Why Torres Should Stay at Liverpool

Apr. 08, 2010 - United Kingdom - Football - Liverpool v Benfica UEFA Europa League Quarter Final Second Leg - Anfield, Liverpool, England - 8/4/10..Fernando Torres celebrates scoring Liverpool's fourth goal.

Poor Roy Hodgson has had the pleasant task of informing the public that Fernando Torres is more than just a little iffy about staying with Liverpool. He seems to have washed his hands of the guilt a la Pontius Pilate. Hodgson emerged from talks with Torres saying, “Unfortunately, I cannot do much more,” Hodgson confessed. “His beef is with the club and not me.”

What beef is that exactly?

For Torres it’s the disappointment in the promises that Liverpool failed to fulfill—specifically the enhancement of the team with new players. The 26-year old striker was clearly depending on these new additions to win some silverware. Back in March, Torres was quoted in an interview with a Spanish paper saying, “If we do not reinforce the squad, […] all we will be able to do is fight for fourth again.” The striker emphasized his point, suggesting that Liverpool need to bring in “four or five top class players to compete—better than the ones we have.”

He has a point.

But if El Nino wants to transfer out of the club, now is not the time.

Liverpool know that they haven’t followed through on giving Torres the support that he desires, but the fact that they nabbed Joe Cole and retained Steven Gerrard should send a message. Cole and Gerrard might not be the ‘top-class players’ Torres was referring to, but he should realize that they perform well in the Premier League.

Despite lifting the World Cup trophy, he hasn’t made a good case for himself in terms of being an attractive candidate for potential clubs. His untimely groin strain at the finals against the Netherlands is scheduled to bench him for two months and his (lack of a) World Cup performance put him on par with the English squad.

Aside from this, he is only one year into his four-year contract with the Reds and any sort of transfer will be very expensive, to say the least. Chelsea, who are currently leading the chase, began to doubt their original valuation of £50 million (as reported by the Telegraph) after the World Cup. (To be quite honest, I don’t think Chelsea even need Torres, but that’s another story for another time). Liverpool currently value Torres at £70 million. Manchester City have also revived their interest in purchasing Torres, and unlike Chelsea, they are willing to pay a higher price.

Conversely, there are several important reasons why he should leave Liverpool. Financially, the club is very unstable and the likelihood to win silverware with the Reds isn’t very high. Although Hodgson has made it clear he would like to keep Torres at Anfield, he should consider selling the striker in order to pay for several others to give the team the reshaping and bolstering it needs.

And although Hodgson managed to grab Cole and Gerrard, it might not be enough. Torres probably realizes that obtaining these two players was not a difficult task for the Reds. After all, Cole was a free transfer from Chelsea and Gerrard was, well, relatively unwanted by other clubs.

The bottom line is, Liverpool need Torres more than Torres needs Liverpool.

Liverpool fans on the edge of their nerves can perhaps take solace in what Torres said back in March: “I don’t plan on going back to La Liga for a while. I have made my move away from home and I owe Liverpool a lot. I like it here, and people have treated me like one of their own. I am very happy here and hopefully my future is here. I think the club deserves to win again, but at this point they know they are a long way away.”

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  1. By making public statements and this being a very public drama, it is going to be difficult for him to remain at the club. This will be the first question asked of him and his team all season long. I am not saying they have to transfer him, they likely will not but this is going to be a major distraction/topic for an aging team trying to get its mojo back. While not a supporter of Liverpool, I do like them and I think this is going to be another miserable season for them.

  2. torres should stay at liverpool for at least 1 more season if we sell him we should sell him abroud he will only come back too hount us just torres

  3. That’s it – sell ‘im. I hate to say it but it just seems like the best decision for the club right now.

    Torres has been a loyal servant over the years but you need to get rid of him as soon as he starts to question if he wants to be in the team or not. We need a striker with that Liverpool passion – not someone going through the motions until the next transfer window (or failing to recover from injuries quick enough due to lack of motivation).

    Get 50 – 70 million and buy four more quality players. High on my personal list would be Bent, Modric (or a similar-type player), and any proven defenders.

  4. Maybe I’m being a bit stupid here, but the article is called “Why Torres should stay at Liverpool”, but you haven’t really given any compelling reason why he should stay at Liverpool?? Or did I miss something? If anything, you seem to be arguing that he should leave Liverpool – you list “several important reasons why he should leave Liverpool”, and conclude that Liverpool needs him more than he needs Liverpool.

    The only kind of reasons you give that he should stay seem weak at best. The signing of Joe Cole and the retaining of Gerrard won’t sway him much. Bringing in Joe Cole is not going to bring Liverpool any closer to winning anything. If anything, Joe Cole will just keep Torres company in the treatment room. Who Liverpool have lost is more important than who they have signed – Masch leaving marks the second consecutive summer in which Liverpool have let go of one of their most vital players.

    The issue of Torres being just one year into a 4-year contract might make any possible transfer expensive for the buying team, but that’s not really a direct concern to the player.

    And as for his “lack of a WC performance putting him on a par with the English squad”- that’s kind of crazy. For a start, Torres just getting into the Spain team puts him ahead of most of the English squad. Few (if any) English players would make Spains team if they were Spanish. Secondly, he may have had a poor WC due to being rushed back from injury, but that hardly diminishes his reputation – people can still remember that he performed at Euro 2008 (unlike the English squad), and he’s got several prolific seasons at Liverpool on his resume. And the fact that he is relatively injury-prone is hardly a revelation. If anything, that makes it MORE important for him to leave Liverpool ASAP, rather than in a couple of season’s time, when his body might have deteriorated even further.

  5. Also, I just want to add, I wasn’t trying to be a jerk in my post by picking holes in your article. I realized you acknowledged that keeping Gerrard and signing Joe Cole “might not be enough”, which I agree with. And that there are still teams (i.e. Man C) willing to pay the expensive fee for Torres.

    I was just kind of confused that the title of the article seems to be at odds with the article itself.

  6. Esther, I can’t agree more with your statements. Wonderfully written article! The fact of the matter is that Liverpool needs Torres to even challenge the top five of the Premier League. If he moves to Man. City he will be just another quality player out for the money that they can offer him and he will be lost in a rotation of players. If he moves to Chelsea, he’ll be under appreciated as they have stated numerous times that they don’t need him – and he wouldn’t be as appreciated as he is at Liverpool. So he must stay at Liverpool to ensure that he has face time up front for the reds. Let’s just pray that Hodgson reinforces the team with some defense now that he has brought in Jovanovic, Cole and Wilson.

  7. But if anything Torres should leave the Premier League, which has an unfortunately timed and placed season with hard pitches that lead to more injuries.

    1. The Premier League has hard pitches?? I thought it rained all the time in England?? But seriously, are the pitches really harder than elsewhere?

    1. DB beat me to the link. The statement from Hodgson is
      “As far as I know, he is looking forward to coming back here on Monday. He is enjoying a holiday, which is a well-deserved break as I don’t think he’s had one for three years. He is spending a lot of time with his family and, as far as I know, is keeping a very low profile and not really speaking to anybody. But he has told us he is looking forward to Monday, looking forward to getting back to work and looking forward to playing for Liverpool next season. That’s what I know and I would suggest all other reports are erroneous.”

      Basically its a non-story that lazy journalists keep going because it sells rags and garners internet hits.

      If Torres leaves Liverpool it will be because he fears for his long term career playing in the BPL where the refs are less likely to protect skilled players from thugs like De Jong. Moving to Man City or Chelsea won’t fix that. If he leaves it will be to go back to Spain.

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