Most Expensive Season Tickets in the Premier League, 2010-11 Season

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Out of the 20 clubs in the Premier League, which ones do you think have the most expensive season tickets? Many of you may guess that Manchester United and Liverpool would be high up on the list, but you may be surprised by the findings that Four Four Two Magazine revealed in their latest issue.

The worst offender is Arsenal who have for years had the highest ticket prices in the Premier League (see here and here).

Here are the top 8 most expensive season tickets for the 2010-11 Premier League season:

  1. Arsenal, £1,825 ($2,911)
  2. Tottenham, £1,695 ($2,704)
  3. Chelsea, £1,210 ($1,930)
  4. Newcastle, £975 ($1,555)
  5. Man United, £931 ($1,485)
  6. Fulham, £899 ($1,434)
  7. West Ham, £850 ($1,356)
  8. Liverpool, £785 ($1,252)

While not complete (you can get the whole list in the latest issue of Four Four Two), I should add that the two clubs with the lowest season ticket prices are Wigan Athletic (£295; $470) and Blackburn Rovers (£209; $333). I know that Arsenal is a more attractive football side to watch than Blackburn, but are they really that much better? Are they 774% better (when comparing how much more expensive their season ticket prices are)?

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  1. West Ham have been trying to sell a season ticket for the 100 club – a lounge decorated with “the finest soft furnishings money can buy”..Up to 20 spaces…£5k a piece

  2. No, Arsenal aren’t 774% better than the likes of Blackburn – more like 7,774% better. Hugely better value for money, the different prices obviously also reflect areas etc. £209 is the bigger story – £209 to watch a season of Sam Allardyce football – That’s a scandal!

    1. Yea this article really doesn’t make it clear these are the most expensive tickets you CAN buy, rather than the ‘average’ season ticket. £330 family area ticket at St. James’ compared to £646 at Old Trafford gives a completely different picture. Doubt you’d get the Bar and Lounge access those at the Platinum club get for the quoted figure at Man U!

  3. Its not about whether a club is better or not, its about the demand. Blackburn, Wigan etc dont fill their stadium week in week out therefore need to keep prices low to attract people to buy tickets. Arsenal could probably fill Wembley each week and still have people who want in, so yes prices are high to maximise revenue and pay for the stadium. Also The Emirates is a very new, state of the art facility so you pay for what you get.

    1. OnMeHeadSon – good point.

      I think when football fans talk about financial matters (whether the price of a ticket or the transfer fee of a player), they often forget that there are more complex economic factors at play than whether x is “worth” y.

      In particular, in this case, it’s important to remember that Blackburn and Arsenal are marketing themselves to two distinctly different demographics, rather than competing for the same fans in a simple perfect free market. Therefore I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that prices for Arsenal tickets are completely different to prices for Blackburn tickets.

  4. I cannot believe how cheap it is to go to EPL games compared to American sports!American football being the easiest comparison(popularity & number of games played) Arsenal at 96 per game is probably closer to the NFL average than the pinnacle,and Blackburn at less than 12 per game! The worst seats at the worst teams in the league still cost double that…(keep in mind I’m comparing cost in local currency,not in exchange rates)

  5. The observer a few months back ran articles on European leagues when compared with the EPL. The Bundesliga was the most astounding.

    1st off: Borussia Dortmund which is one of the most successful german teams have a ticket price of just £10 (when converted from euro’s). Compare it with my local team Sheffield Wednesday, who have just been relegated to League 1 & are going to be having prices at 15-20 pounds it’s a disgrace. When compared with the EPL it’s even worse. For a club like Newcastle, who have just come up to charge about 30-40 pounds for a ticket is an outrage.

    It only gets better as well. Borussia Dortmund has the biggest stand in the world, the Yellow Wall, & holds 26,000. Only costing £13 to get on one of the best stands in the world! Bargain.

    To see Bayern Munich (one of the finest teams in the world) all season only costs around £110. When you consider as well that the fans drink, eat, sing & are treated with respect by the police, you wonder how brilliant the league must be.

  6. Good article, although you can draw different conclusions by listing the cheapest available season ticket at each club.

    It’s all very well a ticket being 900pounds +, but if there are cheaper options around 300pounds, that is not so bad.

