Why Manchester City Will Become the Heroes of the Premier League


Everyone loves the underdog. However, when the underdog becomes the richest club in the world…not so much love. Yet at one point, every club that now holds a major position in world football has received massive financial support. How do Manchester United and Real Madrid continually grace the ranks of top flight football? The answer is money. You might say “good youth players, good scouting, or just a traditionally strong squad”- yet what does that all boil down to? Money.

You might even argue that it’s the “fans” who make a team great. Seeing a sea of committed supporters year after year is what really makes a team successful. Yet there is a difference between the turnout at a Scunthorpe United game as compared to the turn out of an Arsenal game. This is for various reasons: city population, stadium size and the general societal class of it’s supporters. Yet again, what difference is there between North Lincolnshire and London? Money.

This is not to say that money can buy success. Money cannot buy success. Manchester City’s purchase of Robinho or Real Madrid’s purchase of Kaka or even Cristiano Ronaldo can attest to this. Furthermore as the Beatle-esque saying goes: you can’t buy love (or Champions League football, or devoted support from fans). So why then do I believe that Manchester City will win our hearts and our attention? Simple – they are the heroes in this story.

For the last 15 years, the dictators of English football: Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool have held their reign. During this time many have come close but few have succeeded. It’s not that the Big Four are necessarily “evil”, rather it’s more so an issue of being notorious for success. While every team in the Premier League has a “chance” at success, it’s only a select few who have a relative shot at it. True, Bolton could easily upset Chelsea in an important game, and true, Tottenham continually come close to or land in the Champions league. Yet time and time again, they as with Bolton, do not have the ability to sustain their efforts.

Sooner or later, the Big Four will resume their reign. This is what makes Manchester City so special. Every once in a Blue Moon, a team will come within shouting distance of the Big Four, and while most get turned away, some have the potential for an upheaval, even a revolution.

It takes a lot to become a hero. First, there must be an underdog status. Not simply that the club in question has spent time with a low ranking, but more so that a club with “massive potential” has spent time in this position. Think of a hero who spent years being made fun of or a hero who had the power to change but refused to use it. This is Manchester City. Even before the injection of their recent capital, Manchester City were the club among all clubs who certainly carried the potential to be in top class European football but for some reason were not.

Second, the hero needs to have potential. Every major league in the world has it’s fair share of impressive teams, and yet a team like Newcastle never really stand a chance at being a major threat for Chelsea. They might lose a game or two, but they will never lose continually. Why is this? Because Newcastle doesn’t have the potential. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually a supporter of Newcastle. They are a grand team. However, if it came time for me to choose a team to “save the world”, as a hero, I wouldn’t choose Newcastle – they don’t have the potential to go up against the dictators who rule the land.

Manchester City’s potential can be measured in many ways. First and foremost they have world-class talent. With the likes of Carlos Tevez, Joleon Lescott, Kolo Toure, Gareth Barry and the recent signings of David Silva and Ya-Ya Toure, Manchester City have the talent and depth of any world class team. And with time still left in the current transfer season it will only strengthen and gain potential.

Beyond this, City also have an unprecedented amount of youth players and previously unrecognized players who are coming to fruition in their reserves and first team. Players like Nedum Onuoha, Micah Richards, Alex Nimely and Vladimir Weiss will only have short time until they become stars in the world of football. Academy graduates like Stephen Ireland and Shaun Wright-Phillips are an example of this. Furthermore, Manchester City’s potential extends to players from other clubs as well. Take Carlos Tevez for example. At Manchester United, Tevez was a second class striker – condemned to follow behind Wayne Rooney. And yet, once he joined the better half of Manchester, City didn’t just allow him a starting position – they gave him potential to grow. Tevez is in the top rank of the best strikers in the world.

Another example is the recent transfer of Adam Johnson. While Johnson preformed well at Middlesbrough, it was nothing to be amazed of. And yet upon arriving at Eastlands, AJ has blown past all of our expectations. Why? Potential. When a player with massive potential meets a club with massive ambition – amazing things will happen. A few months ago Adam Johnson was a second rate midfielder at an unthreatening club – and until recently, he was even a strong contender for a position in England’s World Cup squad. Thanks to Manchester City, Adam Johnson is destined to become an English legend. And this is because of potential. Finally, the hero must have ambition. Not just any ambition – unfaltering, unwavering, diehard ambition; “I want to change the world” ambition. The kind of ambition that everyone calls “crazy”. The kind of ambition that makes others wonder if you’re really the hero or the enemy. Ambition can be a confusing thing but in the world of European football it’s the essential catalyst behind winning. Money can certainly buy players, and players can certainly have potential, but without this unique form of raving ardor – no success will be seen.

