Crystal Palace vs Arsenal, 1971-72 Season: Video Flashback

During the 2010 World Cup, there were quite a few controversial incidents that happened on or near the goal line. Just a couple of examples including Frank Lampard’s goal for England against Germany which was disallowed because the referee and assistant referee ruled that the ball didn’t cross the line. And then we had Luis Suarez’s last gasp handball on the line for Uruguay against Ghana.

But these type of incidents have been rife in our game for decades. One example I came across this morning was from a 1972 match featuring Crystal Palace against Arsenal. Watch the video to see how the incidents unfurled.

Other interesting points from this game is that the 1971-72 season was the one that Derby won the First Division (the precursor of the Premier League). Plus, the opening scenes of Selhurst Park in this video show how few skyscrapers and how much greenery could be seen in the distance. Contrast that now with the modern city of London and how overcrowded it is.

There are plenty of other interesting observations you can take from this video. If you see any in particular, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

By the way, the final result in the game was 2-2. Crystal Palace went on to finish the season fourth from bottom and narrowly escaped relegation. Arsenal finished the season in fifth place.

7 thoughts on “Crystal Palace vs Arsenal, 1971-72 Season: Video Flashback”

  1. Obvious things: No adverts on the shirts, no names on the backs of the shirts. More subtle: a few of these players are a bit on the pudgy side–hard to believe these physiques would make it to the EPL in these days. But what I note most of all is the lack of gloves on the goalkeepers. Would we ever have another goalkeeper who did not wear gloves? I think not–gloves must add another half-to-full-inch of reach, which could be crucial when the keeper is at full stretch to make a save.

  2. The shirts strike me the most. How different they look. No sponsers, no names on the back & no silly stripes or lines. Just simple designs. Shirts you would actually want to buy. Another thing would be the coverage itself. The Sky age has deluded many into thinking football has always been watched on the telly but only a few games were available. You went into the stadium to watch the game! The prices would only be cheap.

    Plus £200,000 for Arsenal’s new signing! They make it sound like millions!

  3. He should have given him a booking at least, surely. He handled it on the line, preventing a certain goal. Enough to send him off. How the commentator can say it wasn’t deliberate, off course it was. On the other hand, George’s penalty didn’t look over the line but the angle is rubbish to see it.

    1. I too was shocked that he didn’t at least get booked. That looked as clear a case of deliberate hand ball as I’ve ever seen. He sprawled out like a keeper to make a pretty good save!

      I was actually sort of surprised at the 200,000 pound transfer fee. Didn’t know that was common almost 40 years ago.

  4. To say nothing of the match or the broadcast itself, there is some spectacular facial hair in that video. Mustaches and sideburns galore.

  5. I noticed some pretty obvious changes in rules. A couple intentional passes to the keeper, who picks up the ball in the penalty area, seems to be no rule against that in 1972. Also a throw in to the keeper who picks it up in the area.

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