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SAT, 2:30PM ET

GolTV to Broadcast 2010 Emirates Cup in HD

goltv logo1 GolTV to Broadcast 2010 Emirates Cup in HDGolTV announced its schedule for the live matches featuring Arsenal, AC Milan, Celtic and Lyon who will all be competing in the 2010 Emirates Cup, which will be televised live on GolTV in both SD and, where available, HD.

The schedule of games that will be televised on GolTV is as follows:

  • Celtic v Lyon, 9am ET, Saturday, July 31
  • Arsenal v AC Milan, 11.20am ET, Saturday, July 31
  • AC Milan v Lyon, 9am ET, Sunday, August 1
  • Arsenal v Celtic, 11.20am ET, Sunday August 1

Each game will be played at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. The tournament is now in its fourth year. Each team competes in two matches, being awarded three points for a win and one point for a draw. Plus one point is awarded for each goal scored. The club with the highest point total at the end of the tournament will be declared the 2010 Emirates Cup Champion.

GolTV is available in HD on DirecTV and other TV providers.

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43 Responses to GolTV to Broadcast 2010 Emirates Cup in HD

  1. Civrock says:

    Actually, GolTV HD isn’t available on any carrier yet. As far as I know, DirecTV is the only one to announce it so far but no definitive date has been set yet. I’ve seen “August” to “Summer” in various DTV statements.

    DirecTV usually launches new channels on Wednesdays so if they’re planning to add it in time for the Emirates Cup, it’d have to be tomorrow. Not holding my breath, though, a launch sometime in the first half of August seems more likely. A DirecTV rep confirmed the launch of additional HD channels in that timeframe which hopefully includes FSC HD, too.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Civrock, hmm, interesting. According to GolTV’s press release, “GolTV HD will deliver live from London coverage of top European soccer action in crystal clear high definition beginning July 31.”

      The Gaffer

      • Civrock says:

        That’s what Fox Soccer said in their PR when they started broadcasting in HD… without if actually being offered by any carrier until weeks later. They can deliver in HD all they want but it doesn’t matter if nobody”s showing it (yet). Standard PR language. ;)

  2. ruffneckc says:

    Right Gaffer but remember that that FSC HD was being broadcast and advertised as such even before DISH and other select Cable networks picked it up. I suppose it’s the same with GolTV.

    BTW, any word on whether any online streaming sites will carry the games (i.e. ESPN3 or Veetle) etc.?

    • The Gaffer says:

      Ruffneckc, good point. Let’s hope that we can actually see the game in HD instead of it just being televised in HD but no one has access to it.

      As for online streaming, no word yet. will have most of the games. will probably have some of them (early Saturday morning ones). won’t have any unless there are deals going on behind the scenes.

      The Gaffer

  3. Jose says:

    If I am not mistaken, NYC TWC will also have GOLTVHD. I am just waiting when will they launch it in LA.

    • Civrock says:

      That’s an old announcement, looks like. Anyway, August 1st is very unlikely to be the day… being a Sunday and all. It’s gonna be either July 28th, August 4th or August 11th. Maybe even later if there are any delays which wouldn’t be uncommon with DirecTV.

  4. mws192 says:

    According to their Twitter feed DirecTV is adding FSC-HD along with the already announced Gol TV HD feed.

    “.@directv What is the status of FSC and GolTV in HD? Please make this happen before the European soccer season begins. ”

    “.@sdazzo Both will be available soon, we’ll post more info as soon as we can. ”

    There is also confirmation from an insider that the next HD channel launch on DirecTV is slated for August 4th.

  5. [OPTI]Madschester United says:

    Does Comcast have any football channels in HD? FSC HD? FSC+ HD? GOLTV HD??

    I am sitting here and watching pixellated football on my 46″ HDTV… only ESPN HD makes football look like it is supposed to…

  6. CTBlues says:

    I hope Cablevision is adding this and FSC HD. If they add GolTV HD I will order the sports package to get it finally, but if they don’t I will not add it and will possible switch to DirecTV if they add both.

  7. Civrock says:

    Oh my… look what @DIRECTV just told me.

    “@Civrock FSC HD expected in time for start of the EPL Season. GOL TV HD coming soon as well.”

  8. Civrock says:

    Barring any complications, according to recent official posts, DirecTV customers should see GolTV HD on August 4th and FSC HD on August 11th.

  9. durian says:


    does that include the FS+ channel also? it f*ckin better for 14.99/month!

    • Becks says:

      Here is the latest from DirecTV’s twitter feed

      Soccer Fans– We’re working to add Fox Soccer HD; launch date not finalized but we expect it in time for the EPL season.

    • Civrock says:

      No mention of FS+ in recent tweets anymore. They may have finally agreed on just adding FSC HD so it’s there in time for next season. Just a guess, though, I’m sure they’re still negotiating various topics and details.

  10. maw4bc says:

    @ibsoccer FSC but we expect to have news on FS+ soon too.

    this is encouraging because look at a tweet a bit after the one above:

    @CSL_Duke We continue to have discussions with Rainbow Media, the owner of AMC, but a date for adding AMC HD has not been set.

