Richards Rip Gives Red Bulls a Victory Over Pre-Season City

July 22, 2010 - Harrison, New Jersey, United States of America - 22 July 2010 -New York Red Bulls Midfielder Dane Richards.

After a good two all draw between Sporting Lisbon & Tottenham Hotspur it was time for the home team to face another Premiership side in Manchester City. You would think after a pathetic performance against Sporting Lisbon Man City would be ready to go and be hungry for a game against the inform MLS side. Well early on that wasn’t the case as the combination of Dane Richards and Macoumba Kandji would work well together and showed their stuff.

It would be an early goal for New York as Dane Richards attacked the near side of the area and got past Wayne Bridge to set up a great cross to the center of the park. In the 7th minute a sliding Kandji would tap the ball in top shelf and Red Bull Arena erupted with joy for the early one goal to nil lead. All throughout the first half with Thierry Henry the Red Bulls looked like the stronger side and once again it looked like City wasn’t showing up.

But in the start of the second half City did show some life and tried to give a match against New York. Once again Henry would only play the opening 45 minutes and then sit on the bench. It was in the 55th minute where Greg Cunningham attacked down the far side and made a good cross to Jo Silva who made a cheeky stab and got the ball past Bouna Coundoul for the equalizer. The visiting City fans cheered but that would be the only time they would stand up in this short four day tournament.

Once again the Kandji/Richards tandem would meet up for another goal. Kandji attacks down the near side and crossed a quick ball to Richards who was just outside the City area. As soon as he settled the ball, Dane ripped a laser that nailed the bottom of the crossbar, over the goal line and bounced hard inside the top part of the net. That fantastic shot reminded me of that same play against Santos when Kandji feed a great ball to Richards and torched the near upper ninety on March 20th. That has now been labeled as the Santos Specialty.

Ever since Thierry Henry was signed to the Red Bulls, you knew there would be a heavy contingent of Arsenal supporters in the tri-state area to watch their favorite player of years gone by, but when Emmanuel Adebayor touched the ball there was a bunch of loud boos coming from the crowd who never forgot his goal celebration in front of them when he started to play for Man City. But the eventual winners of the first ever Barclays New York Challenge would be Portugal’s sporting Lisbon as they took home the trophy,  a win, a draw and four goals scored (A goal also counts as a point) along with a clean sheet against Man City.

So for this inaugural season of the Barclays NY Challenge I believe it has been a good success. Obviously using the quick word about Red Bull Arena and playing near the greatest city in the world, it would be pretty cool to see other clubs sides coming over from Europe, South American and even the clubs from Mexico would be a good draw. But for now, thank goodness the league season will resume this coming Saturday.

16 thoughts on “Richards Rip Gives Red Bulls a Victory Over Pre-Season City”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you Dan for all the fine coverage both here and on twitter. It’s a lot bigger job then most people think to do the job right!

    1. Thank you very much eplnfl. Believe me it was alot of hard work to get everything done. I learned alot from all this and I truely believe that some of the things the EPL sides who came over learned that there is alot of talented players on this side of the Atlantic.

      Harry Redknapp will always be my favorite manager in all of England, because he is an honest man and he truely knows his stuff. Got alot of video and I still have to upload them on you tube.

      But honestly it was alot of fun and I understand the Barclays NY Challenge will make a return for next season as well. So come on over and when tickets go on sale, you can check out Red Bull Arena.

    1. #1 Not my fault that Thierry Henry came to MLS and wanted to play for New York City

      #2 Not my fault within a week the Barclays New York Challenge Press Conference was here

      #3 Not my fault that all of these things are important for MLS & for this website that also helps out it’s sister site EPL Talk.

      #4 If you support an MLS side, then please sign up and write articles discussing your side. It’s not that hard to do so.

      Contact the Gaffer and let him know you want to write about your club in MLS or below.

    2. Not Daniel’s fault he is working so hard and noone else is posting.

      I don’t agree with him a lot, but you know what you are getting with him, a Red Bulls fan that will write about his team. I appreciate it.

  2. Why in the bloody hell would a trophy be awarded for a friendly tournament? It’s only friendlies, FFS! Teams were playing to get fit, not to win. Ludicrous. Teams only played against 2 of the other 3, yet a champ was declared? How retarded.

    1. Don’t ask me, ask the people at The World Series of Football. They are the ones who created the darn thing.

    2. Trophies for pre-season tournaments are pretty common, and it’s not a practice limited to the USA. It happens in Europe too – eg the Amsterdam tournament, the Anglo-Italian cup (if that’s still going on), and all kinds of other little trinkets.

      I agree that it seems dumb to have a tournament where you only play against two of the three teams, but I wouldn’t get too wound-up about it – they are just pre-season kickabouts, after all.

  3. Too bad if any of the big clubs like Chelsea, ManU, Barca, Real, Inter, or AC Milan came they would most likely play at the New Meadowlands.

    The fans were lucky yesterday with the partical roof covering them from that rain we got in the northeast yesterday afternoon. Too bad more of our football and baseball stadiums don’t use that idea.

  4. I look forward to the day, when an EPL team plays bad and someone doesn’t have an excuse prepared.

    And I look forward to the day, when a MLS team plays bad and it isn’t because MLS is inferior.

  5. That last comment reminds me of the way Mexican media and fans deal after they lose to MLS teams. Last week they ignored the Superliga because as fans know, they did not have much success going head to head against MLS teams. When there is no official competition to measure forces, friendly games at least give an idea of where we stand.
    No excuses
    Yes instant replay
    Go La Galaxy

  6. The only way you’d get a real game is if the teams played in September and the win was worth something. You didn’t seen anywhere near City’s first team.

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