In due time, Manchester City will become the hero of the English Premier League. Some may scoff at the likes of a zealous club with bottomless pockets but it’s all a matter of perspective. It’s all a matter of whether or not you see the club as the hero or the enemy. And frankly, it’s all a matter of chance – will the stars align for Manchester City? Only time will tell, but for now, I am happily entranced by the heroic ambition of the Blue Revolution.

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  1. I think you’ve misjudged the mood a little here. City may appear to be underdogs in that they’ve not won a trophy since the 1960’s, but they are far from becoming Premier League heroes.

    Yes we all love an underdog but they are far removed from that now with all the money that’s sloshing around Eastlands. They are the favourites which is why it was such a big deal that last season they failed to secure fourth spot. Spurs were the “heroes” then as they did it without the finance available to Mancini.

    To become heroes, City also need to do it with style and grace, off the field as much as on. They are becoming absorbed in their own hype now, note the “Welcome to Manchester” posters last season; the renaming of the Reserves as Manchester City Elite Squad; and the City in the Community sponsorship of local club Hyde, which saw the non-league side have to drop the “United” from their name and change their shirt colour from red to white.

    Much of this is down to Garry Cook, whose abrasive, dare I say it, “American” style of marketing and promotion doesn’t really fit well into English football. He’s prone to a number of gaffs too which add to the difficulty of City ever becoming “heroes.”

    The young players of potential you also mention – how many of those are going to be regular first teamers? Richards has had his turn and Ireland and Wright-Phillips are probably on their way out too, so the money men will make it even less likely for the next generation to break through.

    United and Arsenal dominated the 90’s and 00’s through sustained team building and progression. Yes they brought players but never a team.

    Chelsea went shopping but also bought some less desirable baggage which saw them become the team to hate. City are now doing exactly the same.

    1. To James: Get your facts right please ! City haven’t won a trophy since 1976, and won 4 trophies in the 1970’s so saying they haven’t won a trophy since the 1960’s shows your lack of knowledge.

      1. Practically every this this fool has wrote is incorrect( james that is). I used to play for Hyde for a start and can tell u that they have changed the name back to the origanal name, same for the kits that they had 125 yrs ago marking this occasion. This sad person is one of the reasons why more people will start to favour city.. Elite indeed I thought it was only Tyson who was this sad! Maybe he has a new name. Why do you write this nonsense James?

  2. Well, what with the continual dengrating of all things Manchester City in the whole of the media, it’s refreshing to read a positive interpretation of what’s going on at our club from the supporter of another club. Thanks for that, William, and best wishes for next season…

  3. In order to win they have to become the very thing that they hate.
    The H word you are looking for is hypocritical rather than hero.

    Welcome to the big time Manchester City.

  4. There is one glaring omission that I constantly come across when having this discussion on Man City. Yes, it’s true that clubs like Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal spend vast amounts of money to maintain success. However, the key difference between their spend and that of Man City, is that their wealth has been earned from previous success and savvy business sense to capitalize on it. Success built upon success.

    Manchester City were almost a relegation contender that received a huge injection of cash and have proceeded to ruin the transfer market for other honest clubs like Spurs, Everton and Aston Villa who have been working for years to build up a club in the correct way and gradually build on their previous achievements.

    Even Chelsea were a regular top 5 team when they were purchased. And at that point they purchased up & coming players with good reputations (granted at more than the market price). And although I disagree to the manner in which they have achieved their sudden success, I don’t hold it against them because they were there, or there abouts for the years preceding it.

    Yes, it would be great to see the top 4 strangle-hold broken, but I had always hoped and believed that it would be a Spurs/Everton/Villa to do it, and in so doing, truly deserve it.

    The difference with City is the pathetic little-man syndrome they have. Everything they do is done in incredibly poor taste. Cook is a disgrace to the game and hasn’t got an ounce of class in his body. Something he proved with his disparaging comments towards AC Milan over the Kaka bid. The mercenary players are not much better.

    Everything Man City do is publicly aimed at trying to get one up on their prestigious neighbours. They need to concentrate on themselves and nobody else. Every signing they make seems to make a ridiculous statement with two common denominators: 1. They have come for the project (definitely not the money), and 2. They turned down serious interest from Man Utd and/or Chelsea to choose City.

    I have no doubt that Man City will win titles if things continue as they are. But unfortunately they will be hollow victories and dark days for the game I love. The competition has left the game. This spells the end for smaller clubs such as Fulham and Everton being able to punch above their weight by developing players and generating a passionate loyalty for their club.

    City have killed the underdogs, not promoted them.

    1. Mick… although I understand where you are coming from, the facts are that the “smaller” clubs such as Everton, Manchester City (sic) and Fulham are only going to compete with the top four if they have money. Chelsea only managed to climb from 5th place to top (a gigantic step) though major investment from a multi-billionaire. Some fans accept that City are following the Chelsea model, and others resent it. That’s life. Only as a City fan can you truly understand how important this shake up of business principles at City is to us. For too long we have been run like a small club, and earned all the rewards that go with that mentality… none! We’ve been “heroes” by suffering for so long, so let the good times roll!