    Wolves however, although not appearing in the top 8 of most expensive tickets, has the most expensive ‘cheapest’ ticket outside of the London clubs, at around 530pounds.

  7. Hi Gaffer

    My Dad has a Chelsea Season ticket and it cost him less I think showing the most expensive is a little erroneous as the larger clubs will have more luxury options available.

    Whilst I not arguing that Chelsea have expensive season tickets they actually range from £695 to £900 per season depending on where in the ground you sit.



  8. Wow only $2k to see Chelsea 20 times that isn’t too bad. It costs $5k to $10k per seat to buy the rights to buy tickets at the new Jets and Giants stadium and that is for only 8 games.

    1. No kidding, I try to get tickets to Bears games every year, they’re the hardest tickets in the city to get your hands on unless you go to stubhub and pay close to $200.00 a seat in the 400 level…..or you know someone who’s family has had season tickets for generations which is probably 60 percent of the stadium. I definitely need to get to London to watch The Blues.

      1. There used to be a waiting list for both the Jets and Giants for season tickets,
        but it’s easy to get tickets now at the new stadium if you have the money for the PSL’s. They are getting desperate to sell these PSL’s the Jets actually called me asking me if I wanted to buy tickets and I was like uhm I don’t have that kind of money I just bought a new car and I’m saving to buy a house. They have ads on discounting them by up to 50% now.

        I’m looking to going to London next spring to see the Blues play. Our supporters group in CT is supposed to becoming an offical supporters group and Chelsea usually offer trips for cheap to the supporter groups. The New York Blues got to go over get a tour of the stadium and go to a game for like $500 per person and that might have included airfair I can’t remember.

  9. I’m not sure if you did this for every club, but it seems that you picked the most expensive season ticket section for each club. You did so for Fulham at least, because a while back they had a special just after the Europa League high where you could get adult tickets for something like 250 quid. Even now, you can get a season ticket for 369 quid.

    And some food for though, the London clubs all make the top 8 because of things like property tax I’m sure.

  10. Since we’re on the topic of tickets…..I’m planning on going to England next year, I definitely want to make it to The Bridge for a game, anyone have suggestions on the best way to get tickets? I’ve tried Chelsea’s website but the last time I checked tickets weren’t available yet.

  11. yes arsenal is that much better to watch than blackburn,they are one of the funnest clubs to watch,get yer head outta yer ass with these stupid topics,you bitch too much man,as someone noted above you have to pay for the rights for jets/giants tickets as well as the cowboys,how much are arsenals cheapest tickets? i bet you anything they are not the most expensive in that the wahambulance

  12. I would agree that Arsenal are that much better than the likes of Wigan and Blackburn- clubs like that cannot fill their stadium so have to drop season ticket prices in the hope of attracting people to the club. It is all about demand, all the clubs at the top have a huge fanbase of supporters who are willing to spend that much, where as those at the bottom cannot even fill their stadiums with rock-bottom prices on season tickets

  13. I’ll stick my head out and disagree that the likes of Arsenal are ‘worth’ that much more money than Blackburn et al.

    Being a football fan is all about emotion, passion, etc. And these feelings are replicated no matter what level your team plays at. So for example my club, Wolves, obviously does not play as attractive football as Arsenal, but do Arsenal fans experience greater feelings than me? I’d argue absolutely not.

  14. People always neglect to mention in these things that, as far as I’m aware, The Arsenal are the only club to include cup ties. 7 Champions League or FA Cup ties come included in the ticket price, and if the club fails to play 7 the difference is refunded off of next years ticket. And food for thought. My season ticket is nowhere near that expensive, in fact it’s just below £1,000.

  15. I would give anything to watch Arsenal play! And becoming a member offers you the opportunity to meet the team in person on the annual members day… when you become an Arsenal member, you join a family of Gunners and that my friends is worth all the money in the world.

  16. you bunch of fukwits ! cant you read english ,it said the most expensive, it didnt say say all of the tickets are more expensive .

  17. When you wrote this article you obviously didn’t look at the economic implications. Typical.

    The London clubs have the most expensive tickets in the UK because well they’re from London (um the capital) -__- Have you noticed how ALL the teams are in the top 8? London is one of the most expensive cities in the WORLD so why shouldn’t the tickets be expensive? Also, I’m pretty sure people in London make more money than people in Blackburn.

    Do your research before you write sh*t.

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