New Commercial For Kansas City Wizards New Stadium

175px Kansascitywizards.svg New Commercial For Kansas City Wizards New Stadium

Check out this commercial from the Kansas City Wizards on the construction of their new stadium. See Kei Kamara & Teal Bunbury getting ready to set up a free kick.

3 thoughts on “New Commercial For Kansas City Wizards New Stadium”

  1. How many people is this going to seat ?
    KC had a lot show up when they beat Man U, it would be nice to see Seattle sized crowds start supporting US soccer in other places.

  2. I would guess in the 20,000 range, as that is what MLS seems to want for most of their soccer-specific-stadiums.

  3. Funny commerical. I am glad to see the stadium will cover the stands and have an open field like Red Bull Arena. WIth Portland and Houston having new diggs, now it’s time for DC, San Jose, New England to step up.

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