    2. Spot on. There is nothing ‘heroic’ about what City is doing. And I absolutely believe they have killed the underdogs. They have made life much much much difficult for more deserving teams, ho have worked on a more sustainable model over the years, and who would’ve been poised for success in the near future. Similar to Spurs, Villa, Everton and Fulham were all on the verge, but the inflated market prices and horrific transfer etiquette during the purchase of Barry, Lescott and now possibly Milner have just shown City’s class.
      Not heroes, just villians. Underdogs have a feel-good factor to them, I am sorry to say, but City do not have any feel good factor about them.

      1. What was horrific about our purchase of Barry? I think you’ll find it was Liverpool who spent a year tapping himup publicly. Not sure what we have done wrong with regards to Milner either. We made a bid, perffectly legitimately and Villa chose to make that bid public. There are mixed opinions on the Lescott deal, I admit but the bottom line is that Everton got well over the odds for their player and were able to strengthen several areas with the money. So not sure that “killed the underdog.” Can everyone also remember that when they make the point that Chelsea were already top 5 when Abramovic came in, they are ignoring the fact that Chelsea were days away from administration when Abramovic bought them as Bates had bought the club top 5 with money the club didn’t have! But I suppose that is better? From a personal point of view, if ADUG were going to invest in someone, it may have been my club who got the windfall. Everyone should remember that whilst they whinge about the inflated transfer market, I suspect that the reality is that ADUG are ploughing outside money into the game during a recession and selling clubs are often rather grateful for our money. A club like City (or Newcastle or many many others of similar size) could never compete with the SKY4 cartel without huge donations of money as the days of Forest under Clough as an example are voer. It is that loss of the ability to compete without money that is the great sadness not that a club has been given money to compete.

  5. There’s a difference between achieving success (ie. money) through having a well-managed club developing on a group of great players and a solid cup-winning heritage and making it big through becoming the new toy of some semi-legitimate billionaire. Arsenal, Liverpool and Man U would still be massive clubs if their owners left tomorrow; even Chelsea would struggle to maintain their position if Roman left but City would return to nothing if Sheik Manseur pulled out.

  6. James… Although Spurs did very well to achieve 4th place it is unfair to suggest they did it without the finances available to Mancini. Mancini signed Vieira on a free and Johnson for 7mil during the January transfer window. It is this summer that the finances are available to Mancini, and he appears to be spending very wisely. So the jury is still out on what Mancini can actually achieve with the finances available to him.

    1. And how much did they blow before Mancini took over? £250 million was it and that had nothing to do with it.
      No one other City fans wants City to win anything, this money and arrogance has lost them a lot of floating fans who had City as a second team.

  7. William,excellent post mate, how refreshing to hear a fair comment on our team. Success does require money but the ADUG people are very astute business men, has anybody ever wondered why they chose us ?
    Are there any fans of other teams out there who WOULDN’T want them at their club (be honest in that).
    Anyway, i suppose we will have to put up with both the good and bad press about our beloved club but when that Stretford End banner comes down(35 years yorn, yorn), will we care?
    Best wishes to the Toon Armyfor the coming season.

  8. Dont forget that Manchester City was a third division club not to long ago and they spent many years in the second division as well. I still remember them at that level quite well. So yes they are an outisder to me still. I would welcome them doing well this year. But they stunk it up against Sporting Lisbon last night though.

  9. What a ridiculous post. There’s nothing heroic about having a gazillion dollars thrown into the pot – it’s merely a cynical exercise in artificially buying one’s way to a championship in lieu of homegrown talent, decent scouting, and the acquisition of top line playing staff emanating from the kind of liquid and sustainable financial resources generated by a substantial support base home and abroad – and marketing/merchandising that cashes in on that support.

    As with Chelsea, City’s rise has all to do with its acquisition as a plaything, a novelty, by a bored billionaire willing to pore hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain for his own amusement. Chelsea has run in the red year after year and nominally owes Abromovich a small fortune, which of course he’ll never be repaid – the price of buying three championships. City is following the same path.

    Both models are unsustainable and bank-breaking. Teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, and particularly Manchester United have a pedigree and brand name that earns them the kind of money teams like City and Chelsea can only dream of. All three are currently saddled with debts that are crippling their buying power in the player market, yet it’s their inherent value and earning capacity that makes each of them such lucrative investment targets for legitimate businessmen, as against nouveau riche billionaires who target comparative bargain basement teams like Chelsea and City and set about trying to gatecrash the establishment’s party with visions of grandeur fueled by a near bottomless pit of money.

