The Super Seven of Manchester

Not quite as idealistic as Akira Kurosowa’s Seven Samurai and not quite as stylish as John Sturges Magnificent Seven, Manchester United’s Super Seven are the ones expected to employ new methods to restore traditional ways. Dynamic, fluid, classy, clinical and with a point to prove the seven strikers on Manchester United’s first team books have been assembled by Sir Alex Ferguson, are expected to score goals and lead the club back to glory. The seven are Michael Owen, Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez, Mame Biram Diouf, Danny Welbeck and Federico Macheda. A trio of Englishmen, a Bulgarian, a Mexican, a Senegalese and an Italian. There is diversity, experience and promise.

Michael Owen, a thirty year old England international, is a proven goalscorer trying to find a way back into the team. He will be expected to offer guidance to some of the younger strikers and display the efficacy in front of goal for which he became renowned. Dimitar Berbatov, the twenty nine year old Bulgarian who has yet to win over the majority of Manchester United fans, will be asked to provide more then the odd display of virtuosity. Wayne Rooney, approaching the age that the best strikers typically thrive at, will demand of himself that he improves on last seasons remarkable tally. Rooney will be the focal point and leading striker. Javier Hernandez, the diminutive young pacey striker, is expected to feature from the bench, offering an immediate goal threat. Federico Macheda, who Sir Alex Ferguson considers the most prolific striker in front of goal at the club, will perform when injuries provide opportunity or a desperate situation requires the type of remedy he offers – lethal striking. Danny Welbeck, only nineteen years old, appears, from a distance, to be the most exciting and technically capable of the young contingent. Welbeck offers skill, creativity and a wonderful long range shot. Lastly, Mame Biram Diouf, offers strength, tenacity and a keen eye for goal. Diouf, according to reserve team coach and Manchester United legend Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer, has everything required to be an important player at Manchester United but needs, perhaps, a little bit of luck. The talent is definitely there even if it only demonstrates itself through odd moments of brilliance accentuated by a general clumsiness.

It is apparent that not all seven of the strikers are going to make Manchester United’s squad of twenty five. Not only would it be impractical in terms of squad balance but it would also be harmful to the individuals. Sitting on the bench and featuring in no more than a handful of games will not be of any benefit to the younger players so it is expected that at least two of them will go on loan, probably Danny Welbeck and Mame Biram Diouf. As it stands, however, Sir Alex Ferguson himself has already contended it might not turn out like that. In one way or another, the Super Seven will decide Manchester United’s season. More pertinently, five of the super Seven represent Manchester United’s future and the two others, Berbatov and Owen, the senior samurai or gunslingers, if you will, will be expected to support their progression. If even four of the super seven are at Manchester United in three or fours years time the mission will have been accomplished. The Seven Samurai saved the village and restored peace, then the Magnificent Seven did the same. Now the Super Seven have to bring back the trophies and restore success.

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  1. Well written ! Akiro Kurosawa is one of my favorite director. I would love to see what Hernadez (Chicarito) can bring for our club. I like Berbatov and believe he is a football genius, he will be a big asset. Rooney, we all know Rooney. Macheda will be big for us this season. Owen will provide guidance for our young samurais and I think Welbeck and Diouf will be loaned out but I think they will be stars for us in a few years time. C’mon you Reds !

  2. I really like Macheda and think he has an excellent chance of making an impact on this year’s club. He has shown great instincts in big moments and has a deft touch in front of goal. I keep thinking back to the winner he rocketed in against the Villans a few years back and he provided a spark off the bench for MUFC last year in the fixture against the blues at OT. Although the goal was sloppy, he has shown to be a striker to be reckon with. The only question with him is, despite his incredible size for a striker, if he can hold up in the physical EPL.
    I’m really big on Chicarito and Darron Gibson. I think Gibson has the potential for a maybe a 1-5 goal season and I agree with SAF that Hernandez and Rooney should get along well. They are both very hard workers and have phenomenal bursts of speed in open areas. One thing that has always wowed me about Javier is his composure and pace in one-on-one (or in france’s case him-on-keeper) situations. He is very calm and collected for a 22-year old and will provide an incredible immediate goal threat off the bench this season. Don’t forget, last season MUFC scored more goals from the 75th minute on than at any other time in their matches last year. They were consistently awful from the 15th-45th all year. I fully expect Hernandez to nail a couple of big goals during “squeaky bum time” this season.

    I’m satisfied with SAF’s collection of youth at the front, and at the back for that matter. As it was said earlier this week in an article about MUFC’s youth movement.

    (P.S. also glad that the Vidic drama is over.)

  3. While i am a fan of Macheda, i don’t believe that he will ever truly be world class, if United are lucky, he will be as good as Ole Gunnar as he doesn’t have the pace or strength at the moment to be much more. However, i do think that Danny Welbeck can turn into a truly great Manchester United player if given the opportunity as he can finish, dribble, and is fast and clever. Hernandez is clearly United’s number three striker and has a load of potential. We know what Berbatov and Rooney will bring and Diouf is a raw player who isn’t ready for the premier league based on his current technical ability and needs to be sent out on loan to gain experience. Overall, while United have strikers with potential, they will finish second again unless Hernandez has a bigger impact than i suspect he will as adding a number three striker doesn’t usually make or break the title.

  4. I am saying that the best United can hope for is that Macheda turns into a player who is as vital as Solsjkaer, a player who plays a crucial role in trophy winning campaigns but never receives the individual accolades of a rooney or drogba. I think everyone would agree that if Macheda turns out as good as Ole, then United have unearthed a gem.

  5. Talk about taking a metaphor and stretching it beyond all recognition. Also you might want to gain a vague grasp of the homegrown player rule. U-21s such as Welbeck don’t count against the 25 man roster so the statement “It is apparent that not all seven of the strikers are going to make Manchester United’s squad of twenty five.” is wrong.

    Strip off the Man U rah rah and you’re left with one reliable striker, two hasbeens and four unproven prospects.

    1. edit: Macheda is also U-21 and won’t count towards the 25 man roster. Its unclear the age of MU’s third highest scorer from last season, Own Goal (or did OG outscore Berbaflop?)

      1. Actually the rule states you dont HAVE TO register under 21’s. You can register them to meet the quota though.

  6. NO way is dIof ever gonna b a regular at Utd, mac and well have only a small chance of makin it. The one that I see comin through is josh king. TAlent and workrate in abundance. The young Mexican is gonna prove to b a brilliant SIGNINGJ. BUt we need creation in The middle, if we don’t get anyone how about Rooney playing behind 2 strikers with fletcher and Gibson holding.

  7. United have a lot of good players but most of them are youngsters that are still developing. Diouf, Macheda and Welbeck are all still developing and Hernandez is a new signing I really doubt he would be a hit straight away in the premier league he will need time to adapt. It leaves Owen who will be recovering from injury it will take him time as well. So it leaves Rooney who is class and Berbatov who is good but hasn’t performed yet. I hope Berbatov does well this year because, if he does United will look much stronger in attack. Last year the attack was just Rooney they need one of the strikers to chip in if not then I say bring in one more but United are skint right now so they haven’t got that option.

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