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Sky 3D to Feature Premier League Available October 1st in Homes

 Sky 3D to Feature Premier League Available October 1st in Homes

Sky+HD customers will soon have a new way to enjoy Premier League matches in the UK from the comfort of their own homes when the television giant launches Sky 3D in a few months. It was announced today that the previously-only-available-in-pubs 3D channel will launch in homes at the beginning of October with the Ryder Cup as Europe’s first 3D channel.

Unveiled in some 1,500 pubs in early 2010 to mixed results, Premier League football through Sky 3D will now have the chance to win over more fans this season as the convenience and comfort of staying in should lead to more viewers.

The service will be available to homes who already subscribe to Sky+HD and have purchased a 3D-ready television. Hollywood studios have also announced they’ll provide Sky with some of the biggest names in 3D movies for customers to enjoy including Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince and Monsters vs. Aliens.

For the customers who are ready with the correct equipment and service packages, they’ll be delighted that Sky won’t charge any additional fees for the service once it’s available.

As of press time, there are no set Premier League matches scheduled but a press release stated that a wide range of sports including football, rugby union, cricket and darts will be covered on the channel. Thanks to EPL Talk reader Justin Chula for the tip.

What are your thoughts about watching the Premier League in 3D? Were you able to catch a match last season in a pub, if so, what were your thoughts on the new service? If you’re a Sky+HD subscriber already, will you take advantage of the new service in October?

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One Response to Sky 3D to Feature Premier League Available October 1st in Homes

  1. Great Article – Although may i add that a survey on our users show that people still think that 3D TV is too expensive. They would much rather go to their local pub and take advantage of the 3D TV technology with their friends, whilst enjoying a nice cold pint. Please use to find out your nearest pub / venue showing 3D TV.

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