    It’s not a sustainable model, and never is. Like Blackburn in the early days of the EPL Chelsea is enjoying it’s moment in the sun and no doubt Manchester City will as well, but just as sure as the sun goes up it also goes down, and with it go the fair weather fans who hop on to the gravy train while it lasts and depart for newer (and more winnable) shores once the bored billionaires achieve their short term gains and tire of throwing money down the toilet.

    That’s why no one ever really likes gauche upstarts like Chelsea and City, because it’s all so tacky, valueless and cynical from top to bottom, starting with the foreign owners who buy the clubs as a plaything to the fair weather fan base who swamp the genuine diehards with their new found ‘passion’ and ‘zeal’ . At least Blackburn and its supporters can say with pride that their team’s rise was attributable to the passion and dedication of Jack Walker, a local who was prepared to put his money where it counted in support of his home town team. The same can be said of Elton John and Watford.

    Supporters of teams like Liverpool, United, and Arsenal, may not necessarily like each other in football terms but they respect each other’s teams because of their achievements, their history, and their standing. There’s nothing to respect, and certainly nothing heroic, about Russian or Saudi billionaires tinkering with the EPL for their own amusement and buying championship trophies to display in their offices. Why not just reduce the whole thing to a farce and have Bill Gates buy up Gillingham and take the team to the quadruple of the EPL, Carling and FA Cups, and the European championship with a squad made up of the world’s best players, all the while cheered on by the team’s new-found following packing into the cavernous stands of Prestfield’s 11,500 capacity stadium?

    City are a joke on the EPL, as are Chelsea, and an insult to teams like Everton, Aston Villa and other middling teams who struggle along doing the best they can with fine managers, decent systems, and relatively limited resources. They’re the true heroes, valiantly fighting the fight to the best of their abilities and resources against teams who’ve suddenly passed them by because they’ve become the latest plaything in a billionaire’s chest of toys.

    1. This is exactly right. There’s no romance to the current Manchester City tale, and without romance, there’s no heroism. And romance can’t be bought with any amount of money.

      I don’t see any way around the fact that the general public will see the Manchester City story for exactly what it is: a big injection of cash aimed building a brand. That effort may buy the club some trophies, and even some new gloryhunter fans, but it won’t buy the sort of natural, organic magic that is necessary to be perceived as a “hero.”

      1. The ‘natural, organic magic’ was there long before I was born, 69 years ago. It had just been temporarily obscurred by circumstances beyond its control. It’s back where it was in 1935 and 1970 now. Not for that long though. The new manifestation is a strange one, perhaps not agreeable to a lot of us, but at least it’s back where it was.

        1. The previous reply was suitably mangled by techno gremlins. Here’s what it should say:- The ‘natural, organic magic’ was there long before I was born, 69 years ago. It had just been temporarily obscurred by circumstances beyond its control. Not for that long though. It’s back where it was in 1935 and 1970 now. The new manifestation is a strange one, perhaps not agreeable to a lot of us, but at least it’s back where it was.

    2. I can see your points Timbo. We’d all have to be blind not to, but this is the way of the world now, and to varying degrees, it always was. …’trying to gatecrash the establishment’s party’ is surely what it’s all about. The Establishment is there to be knocked down. Always was. Countless establishments have fallen over the period of recorded history. History isn’t static, and neither is any establishment. Establishments outmode each other, and no, it isn’t always fair that the barbarians loot the empire, but it’s a fact of human life. And the ‘barbarians’ are usually empowered to do so by the behaviours of the empires. When an empire/establishment falls, there’s usually a springing of new life that often has a new vigour. Yes, if the revolution has been voilent, then people have perished, and the new life that ensues has to quickly make reparations and validate it’s existence, otherwise it too will quickly bite the dust. This is the way life works. It’s literally tumultuous. Nothing is permanent. It’s doubtful whether you want to think outside the box at this moment, because you’re angry, but just say you were willing to, just for a moment.. just long enough to think about this. NOTHING is permanent.. it really IS… but is it only nothing that’s permanent?

      Another way of looking at this particular issue would be this. Of the ‘sleeping giants’ who were ripe for takeover at a time when it was universaly recognised that there was great publicity to be gained from owning a football club, e.g. you could very successfully advertise your airline worldwide etc., there were a number of candidates in England, (a place where, at the time, the currency was worth almost twice the dollar!) There was Sheffield Wednesday, mmh.. hadn’t looked after itself that well, and so too far gone to resusitate that quickly; Leeds United, still suffering from a cac-handed attempt to buy it’s way up; Everton, well, perhaps not that asleep, but definitely without the potential that Manchester City already had with a new stadium, a virtually derelict area around it, and 40,000 who will turn up to watch anything. So who else? Aston Villa? Over Doug Ellis’ dead body? West Ham? Not sleeping. Not really a giant and not in a great position. Newcastle? Wide awake, mishandled, possibly hostile and in the middle of the city. Forest? Not really big enough. Of all the viable alternatives, Man City offered the best potential for development. In the end, it must have been a fairly easy choice. A club that had developed into something of a family affair, muddled through all the changes, never been in outragious hands until Shinawatra, and was desparate to be rescued from him. A club that has a good history; still holding the crowd capacity record in England and, well, ripe for the taking.

