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Poll: Which Premier League Club Do You Support?

 Poll: Which Premier League Club Do You Support?

There’s been a lot of debate and stories shared recently regarding what clubs that you, the readers of EPL Talk, support. So what better way to gauge how many people support which club and how much of an impact the Big Four of the Premier League have by asking the question, which club do you support?

Please vote here. And feel free to share your observations about the results in the comments section below.

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85 Responses to Poll: Which Premier League Club Do You Support?

  1. Kal says:

    If other, please comment*

  2. Clayton says:


  3. Mike Donovan says:


  4. Johnny says:

    Spurs all the way!

  5. Landon Donovan says:


  6. CTBlues says:

    Chelsea here,
    Chelsea there,
    Chelsea every f**king where


  7. Behrad says:

    Blue is the colour!
    Chelsea for the treble this year!

  8. Mike in Ohio says:


  9. ATL Iron says:

    West Ham, what a crap poll, could you not be bothered to type in the other teams?

  10. ScottG says:

    69% of the pollsters are fans of one of those 5 teams? How sad.

    I’m wondering if the poll is not constructed properly. It almost sounds like, “if you had to pick one of these 5, which would you support”. I’ve found that in most polls, the “other” category is quite often missed or else people think that voting other doesn’t quite convey their answer. I think the results would be different if the poll was more comprehensive.

  11. PadreJoe says:


  12. Jeffo says:

    Everton for me.

  13. RVPFan says:


  14. plainviewhotspur says:


  15. Wolves in SC says:


    It would be interesting to see the difference between fans born in England and fans born outside of England. The former would likely be split along the lines of the general fan base, but the latter would likely be much more heavily weighted to the top four or five teams.

  16. McQueen says:


    Oh, and Liverpool.

  17. Jason says:

    Seriously… how do you not include the spurs? Unbelievable!!!!!

    • aol says:

      because they are not THE spurs. It’s just SPURS, damnit.

      • MennoDaddy says:

        Cut him some slack. I was a Yank Spurs supporter for almost 2 years before I figured that out.

      • Matt says:

        Maybe he just went to a game and heard this:

        “Oh when THE spurssss… go marching innnn…”

        “The” Spurs has been an acceptable way to say Tottenham Hotspur historically, read “The Glory Game” by Hunter Davies, where they are referred to as such several times.

  18. John R. says:

    Newcastle United

  19. Marc says:

    FC United of Manchester
    2 United’s but their soul is one

  20. luis says:


  21. I was born 12 miles from Preston North End an about 22 miles from Old Trafford.
    I have therefore supported Preston my whole life, a club that has never been in the top flight in my lifetime and probably never will be.
    I love watching the Prem though and cheer on my fantasy football side rather than a particular team.

  22. ianm says:


    Unreal that such a well supported team is not named in the poll.

    Perhaps when we get that 56,000 seater stadium and fill it every week then we might get a mention.

  23. jeneria says:

    Liverpool all the way, but my husband supports Fulham.

  24. GranVillan says:

    Up the Villa!

  25. Jason Gatties says:


  26. cincyspurs says:


  27. Dave Mackay says:

    Come on You Spurs!

  28. 3villans says:


  29. Ryan says:


    How did City get a mention on this poll and Tottenham get left out after last season??


  30. Dan says:

    Arsenal for me. When I first got into the league I knew nothing about the teams but liked the name Arsenal and their logo so I went with them. Recently I’ve been watching Newcastle though as well.

  31. forweg says:

    Stoke City in the Prem.

    Reading overall though.

  32. Martin says:



    Ridiculous that they are not in the poll but Citeh is. Pathetic really

  33. RedMD says:

    Havant and Waterlooville

  34. Chad says:


  35. Sacto Blues says:

    Chelsea is the only team in London.

  36. scott says:


    Me no like the Mancs.

  37. dlink09 says:

    i am not from UK.. i support Arsenal.. :)

  38. Matt says:

    Fulham!!! COYW!

