stop now. I am fully expecting a bid next summer and if Arsenal do not win anything this year, expect Fabregas’ head to be turned again and he may jet off to Spain, leaving Arsenal in serious limbo.

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  1. Barca a little cheaky on this one, the offer was no higher than £33m according to Barca. No wonder Arsenal never sold him. In todays market he is surly worth at least another £10m on top of that.

    1. Er, no it isn’t. Were it a feeder club, Cesc would have gone back to Barca maybe 2 years ago, and they would have cashed in on van Persie by now etc. Define feeder club, anyway. Wenger is doing a fine job balancing the books as Arsenal pay off the debts on Ashburton Grove. That said, the money splashed on long-term contracts and high salaries for a few of the under-achievers last year does worry me – it will be difficult to move those players on if the club wants to.

      What seems obvious is that now the Old Firm are turning into feeder clubs as the harsh economy bites up there.

  2. Interesting to consider whether Barcelona would have even £33 million to offer next year, as the worldwide economic collapse continues. I see Arsenal as being the overwhelmingly dominant Premier League club within the next five years, because they’ll be the only one of the big clubs that is solvent.

  3. cesc should stay as captain, he was honest. its not fair to remove the captaincy, it would destroy the spirit of the team as everyone looks up to cesc, and can you imagine how it would make him feel for the season ahead.

    and yes i agree, we are not a feeder club. unfortunately we have to put up with the spanish clubs doing what they want in terms of courting players, using their own players to swing the heads of those they are trying to sign. we’ve had it with vierra, pires, henry and now fabregas. wenger makes players stars, and in turn we have to put up with the pressure on us every season. fifa needs to stop this.

    and yes i think also arsenal are in a great position, especially when the new spending rules come in, we already have been playing by these rules for years and look at the results starting to flourish, sounds sustainable finances whilst also crafting a side not only for arsenal but not looking like we are doing something for england given todays call ups.

    its a new generation of football and arsenal will go someway to shaping it.

  4. I’m an arsenal fan and keeping cesc is no big relief to me, as i disagree with your opinions that they definitely would’ve struggled without him and that they’d be in limbo w/o him. don’t get me wrong, i love the guy, and his skill is amazing, but they have more capable midfielders than they know what to do with. and nasri’s going to go nuts this year. they lost last year because of defense, goal tending, and striking. midfield will never be a problem as long as wenger’s there.

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