      The article’s not that great actually, but at least it’s trying to be more positive about the goings on at Eastlands. The moral is that if you can get yourself into the right place at the right time, then things can happen for you. Build it and they will come. Life really is like that, regardless of what you might think right now. It’s not going to be easy for City, but with the general ethic around the place success will come. No good being bitter about life either. The definition of bitter is to feel or show mental pain or resentment. D’you really want to be doing that? Maybe you do…

    3. you do realize that chelsea’s commercial success has gone up massively since roman took over, so much so that they just as big as liverpool and arsenal now in terms of revenue streams. The thing holding chelsea back is the massive wage bill which is crippling them but as the older players leave this should ease as well.

      also chelsea for years was exactly the same kind of team as tottenham, aston villa and everton, a hard working team with very little resources. Another thing you might not know is aston villa has a sugar daddy as well. Yes chelsea bought their way into the EPL top level but they were playing legitimate champions league football before that so dont forget that. both arsenal and manU had the advantage of riding the gravy train early just as the EPL was peaking, they god massive because of good managers and astute signings for cheap, but once the money came in they became too strong to break down without huge investments. ManU and arsenal have debts for reasons other then footballing, one cause of a shady business deal, the other from stadium rebuilding.
      ManCity can have their money, my problem is the way they seem to be hoarding footballers with no plan. If you look at chelsea, at least both ranieri and mourinho had plans in mind, sure they bought dud players for overpriced which comes from the money tax imposed by new money but they had an idea of what they wanted. City has an unsustainable amount of players on stupid wages and i cant see how they are gonna keep them all.

  10. A good article William. Nice to see one amongst the constant nay-saying from journalists and the blogspher – most of of whom are fans of the incredibly bitter ‘Big 4’ + Everton and Spurs. The Big 4 because there position is threatened. The other 2 because the fans are jelous the shake didn’t come to them.

    I think History must have begun with the formation of the EPL the way many of the above comments are slanted. A pertenant fact for you:
    The last team to win the league without buying it was… Aston Villa in 1981 and Notts Forrest a few years before that. All the league winners since than have been in the top 3 spenders for a number of years before that.

    So sadly, money counts in football. Money doesn’t guarantee sucess but without money you haven’t a chance.

    Fact number two: Historically Manchester City were the 5th best club in England in terms of total matches won/drawn/lost.

  11. i think you are seriously mistaken about trying to place man city as heroes, the only explanation can be that you are a man city fan. I would agree that real madrid are successful because of money but man utd aren’t. The biggest heroes still at utd are still giggs and scholes. united do buy players, but they don’t do it in the style that chelsea, madrid and now man city do. If there are any underdogs that win it and become heroes id say it would be liverpool, arsenal or spurs. Nobody i know respected chelsea when they won the league not even their owner who wanted the champions league which explains the amount of managers that have been there. Heroes of the footballing world are teams like barcelona who have basically raised a team and i don’t crae if im biased but man utd are too, united develop players and so do arsenal. When these teams win the league they have earned it and id say the heroes of last year was inter milan who took a real madrid reject in sneijder and won everything.

  12. Really enjoyed this article it’s so refreshing to hear someone praise my mighty blues. I have been city fan since the day i was born and have blue blood in my veins, i have so much love for this club so until people can understand theses words ‘TYPICAL CITY’ you should not judge us for our extra money! try living in the shadow of a club that doesn’t actually come from my beloved manchester (trafford reds)! and there is nothing prestigious about united they are wrapped around money as-well Rio Ferdinand £29m 2002 thats a lot of money for a crap center back, Rooney £27m for a 18yr old who scored a few goals he’s worth £27m???? and now its city turn we have been ‘TYPICAL CITY’ for to long. CITY TIL I DIE

  13. I find it funny how you write an article about how ManCity will save the EPL because they are spending big. Chelsea did this back when Roman bought them they, but they were vilified. Explain to me what is the difference then and now? This just seems to be more anti Chelsea drivel.

  14. On one hand, it’s exciting to see the shaking up that City is doing with their ever-expanding roster starting. Finishing 5th last season fell below expectations, but it was clearly the start of something new. On the other hand, money can’t buy silverware if the team isn’t organized, and the efforts we saw last season was a bit diluted because of the soloist attitude of their mercenary players. If the attitude of every City player is “I’m here for the money”, then they’re never going to break the top 4.

