Watch the Real 'Damned United' On Television This Weekend

One of the advantages of the Premier League season starting a week later than some European leagues is that it gives us a chance, for one weekend at least, to watch other leagues that we necessarily wouldn’t have as much time for once the season kicks off.

And what better way to spend the weekend by watching the real life drama of The Damned United when Derby County play Leeds United at Elland Road in the Championship? If you’ve read the book by David Peace or watched the film starring Michael Sheen, you’ll know that when Brian Clough was manager of Derby, the team he wanted to beat more than any other was Don Revie’s Leeds United. A lot has changed since approximately forty years ago. But if you do get a chance, try and tune in to watch that one especially since Leeds will be fired up with their first game back in the Championship.

Leeds versus Derby isn’t the only must-see match this weekend. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the matches you can see on U.S. television this weekend:

  • Friday, 2:45pm ET: Norwich vs Watford, Fox Soccer Plus and
  • Friday, 8pm ET: AC Milan vs Panathinaikos, Fox Soccer Channel and
  • Saturday, 10am ET: Burnley vs Nottingham Forest, Fox Soccer Plus and
  • Saturday, 11:45am ET: Bayern Munich vs Schalke, GolTV
  • Saturday, 12:15pm ET: Leeds United vs Derby County, Fox Soccer Plus and
  • Saturday, 2:45pm ET: Heerenveen vs PSV Eindhoven,
  • Saturday, 3pm ET: Paris-Saint Germain vs St. Etienne, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Saturday, 10:30pm ET: LA Galaxy vs Real Madrid, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Sunday, 7:30am ET: Cardiff City vs Sheffield United, Fox Soccer Plus and
  • Sunday, 10am ET: Chelsea v Manchester United, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Sunday, 3pm ET: Montpellier vs Bordeaux, Fox Soccer Plus and
  • Sunday, 6pm ET: FC Dallas vs Philadelphia Union, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Sunday, 9pm ET: New York Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire, ESPN2 and

Obviously it’ll be very difficult to fit in all of these games. But the European soccer season will officially begin in many countries this weekend with plenty of games in the Championship, Ligue 1, and Eredivisie as well as preseason friendlies and, of course, Major League Soccer.

If you want a primer on the Championship, be sure to visit our sister site Championship Talk where there’s a preview of the season, an article on players to watch and more.

Also, the good news is that Ligue 1, after not being available in the States last season, is back and it’s new home appears to be Fox Soccer Channel as well as Saturday’s game between PSG and St. Etienne should be a wonderful match to watch between two of the most famous clubs in France.

32 thoughts on “Watch the Real 'Damned United' On Television This Weekend”

  1. Thanks for the suggestion on Derby vs. Leeds, sounds like something I should watch. However, I don’t get Fox Soccer Plus, and am not going to search it out online. Guess I’ll wait until the Community Shield on Sunday to start my viewing season.

  2. Derby also have Brian Clough’s son, Nigel in charge, so I’m sure that most of the coverage will be based around that.

    It’s going to be quite an interesting season for both sides, Leeds don’t have Beckford, but they have kept Snodgrass who is a player I reckon could be decent in the EPL . Derby on the other hand have failed to see much investment from their owners and they will go into this game without a recognised right winger.

  3. Two things…

    1. What the heck is the deal with I checked this morning an it’s still has no ability to subscribe for more than one day. I’ve no problem with a yearlong- $40 or $50 subscription, but $5 a day? No thanks.

    2. Is FoxSoccer & Soccer.Plus going to be showing more than one League1 game this year? I’m happy to see some league play that means something in one of the bigger leagues, but what is going to be the deal there?

    1. I hope that was a misprint with the $40 or $50 annual fee. was about $45 last year because it was the final three months of the season. An annual pass will probably be around $125 or $150. It probably won’t be much cheaper than getting FS+.

      But I have to take my hat off to for continuing to offer the best in belated updates. They’ve had over a two months to set things up, and we are still playing “guess how things will be.” If it wasn’t for their unbeatable and ridiculous amount of matches available (at least last season), I wouldn’t put up with that.

