Manchester United 1-2 Kansas City Wizards: United's American Tour Hits Snag

KANSAS CITY, MO - JULY 25: Federico Macheda  of Manchester United battles Matt Besler  of the Kansas City Wizards for the ball during the game at Arrowhead Stadium on July 25, 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Having reported on United’s earlier stop in Philadelphia last week to mixed results, I feel the need to continue my so called ‘following’ of the club as they continue their trek across America before ending it in Mexico.

Don’t call this a match report or match analysis, outside circumstances kept me from devoting the time and attention needed to thoroughly dissect United’s or Kansas City’s performance, I wasn’t able to view the match in it’s entirety.

From what I did actually see, Kansas City played a very physical and organized match. On more than a few occasions, I witnessed potential flash points in a match that saw multiple yellow cards, a red, a penalty and a controversial goal.

Let’s allow this forum to serve as an open thread for EPL Talk readers who were able to attend the match in Kansas City, viewers on television and MLS fans who were able to see one of their own record a now classic victory over Manchester United.

So what did you see? How was Kansas City able to tame what looked like a decent but young Manchester United team? Who were the good or poor players for either side?

Let’s face it, United haven’t looked that convincing during this pre season tour minus their first match out v Celtic. The MLS All Stars must be licking their chops as they now also face United on Wednesday in a match they in fact look to be favored in.

Have your say in the comments section below.

39 thoughts on “Manchester United 1-2 Kansas City Wizards: United's American Tour Hits Snag”

  1. the section i sat in was like a library. totally quiet. everytime i tried to start a song, i had no one following and some just laughed.
    the fans there should have seized the oppertunity so see united play, this could be a once in a lifetime thing for most of us.
    poor match, poor atmoshere and it was real hot in that stadium! i hope united come back in a few years time to the usa, i’d like the chance to see them again (going to england is just way too costly for me) and next time i wont drink so much!

  2. I sat in a section with a big group of Mexican Wizards fans. They had a good time, singing and chanting (setting off a flare or two?) Still not convinced the goal by Kamara completely crossed the line. I believe Giggs and Scholes played the whole game and that was impressive. I’m not a ManU supporter (or a KC Wizards supporter either) but I only live 2 hours away and wasn’t passing up a chance to see them.

  3. I drove all the night to get there from North Carolina. I’m on a tour with United, the greatest team ever to grace God’s good earth. It was much different then Philadelphia. Its a sleepy area around Arrowhead Stadium. In Philadelphia there where warships and creepy loading docks.
    I was a bit shocked at how mean the Wizards where. They seemed to have one game plan kick Manchester reds.

    I sat next to a nice German man and a Canadian one too. They let out cheers for Manchester United. But I was disappointed as there was a group of Wizards people who shout something that sounded like Wizards or you die… and another to the tune of hey jude that was clearly aimed at the rivals Liverpool.
    America just isn’t clever in its chants.

    Manchester United Reds should have won this game. KC knows only bad chants, kicking and beer

    1. Wow.

      EPL Talk has earned itself a new follower just so I can get a laugh from the writings and idol worship of the above poster. Unreal.

      1. Warships and creepy loading docks?

        Seriously? It’s called the Philadelphia Naval Yard – something you can have when you have one of America’s busiest ports with access to the Atlantic Ocean.

        Wow, learn some American geography before you post.

        I’m just glad KC didn’t play the Man U game in the joke of a stadium they use this year for MLS games.

      2. You do know this isn’t her, right? It’s someone posting as her; when she posts, her name appears in green.

        All the same, it is hilarious.

    2. 1. Man Utd are not the greatest team ever.
      2. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone refer to them as “Manchester United Reds”.

    3. Seriously? They haven’t banned you from this site yet, Ethiene? Oh boy…united loses to an MLS side and you still find a chance to take a jab at Philly? Get over yourself and your sick obsession for a team that plays on the other side of the world from you.

    4. Great parody of the actual author of this site. Well done mimicking the tone of his/her Philly post.

    5. “America just isn’t clever in its chants.”

      Surely europenas are much clever with their chants. You know chanting racists, facists, xenophobic songs and making fun of real tragedies.

    6. Ethiene – for the sake of your professional prospects – stop writing. Don’t write about soccer; don’t write about anything. No editor in their right mind would hire you after he sees your complete lack of professional standards. This goes beyond your idiotic opinions and utter lack of objectivity. You’re missing essentials like grammar, diction, and spelling. You’re killing your own career.