    At least they aren’t saying the are in discussions with FOX. Sounds like the deals are done and maybe just some minor details to work out.

  11. durian says:

    it just doesnt make sense to have one but not the other in hd. seems kinda backasswards to have FSC HD first, when FSP costs more to subscribe to.

    and just for the sake of being on topic, GOL tv in hd or sd is basically useless to me. i am not interested in any of the leauges they carry

  12. Cantona says:

    after reading the press release from GolTv.. im less than optimistic that we will be watching the Emirates Cup live in HD on DirecTV. This may be broadcast in HD.. but there was no indication that any provider had picked up the HD channel… it seems we are close though… although.. unless they do something about their announcers i will be watching this on the internet.


  13. NJ says:

    Any chance or has any one heard whether DISH will ever bring back GOL TV, it is sorely missed.

  14. durian says:

    here’s an update from the directv twitter:

    In addition to adding FOX Soccer Channel HD, we’re working to add live matches in HD on Fox Soccer Plus.

    so, does that mean that FSP would only show live matches in HD, and replays would be in SD? if that is the case, WTF?

    • Civrock says:

      They may not think it’s worth the additional bandwidth full-time in which case it’d only be a part-time HD channel for live matches. Not uncommon but doesn’t really make FS+ more appealing to potential subscribers. They need to just add it to the Sports Pack.

  15. Civrock says:

    It was just officially confirmed that the plan is to launch GolTV HD on August 4th and FSC HD on August 11th. On DirecTV, obviously. :)

    • David Griffith says:

      Official? Link please?

      • jh227 says:

        The dates have not been ‘officially’ confirmed by Direct TV…. yet…. however, I completely agree with Civrock that this will be the date – Mark it on your calendar. It also appears that FS+ will remain a-la carte – That’s a bit of a bummer if true.

        • Matt says:

          What would it take to get FS+ to become just part of a package deal instead of their current $15 monthly charge? Everywhere i read that all Fox would have to do is broadcast their same paid programming service as they do on FSC in the morning and it wouldn’t need to be a-la-carte. I would love to pick up the channel, and i would be more than willing to sacrifice those 6-odd hours of programming to get it (especially if it is rugby union), but only if it comes in a bundle like FSC. Why pay $15 a month when i know i will be able to watch every match online for free?

          Does anyone else have any further insight into this?

        • David Griffith says:

          Well, nothing is official until we have confirmation from a reliable source…

          In regards to your statement about FS+ remaining a-la-carte, do you mean that it is available for 14.99 per month as was Setanta? Why would that change? What I’m more concerned about is getting my money’s worth for that $15 per month by having programming that originates in HD, be broadcast that way… DirecTV claims to be the leader in HD, they should step up & provide it when it’s being offered by the network… I also believe that MLS should apply some pressure as well… They were early to the dance with HDNET a few years ago, it is a step backwards for a league that can’t afford one here!

  16. Felipe Garcia says:

    The only thing missing now is for Direct tv to get a better DVR, something like Dishs’ new DVR. 1TB hard drive, that’s ALOT of football.

    By the way, Time Warner customers, check your HD channels. I’ve now got FSC in HD, Channel 791 in the Dallas area.

  17. losquakes says:

    This is awesome. I am stuck with comcast. When DirecTV starts broadcasting FSC HD I am definitely switching.

  18. John in Denver says:

    2 things I’m looking forward to from this:

    1. FINALLY seeing a game at the Bridge (Stamford) in HD, and…

    2. Watching the Bundesliga in HD.

    I think I just crapped my pants!

  19. worldcup3dfan says:

    thank you! we’ve been talking about this since the beginning of the year hahaha! how pathetic!

  20. Matt says:

    Thanks guys for some hope of true HD soon! I live in the Albany NY area and worship football(soccer) I have Time Warner cable and I’ve have wrote them every week for the past month and just get the run around “we’ll pass on to corporate”. They are missing out FSC HD, GOLTVHD and FSC+HD. I’m giving them too August 11th(I’m willing to pay a monthly fee also) to announce some kind of hope? My wife has agreed to switch to DirectTV? TW needs to catch up! Enjoy your seasons! Any press release anyone has please pass along?

    • Ted Kennedy says:

      Hey Matt, I’m in the Albany area too, just signing up for Time Warner this week, their web site says the have FSC+ in HD (not regular FSC though). I’ve emailed them too, and the gave me the same response. Supposedly NYC is getting FSC HD on Sept. 1, so hopefully we’re not far behind.

  21. nico says:

    Any idea if this is going to be streaming anywhere?

  22. moosecat says:

    tuned in yesterday for glorious smudgy standard definition

    thanks again directv

  23. Mike says:

    August 4th or August 11th. I hear Aug 4th for GolTV and the 11th for FSC. I don’t care when…just as long as it happens before the 14th! It would be nice to see the Community Shield in HD on DirecTV though…

  24. jp says:

    Finally goltv is availlable HD on directv only. Call your provider let them know what’s going on.

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