    Many City detractors forget that City already has passionate supporters. They aren’t as visible as the trophy-holding neighbours over at Old Trafford, but they are just as enthusiastic. It’s their time to enjoy a day in the sun.

  15. we should stop playing the premier league competition. give the trophy to Manure, Arsenal, Chelsea or liverpool. Because nobody accepts that a 5th football team will get a trophy. You should agree that it is now that the competition becomes spicy with Man City entering the battlefield.

    1. Now you’re just being silly. Liverpool won’t win the title any time soon and have never won the Premier League title. So maybe a 5th team does win it but that 5th team could be Liverpool.

  16. Great post. Refreshing to hear something good about Man City rather that the continual spewing of misguided facts by the media as a whole. Maybe I’m biased as a supporter, but I don’t see a difference between so called “earning” your money and what city have done. The clubs that have “earned” their money are now in hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. How is that any good for the premier league?? Man Utd have been buying the title for years, and if you think otherwise you’re sadly mistaken. Since the beginning of the PL, they have been the top spenders throughout the years with the exception of recently. As soon as Man City started spending more than everyone else, everyone started saying they couldn’t. As if the top four have a divine right to win the PL year in and year out. I could go on forever but I”ll save you your time.

  17. “I have no doubt that Man City will win titles if things continue as they are. But unfortunately they will be hollow victories and dark days for the game I love”

    What utter rubbish! Have any of Chelsea’s titles or FA Cup trophies been hollow victories? Manchester City are buying players just like Chelsea did and, yes, for a short while Chelsea was villified but that didn’t last long. The fact that Manchester City has deeper pockets than Chelsea, any other EPL team or any other team in the world does not mean any success they may have will be hollow ones. I do agree that having only a few teams with a lot of buying power is not good for the sport but this is what it is and Manchester City or any other team with deep pockets are not playing dirty but within the rules of the game. The only way to stop it is to change the rules and maybe have a salary cap. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with what any rich team does when it tries to buy top players.

  18. Two points:

    1. An article that discusses Man City and discusses their prospects for an upcoming season, discusses world class talent and names a half dozen players all under the premise of money and omits Adebayor – a player who’s netted 30 goals in a season in the Premiership – is an absurdity.

    2. For the Lord’s sake, I’m beyond sick of visiting your wonderful site but having my ESET NOD32 antivirus save my ass from endless attacks carried out by your shitty advertiser’s ads being loaded with Trojans.

  19. Just another article written by a fan with his head so far up his arse. The reason Arsenal, Liverpool and United have so much money is because they have been well run for years and have EARNT the money by marketing the club. City have a terrible youth system. They have no depth in the squad. The squad is full of good individuals but I don’t see them working as a team. They have great attacking players. But their defence is very weak. Shay Given is probably the best keeper in the league, but lescott, toure, kompany, bridge, kolarov, richards and onouha aren’t exactly world class. I expect the title to be contended between Man U and Chelsea next season as all ways. They quite clearly are in the best 3 teams in the world along with barca and have more depth than City could ever dream of.

  20. So there’s “clean” money and “dirty” money. Amazing….or is it.

    City are certainly no heroes and I was thrilled when Spurs beat them out last season. Having said that, I don’t begrudge City fans their new-found success and joy (potentially).

    Were Fulham to be bought up tomorrow by some gazillionaire and we went on a spending spree that resulted in a Champions League spot, I would still somehow find it in my heart to root for them.

  21. Good piece William although i am not sure we will be seen as heroes by the majority.

    To all those that are bitter and twisted,a few facts;
    1.MCFC have been around since 1880
    2.We are still holders of the record attendance at an English football league game 84,569 (vs Stoke City 1934)
    3.We have previously won the football league,FA Cup,League Cup and European Cup Winners Cup.
    4.Our estimated Fan base is 1million (UK) 2 Million worldwide.

    The point therefore is this,In spite of our current rise to prominence,we were already steeped in history and we already had millions of fans.
    If, because of our new found wealth we win more trophies and gain more fans then great,if however we don’t, then that’s also fine because we are already a huge club with a hugely loyal fan base that will stick with us through thick or THIN.
    Do we care if fans of other clubs love us,hate us or are just plain jealous of us? NO!


  22. Just another article written by a fan with his head so far up his arse. The reason Arsenal, Liverpool and United have so much money is because they have been well run for years and have EARNT the money by marketing the club. City have a terrible youth system. They have no depth in the squad. The squad is full of good individuals but I don’t see them working as a team. They have great attacking players. But their defence is very weak. Shay Given is probably the best keeper in the league, but lescott, toure, kompany, bridge, kolarov, richards and onouha aren’t exactly world class. I expect the title to be contended between Man U and Chelsea next season as all ways. They quite clearly are in the best 3 teams in the world along with barca and have more depth than City could ever dream of.

