Mark Hughes Takes Swipe at Man City

Mark Hughes, the new manager of Fulham soccer club, poses with a team shirt at Craven Cottage stadium in London August 3, 2010. Hughes, out of a job since being sacked as Manchester City's boss last December, was named as Premier League club Fulham's new manager last week.  REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

On his first official press conference as new Fulham boss, Mark Hughes lambasted his former employers, Manchester City, and aired out his frustrations about his short tenure at Eastlands.

Hughes was sacked last December and replaced by Roberto Mancini, who still failed to get City into the Champions League and had to settle for Europa League football. Hughes was asked whether he would have got City into the Champions League and he said, “Yes I would. I agreed to the targets at the beginning of the season, which was to get to sixth position. I agreed to that because I thought we could over-achieve. I thought fifth, possibly fourth was very, very achievable.“.

Hughes also ripped into the higher authority at Eastlands, saying he was keen to get back into direct management after some of his managerial powers were stripped off him at Man City. “On some occasions at City players were presented to me which I didn’t really have a direct input on. But if you get a call and someone says ‘Would you like Robinho?’ then, as a manager, I have to say ‘Yes I would’. Whether a situation like that was correct in terms of timing, that’s open to debate“.

Hughes has definitely lit the fire with his former employers and it will be interesting to hear what City officials have to say on the matter. For now, Hughes is keen to concentrate on his new side and his priorities must be to bring in a new striker, he openly admits. Bobby Zamora only scored 8 goals last season and was the top scorer. Hughes will also look to fend off the interest of Arsenal and maintain star ‘keeper Mark Schwarzer.

5 thoughts on “Mark Hughes Takes Swipe at Man City”

  1. I kind of hope Fulham finishes above City or at least with more trophies than City this year. I still feel Hughes was not treated with respect by the ownership and deserves something more than money for his troubles.

  2. As a City supporter, I was sad to see Hughes go. Really liked him. Still do. Always pulled for Fulham because of the Yank connection. Now I have another reason. Good luck Sparky!

    1. I agree Joe..I suspect that given City’s aspirations and changing profile, Sparky was just not a big enough name. A real pity as I consider him to be a manager of great potential and integrity. I’ll be watching Fulham closely again this season in the hope they can continue on a path of success.

  3. This has doubtless been discussed before, but my impression from last year was that Man City had better results after Mancini took over.

    I just ran the back-of-the-envelope numbers, and technically that is true, but there really wasn’t too much of a difference:

    —-Under Hughes, W-D-L = 7-8-2 –> 1.71 points per match

    —-Under Mancini, W-D-L = 11-5-5 –> 1.81 points per match

    (Counts only league, not cups etc.) Not much of a difference – if just one of the draws under Hughes was turned into a win, Hughes would’ve exceeded Mancini.

    From a glance, the schedule looks fairly balanced throughout. Specific players go in both directions — Mancini didn’t have Adebayor for awhile, but with so many new players, Mancini had the benefit of extra time to gel and some of the young players improving, like Adam Johnson.

    So maybe Hughes isn’t just blowing smoke when he says he could have got them into Champions League.

  4. Byan where has Mark ‘lambasted his former employers’ is this interveiw? He has not ‘ripped into the higher authority at Eastlands’ at all, you sound like an English red top looking for a story that just isn’t there!
    Mark Hughes has been proffessional all the way.

    This is strange though, when asked if he would have got City into the Champs league he says ‘yes I would’ but then in the same breath says ‘ I thought fifth, possibly fourth was very, very achievable.’ So what he really meant was maybe? Hmmm.
    The writing was on the wall for Mr Hughes as he wasn’t the new owners man and with 8 draws on the trot it didn’t take a masternmind to work out the result, thats not to mention scrapping past a strugling Sunderland with them puting 3 past us on the day he got sacked with no signs of this improving. We all know the Robinho was not his signing but Santa Cruz was, this is a player City will lose £12 million on in 1 year, with this players injury record where ever he has been he wasn’t worth £3 million let alone £18m. In any other high end business deal Hughes’s investment to loss ratio on would have put anyone in hot water to say the least!

    Mark Hughes is an honest and professional man and I wish him all the best in his new post, shame that saddos seem intent on trying to turn it into somthing it just isn’t, just the way it is I guess.

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