Where Have Those Summer Breaks From Soccer Gone?

Remember the good old days when there was a summer break of a month or two between the end of the English football season and the start of the new one? For me, the summer break was synonymous with following cricket matches, Wimbledon and monotonous days of no soccer news on Sky Sports News for what seemed like weeks.

This summer, however, it’s been the opposite. The Premier League season ended on May 8. The FA Cup Final was on May 15. On May 22, we saw the Champions League Final featuring Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. Then there were the playoff finals at Wembley which took us up til May 30. Then, we were able to watch the friendlies featuring the World Cup teams before the tournament began on June 11. After the World Cup ended on July 11, we only had to wait three days until the first Premier League team kicked off their US tour when Bolton Wanderers played Charlotte Eagles.

Yes, I love soccer just as much as many of you do. But it’s important to have a break. This summer, due to the World Cup, the break was thrown completely out of the window. Next summer will be the next opportunity for a break. But then during the following summer, Euro 2012 will run from June 8 to July 1 – which is then followed by the 2012 Summer Olympics scheduled for July 27 to August 12.

Personally, I’m not burned out yet on soccer although it has been a challenging summer. I’m trying to pace myself to get ready for the new Premier League season. But what about you? Are you feeing the burnout? Do you miss those summer breaks which were free of soccer? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Where Have Those Summer Breaks From Soccer Gone?”

  1. I actually can’t wait for EPL, and have made a point to watch all of Utds preseason so far! I’m also bummed that it looks like the game against Chivas is not on TV! Hope to see chicharito soon though. Guess it would be differentl if the Cubs were in first, and NFL training camp opens this week all around, but there’s nothing quite like an EPL weekend morning! And the world cup only further enhanced my love of the game! I got into soccer for the first time last world cup, so full cycle for me.

  2. Not even close to being burned out. I’ve actually been getting itchy in anticipation for club seasons to start! Any word on Comcast getting FSC HD, One can only hope it happens before the seasons start.

  3. I always need a break after the WC or European Championship. This summer – I pay absolutely no attention to the friendlies. None. It’s too beautiful outside for other things. By mid-August I’ll be ready again.

  4. LOL! Are you serious!? If you want a break, DONT TURN YOUR T.V. on to a soccer channel! lol. SIMPLE AS THAT! Besides, its important for the growth of the sport here to have these friendlies here.

  5. What I love about soccer is that it never goes away. Premier League, Champions League from fall to spring, MLS in summer, World Cup every four years, Euros every four years, Gold Cup every two, qualifiers in between. Love every minute of it. Don’t know what I’d do if I had to endure an offseason now.

  6. ChicagoBrian is right…. CL Finals were Bayern Munich vs. Inter Milan, not Barca…. Inter beat Barca in the Semis…

  7. not burnt out!!! I cant wait for the start of the EPL season. Like the other poster, THERES NOTHING LIKE AN EPL saturday morning for me

  8. There was a break of “Club” football and friendlies really arent the same either as they are so heavy in reserve players. This has felt like a break, to me. While I will watch one or two fixtures a week in the fall, EPL (and other domestic leagues) really do not get cooking until the holidays. That’s when my satellite dish starts to get white hot from all the fixtures being watched/recorded. I agree with what you are saying from a calendar standpoint but from the view of someone who doesn’t HAVE to cover the games, this year’s break was better than usual because we had WC 2010.

    If anything, I miss INTL football very much in off years.

  9. Having a breaking………………… are you kidding me? ………..!
    i am go through withdrawals when football seasons in UK, Italy and Spain goes on a break. Soccer( i am in the US, i better not call it football and get most folks confused). i will never need a break from the EPL. i pay for my cable bills simply because of European soccer(well and the other reason for HBO & SHO. the wife has to be happy too)
    Well i have a HOT date on August 14th. and even my wife approves of it ( i can have my cake and eat it too, can you believe that………….!). Guess with who?

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