  23. Couple of points aimed at the bitter majority:

    Spurs achieved fourth place only on the back of a spending spree that put them in the top two (in terms of spend) in the premier league.

    Chelsea only became a top five side AFTER Mathew Harding’s massive investment. Abramovich only invested after this. The myth that Chelsea were top 5 before any investment is crap.

    Manyoo dominated the premier league for so long by consistently smashing the transfer record season on season. How this money was arrived at is irrelevant, the fact remains that they set the benchmark for transfer fees and wages. To compete the rest had to follow.

    Personally I don’t give two hoots what other supporters think of what City do. If it was your team you would embrace it, and anyone claiming different is a liar. I don’t want my team to be everyone’s second team because we carry comedy value. I want you to envy us and let the bitterness ooze out of every pore. Why? Because that means we are finally getting it right. We are a threat to the established order and none of you like it. The established four because they fear dropping out. The rest because they wish it were them.

  24. I dont think hero’s brag BEFORE they win anything. Cook bragging how they gona win man u before the carling cup comes to mind.

  25. Heh heh heh. Look at the sour comments from ManU fans and fans of other ‘top four’ clubs. These clubs gained their wealth the right way, they claim.

    “Teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, and particulary Manchester United have a pedigree and brand name that earns them the kind of money teams like City and Chelsea can only dream of”.

    Garbage. They are popular and succesful because they are, or were RICH. The Premier League was specifically set up to stitch it up that big wealthy clubs could dominate football. ManU, Arsenal and Liverpool were prime movers in setting up this league.

    It is no coincidence that ManU won their first title for 26 years in the first year of the Premier League. Before that City had won the title more recently than ManU.

    ManU used to be the richest club in the world. Till Abramhovich tipped up at Chelsea, they were also the the top club in the world in spending money on players.

    Now the boot is on the other foot. “little city” are rich and can outspend the ‘top four’ and listen to them squeal! Watch them throw their toys out of their pram!

    ManU fan now moan and groan because the Glazers are using the club as a cash cow. Something must be done! Football is screwed because of the financial set up! They weren’t saying this when they were the richest club in the world and winning pots. The hypocrisy stinks.

    Look at this article, at the time City were just out of the old third division and battling it out in the old second division and we were skint. You didn’t hear ManU and Liverpool fans then whingeing about the financial set up in football then…..

    “Man Utd ‘richest club in the world'”


  26. yes kyle, city’s youth system is so bad they won the youth cup two years ago. terrible isn’t it. stick to saying what you know about your own club instead of pretending to know about others. what i really love to listen to is all the concerned pundits saying “what about the young players?” yes, i’m sorry! we don’t need to sell them to you anymore do we!?

    and honestly, you’d think city had rolled up from the northern counties league the way other clubs fans go on. here are some facts:-

    city have broken, or equalled the british transfer record in eight different decades. so buying BIG isn’t new to li’l ole ciddy.

    city hold the record attendance for any club side outside the old firm – over 840000.

    city hold also unique records in being:

    the only reigning champions to be relegated the following season.

    the only club to be relegated in spite of being the league’s top goalscorers.

    the only club to both score and concede a hundred goals in a season.

    and, we were the last team to win the championship with an entirely english team, in 1968.

    don’t let our new found wealth make you ill with envy.

  27. These comments seem to be split between people who think football started with Sky, and only clubs that have played in the chumps league gravy train have any history, and those who look a little further.

  28. city have become bond type villains with their ideas of world domination but people need to understand that the game has always been about the money. imagine that sheikh mansour, instead of buying manchester city, bought the rights to the league cup instead, and doubled the prize money that’s available in the champions league. where do you think the BIG clubs would channel their energies then?

  29. BlueAnorak
    you must have your head up your arse if you think spurs fans envy your club.
    Abramovich was sniffing around spurs before he bought chelski and they told him to piss off.
    don’t forget spurs have a billionaire owner too, and by the way, he is ENGLISH, with ENGLISH directors, and an ENGLISH manager. not too many clubs can claim that.
    I am proud of the progress made by spurs, over the past few years.
    with a new training complex being built and a new stadium,waiting for the o.k. from the local council, and still making a profit every year.
    envy manchester city ? no mate, not me.
    I am PROUD of my ENGLISH football club.

    1. Redskin ….

      1 Abramovich showed no interest in spurs except in your imagination or whatever gutter trash paper u red it in.

      2 The progress made by spurs is because they have spent bucket loads of cash . Over £200m on the squad puting them in the top 4 dearest in the league.

      3 spurs don’t make a profit at all!

      So to recap, u talk bubbles like many of the strangely bitter city hate mob above.

  30. congratulations redskin! if they start dishing out trophies for the most english club you may be in the running.

    oh and your plans for the ground will pale into insignificance when city’s vision of the stadium and surrounding areas are revealed by our emirate benefactors. but hey, as long as you’re english!