      I hope they get their act together because I would like to see the Championship matches this weekend… as part of the season subscription (assuming they have one).

    2. And thus the reason I decided to invest in FSC and FS+ rather than And now I’m rewarded with DirecTV bringing their HD channels on board next week. You’d think they’d have their stuff together and have package information…you have to wonder how they’re funding themselves now, I can’t imagine anyone being sucker enough to purchase the pass they offer right now.

  4. Ligue 1 on FSC is huge.

    I recently have been more interested in the French league, so I am personally very excited that I can see PSG (my adopted club) on TV this Saturday. This is a great lineup of soccer for the weekend.

  5. Gaffer–are you guying to get a day pass or do you think they’ll get the season pass out by Saturday?

  6. Can EPL Talk also include as wellthe listing for Fox Sports en Español (or Fox Deportes, whatever it’s called now)? I don’t get FSC in Puerto Rico (cable provider doesn’t add it to the lineup) and while FSE mostly mirrors FSC, it’s not exactly the same programming 24-7.


  7. Norwich-Watford is on Fox Soccer Plus, too, I think. It was listed on my DirecTV DVR schedule last night, albeit the sport was listed as “Cricket.” Kind of funny, but whatever, I just want to see the match.

  8. Speaking of FSC here is a tidbit about FSC HD and FIOS. The FIOS Twitter guy gets asked everyday when its coming, he is pretty tired of hearing it, he won’t give a date but he keeps saying “I give the answer everyday – it is coming – I am sitting in the meeting doing the work with engineering ” ” unfortunately it won’t be next week ”
    Obviously we aren’t going to have it in time for the season openers, but doesn’t that give you the impression its about to happen??

  9. most likely will not be back online until next week unfortunately. They have been doing “site maintenance” for weeks. I was told it would be ready for the EPL start but not necessarily for this weekend.

  10. Ric, maybe the confusion with cricket is because the Championship is now sponsored by npower, which also sponsors cricket

  11. better start get going. When will the season package be up. And also they have empty tabs still. No CONCACAF champions league games? Why is that even listed then? Gheesh.

  12. Hoping it’s wrong but DirecTV’s listings say that the PSG/St. Etienne match is still on FSP. A-League soccer in its place it seems. How about some HD Ligue Un FOX? Put it on FSC instead of replays please.

    1. has it listed on FSC. Here’s hoping they don’t move all Ligue 1 games to FS+ once the EPL starts up.

  13. on GOLTV this weekend you also have the German Supercup between Bayern and Shalke. 11:45 EDT on Sat I believe. Don’t know if that is worth an add.

    1. Fsquid, good catch. I definitely think that should be included and have just added it to the page.

      All in all, this looks like it’ll be a great weekend for soccer fans!

      The Gaffer

      1. can you confirm that Ligue 1 is back on FSC? last time I checked, they don’t have it. Did FSC regain the english broadcasting rights?

        1. well it never was on FSC but it was on Setanta. Anyway it looks like it is definitely going to be on FSC and FS+ because it’s on their schedule for this weekend. As to how many games we will see each weekend I have no clue. But I have FS.TV so hopefully I will have the ability to watch all the Ligue 1 games.

  14. RedBox or whatever that $1.00 night video rental machine has Damned United for rent. Well worth a $1.00, perhaps even the real price of theater admission.

    Get the wife to watch it with you and point out all the Harry Potter cast members.

  15. You do realise that in the seventies the Championship (ie Football League Division 1) was what we now refer to as the ‘EPL’? ANd therefore Leeds/ Derby will not take place in the same league as portrayed in the Damned United?

  16. Watch the chicago-red bulls game. It is close to selling out and chicago need a win with a newly reinforced squad they will fight hard to get it.

  17. It’s hard to keep the schedules of all these channels and web tv sites in my head. Does anyone know of a website that lists all the games that can be viewed for the week and where they can be seen? Something like what Gaffer put up here but that’s like updated constantly.

    It’s so annoying to be a week out from the start of the premiership and still not know what fixtures ESPN will show or have to spend an hour trying to find schedules for everything.

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