      On second thought – go on. Keep writing.

    7. You’re not on a tour with United. You’d have a press pass, be travelling with the team, and you’d have someone reading your dispatches, checking for errors like where you used “where” and the word you needed was “were”…twice. You have some association with a person who puts this website together and you are an unpaid writer.

      Your commentary on the match is limited to the nationalities of the people you sat next to. I must say…rarely are we treated to someone bent on public self-immolation. (Go grab your dictionary, Ethiene, if you own one.) By all means, have at it.

  4. I worked for the Wizards (on the gameday crew) for several seasons in the early days of the MLS, so I’ve seen my share of soccer at Arrowhead. Maybe the fact I’ve been at more games I can count where the crowd totaled 4,000 colors my opinion, but I was impressed with the turnout and the atmosphere. Most fans seemed generally knowledgeable and the game was entertaining with multiple chances from both teams. Both Wizard keepers impressed, and made point-blank saves.

    – It was hot, but honestly, it could have been so much hotter. July in KC? Nasty. However, I think the heat did effect ManU. Several (the midfield and wingers) seemed to quickly wear down in the second half.
    – The Wizards played like this was for the championship. I was kind of surprised at how chippy this match was at times. I was really surprised when the KC keeper had words with a ManU forward early in the match. KC’s aggression clearly caught ManU by surprise. Friendly? Not much.
    – Arrowhead is a decent venue for this sort of event, but the stadium workers are the most unpleasant group of people I’ve ever encountered.
    – Scholes did not impress. Too many lazy passes.
    – KC was certainly pushing forward… They seemed the better side for the first part of the match. The fact they scored after the red card was surprising. My seats were even with the goal line and I don’t think there was any way that ball crossed the line.

  5. i was at the match, and it was fun, but totally felt like a spectacle, more than a proper game. (it might have been snoozier than the earthquakes v. spurs friendly i was at last week.) man utd looked really disorganized and sloppy. it was nice to see scholes and giggs play the whole match.

    i give the KC fans props. yeah, the chants were weak but americans aren’t exactly known for their stadium chants, are we? most of the quiet people seemed to be wearing man utd kits.

  6. After watching the comments on a few sites I’ve created a guide on what will be posted here for all future friendlies between MLS and EPL:
    MLS team Wins/Draws/plays really well: Its a meaningless preseason friendly and your team is in midseason form
    MLS team Loses: MLS still sucks

    1. It is certainly undeniable that MLS “sucks” compared to the big boys in England, but I don’t think these friendlies should be simply shrugged off, at least when viewed in a certain manner. Whether the European side wins or loses, that isn’t really important, but what should be noticed is how little MLS players make compared to their European counterparts. Even though most teams played a smattering of youngsters, these young players are still making boatloads of cash compared to many MLS journeymen. Certainly, there are reasons for this. Part of these young players contracts/wages are so high because teams want to secure their services on the promise of future playing ability. The question is: how many of these players actually prove to be worth it? This is something that MLS victories of EPL reserve sides really calls into question. A lot of players in these academies will never make the first team or will be sold to another club.

      I don’t want to make my post too long so I’ll give you the short and sweet: when MLS sides beat these European clubs they show that players paid just a pittance of European players can play super tight defence and snag a goal here or there. This isn’t entirely surprising. In fact, it is why many of us love this game so much. It does, however, make me seriously wonder why wages are so inflated at the highest level. I hate how MLS is regulated so heavily in favor of the ownership, but you have to wonder if they really are onto something. While the big clubs in Europe piss away millions of dollars on their academies/reserves (many of whom will never play first team football or be sold away), MLS pays people absolute chump change but still manages to field a competitive side.

  7. From what I saw on TV, Man Utd got beat at their own game. The Wiz didnt watch and oggle at the superhero multi-millionaire players that comprise Man Utd. They just played their game and beat them, most convincingly with only 10 men.

    Nice to see a team (well coached) play an entire game with the intention of beating a superpower and not just wanting to swap jerseys at the final whistle.

    As far as the crowd… We are talking Kansas City here. Why they have a team and Atlanta doesnt makes no sense to me.