  39. John Gregory says:

    I became absolutely entranced by the English soccer scene while visiting London a short time, and promptly ordered Gol TV and FSC once I returned to the States (I live in Chicago). I definitely wanted to pick a particular team to cheer on, but without hopping on a bandwagon in any sort of way. Also, since I only visited London, I limited my choice to the five London clubs. Leaving out the obvious choices of Arsenal or Chelsea, I was left with either Fulham, Tottenham, or West Ham. Tottenham I decided not to support due to their recent success-like I said, didn’t want to be a bandwagon guy.

    What did it for me was the first time I heard “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”-something just clicked, the same way it clicked the first time I heard “Bear Down, Chicago Bears”. I’ve got claret and blue all around my home now.

    • patrick says:

      Good man.

      I have a similar story, but it was hearing the West Ham away support out sing QPR in the early 90′s. Such an old fashioned song, can draw such emotion. amazing.

  40. IanCransonsKnees says:

    “69% of the pollsters are fans of one of those 5 teams? How sad.

    I’m wondering if the poll is not constructed properly. It almost sounds like, “if you had to pick one of these 5, which would you support”. I’ve found that in most polls, the “other” category is quite often missed or else people think that voting other doesn’t quite convey their answer. I think the results would be different if the poll was more comprehensive.”

    The whole idea of the poll is to find out what percentage of EPL Talk reader’s support the ‘big’ four clubs and the pretender to the throne. The premise being that it’s easier to do so as they are more likely to be involved in the business end of the competitions they enter and that they are unlikely to flirt with relegation. A poor season for these teams is to finish outside the top four, those 30 odd % that polled other can only really dream of a top four finish. It’s nice to see Everton and Spurs break that barrier but they haven’t (yet) sustained that momentum and upset the status quo.

    Being a fan of one of these clubs it seems that you may as well play a mini league against each other, cup (where it’s deemed worthy), friendlies and European competition. The rest of us may as well skulk off into the shadows, particularly if we dare to challenge the fact that we should just roll over and hand over points and goals left right and centre.

    However skewed the poll results it seems clear that the majority certainly do follow those with the money and more importantly the marketing, brand awareness and exposure (probably the most understandable reason why), than any other teams. Glory not guts?

    • The Gaffer says:

      IanCransonsKnees, I’m actually quite surprised that 30% of the respondents support clubs outside of the big ones included in the poll. I thought the number would have been smaller.

      Yes, the poll isn’t scientific but it gives us a good idea of how much power the big clubs have on and off the football pitch.

      The Gaffer

      • IanCransonsKnees says:

        Which was what I was after finding out, it proved the point perfectly, however you cannot account for the voters origins (which don’t matter in terms of this poll). What is clear is that 4-5 teams have more power between them than the other 15-16 in the same league, surely an unhealthy basis for competition?

  41. Paul Burkhart says:

    I hate how people complain that so many people support the top 5 teams…

    When I was a little kid the top 4 were the only games you were able to watch basically (I live int the States)! Im a Man United fan and I don’t like them cause they are good. I was little and I didn’t care how many trophy’s they won or what place they were in. The passion of the fans and the excitment on the pitch was what drew me to United.

  42. Evertonfan KY says:


    At least put every EPL team on the poll so we can get to see who on here supports which team? Other is as usless as some of the FSC coverage.

  43. I am a supporter of other

    go others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. David says:

    All this post shows is that the majority of fans support the top four clubs in the country. Shocking.

  45. USA Rover says:


  46. Nicholas says:


  47. Trevor says:

    Birmingham City FC …..keep right on!

  48. Jon Sharp says:

    Birmingham City!

  49. zzi says:

    Chelsea fighting !! Blue is the color

  50. AVFCalexAVFC says:

    VILLA till i die, im VILLA till i die, i know i am im sure i am im VILLA till i die

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