    1. Kansas City has a team because a local ownership group organized itself and followed through on its stated intentions. The ownership was able to capitalize on a growing soccer community to build a viable business. Hosting Man United and welcoming them with a crowd of 52,000 was a big step towards continuing growth of the Wizards brand in the area. Why Atlanta has been unable to do this makes no sense to me either. They would do well to follow the Wizards model.

    2. Easy, Atlanta is notorious for lousy fan support of any sport. Plus you need an owner willing to lose money before he sees a dime.

  8. KC should be applauded for playing 50 minutes with 10-men and not conceeding. They need to figure out that type of organization when playing in the league.

    I think this pre-season will serve Man U well as prep for the league. While the technical class isn’t up to standard, the MLS sides (Philly, KC and All-stars) all play physical and fast, and feature great athletes. Being prepared for the Premier League’s speed and physicality shouldn’t be an issue in round 1.

  9. These preseason friendlies are worthless just like any other league. The MLS should focus on not embarrassing themselves in the Champions League instead of getting these moral victories/actual victories against European sides filled with B squad members and a few A squad men.

    1. Results are far from what these exhibitions are about. MLS is trying to build a sustainable business by bringing in notable opponents and showing well for their soccer community to increase popularity. CONCACAF champions league and other competitions are secondary to the health of the league itself.

      Though less important, explain how these mls teams don’t benefit from playing premiership sides, regardless of number of first team players used.

  10. I watched the game here in USA. Well, KC pretty much manhandled the United in every aspect and they are a mediocre team in the MLS. Thank goodness United won’t have to face the Galaxy. The KC team was much faster and more athletic on the pitch and except for occasional glimmers from Berbatov the Devils played like they wanted to be somewhere else. In fact, the KC team looked like the one that should be touring, not the United. If any good came from it, maybe Fergie sees that his “kids” aren’t all that he thinks they are yet and looks into Ozil. I love the United and was taking alot of shots from fellow Americans on how the USA has now caught up to England in football and are on their way to surpassing them. After that debacle I could not say a thing to dispute them.

  11. All you who got tickets to the United-Wizards game. How much did you pay?

    Are the profits/ticket proceeds going to Wizards or United or 50/50?

    1. My ticket was $40. Parking was $25. I have no idea how the proceeds were split up. It was a great game and was great for the future of soccer in KC.

      1. Wow only $40! For the Toronto-United game earlier in month they wanted 130 dollars per ticket and that was through MUSCC (Canadian Manchester United Supporters Club)

      1. That’s what I figured. 60% to Glazer’s greedy pockets. That is one reason why I am watching them on TV… Glazers will not make a dime off of me…

  12. Damn Glazer, he is one of the reasons Tampa and Miami folded. He could have saved those 2 clubs but instead bought Man U.

    Its funny how Man U wont plat the Columbus Crew, or LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake. Those are the top 3 in MLS this year.
    MLS isnt as bad as Eurosnobs claim it is. MLS is a top 15 league.

    1. Hahaha… It MLS is a Top 15 league is worse than what I thought… Can you even name 10 leagues that are legitimate?

      Not according to ranking:
      England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland (sucks), France, Scotland (sucks), Portugal, Brazil, Argentina. That’s 10.

      Now, we have Denmark, Russia, United States, … I am running out of decent leagues…

      I would put my standard a bit higher before telling “Eurosnobs” to respect MLS…

      1. hahaha, oh yeah, The Scottish PL is totally on par with the Ukranian League, Greek League, Mexican League, Turkish League, Uruguayan League, Russian League, Danish League or MLS. You need more than 2 teams to make a league.

  13. Heard one of the owners of OnGoal (KC’s ownership group) talking about the game today. He said that Man U got a hefty appearance fee, and that the remaining proceeds went to a partnership between the Wizards and the Chiefs (the American Football team that operates Arrowhead Stadium). It was clear from his comments that Glazer got most of the money. I would not be surprised if it exceeded 60%.

    It would be foolhardy to say that MLS has caught up with European leagues on the basis of one victory in a friendly. However, that performance, combined with New York’s victory over Manchester City and other results provide pretty strong evidence that the gap is narrowing–slowly, but it is narrowing.

  14. The KC Wizards new ownership with the aid of the KC Cheifs have proven that they are trying to create a great american soccer city by bringing United in for an exhibition as well as building a soccer stadium that will be finished next year.

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