  31. Baggio
    good for you, a manchester city fan that can read.
    yes i am english, and so are spurs. but you hit the nail on the head, when you say OUR emirate benifactors,
    not local people anymore, not real fans, not people that care about the football club just emirate benefactors, just a rich mans toy. so sad.
    spurs have people that do care, local people, and real spurs fans.
    trying to do the best for the club.
    you keep your emirate benefactors mate.
    this is so sad, another english club selling it’s sole for a few poxy tropheys

    1. If you are English, Redskin*, then you might want to write in good English. You say, “good for you, a manchester city fan that can read.” It’s NOT ‘that can write’, when you’re referring to people, it’s ‘who can write’. Are you really English?

  32. There’s no denying that Man City have managed to get players to come from abroad to the Premier League, when not many other teams seem to be able too, they’ve purchased 2 from Spain, 1 from Italy and 1 from Germany so far.

  33. I really hate City now. I mean I understand it’s not the fans fault but the club has become the worst club in football. They are the new Real Madrid, just worse. They are trying to buy success, not earn it. Yes teams like Manchester United and Arsenal have money to spend and that has certainly helped them. However look at Manchester United for just a sec. Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Beckham, ect came from the youth system. Then you look at the likes of Nani, Anderson, Rooney, Ronaldo, ect were all bought when they were young, before they were world-class. They are doing it again this summer as well. They also bought an outcast like Cantona. So Manchester United (and Arsenal) has built themselves on youth. Most of Manchester United’s big signings have failed to live up to their promise. So that argument by City fans is stupid. I would be ashamed to be a City fan and I feel sorry for them.

  34. Enjoyed the article but can’t agree with the premise. There is noway that City will be viewed as heroes by anyone but long-time city fans and bandwagon glory hounds. I used to like City but they aren’t the same club now. The way they throw around money is bad for the game even if Madrid and Chelsea did it first.

  35. All that will happen is the glory hunters will trade in their Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea shirts for a City shirt when they start to dominate.

  36. huh
    city fan are we ? no,must be chelski. they are all bitter about being a bargain basement item.
    the russian did talk to daniel levy,he wanted to buy the club lock, stock, and barrell. when told he would have to buy the club on the stock market, and on learning how much levy wanted, he buggerd off to the bargain basement.
    in the year ending 2009, spurs had a turnover of £113 million pounds and a profit of £33 million pounds. you only have to look on the spurs website .
    you muppet

    1. Redskin your a few Sarnies short of a picnic aren’t u. Any team can sell their best players like spuds did that year to make a profit or don’t u think that Chelsea could have sold terry and drogba to make a huge year end profit? That’s the only way spurs could make profit, by weakening the team. Any one can do this u nugget.
      U were at this levy abramovich Meeting I see. Bargain basement ? when was the last time ur massive club won the league Ill give u a hint it was it was further back than man city , big club my arse. Lol clown.

  37. Will mate we don’t need your pity, we are very very proud of our club, yeah city spend money, united, chelsea, arsenal, liverpool etc etc…. EVERYONE spends money we have history we have good fans we have passion we deserve it more than anyone. anyway city has done a lot for manchester and being a mancunian I’m proud to say my club has looked after my beloved manchester

    anyway the Trafford reds thought they could buy anyone when the glazers took over and they turned out to be broke and gave the scum more and more and more and more debt hahahahahahahaha yet the glazers can still pay THEIR wages I LOVE IT

  38. Manure have been champions all those years. OK. But out of 20 teams, 16 were rubbish/garbage. Only 3 were real challengers (Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpooll). Therefore Manure were in fact better than ONLY 3 teams. Now Man City enters the arena. So, Man City will be better than 4 teams (Manure, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool). Therefore, Man City is better than Manure.

  39. huh
    how is it that spurs sell their best players and then get 4 place ?.
    i did not say spurs were a massive club, you did, muppet.
    and don’t forget chelski had not won the title since the 1950s
    until guess who pops into the bargain basement, oh yea, the russian.
    you are a chelski fan i can tell, bitter and twisted.

    1. If any team wish to sign Terry or Tevez they simply cannot end of. If a team wants Modic on the other hand they only have to bid and he will be signing on the dotted line within a week, says it all really. Enjoy the champs league this year cos its gonna be the only one for a long time.

  40. redskin, yes i can read. it’s just shame you can’t spell! the plural of trophy is trophies – YOU MUPPET!!!!!

  41. huh
    what do you mean any team cannot sign terry they can’t, he almost went to city.chelsea did not say no did they. says it all really.
    i am bored winding you up, chelski fans are too easy
    ta ta

  42. I agree with James, Machester City will never be “heroes” of any sort next to the likes of Spurs, Villa and Everton. The successful clubs of football i.e. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan have built their success over the last 100 years and none of them started with bottomless bank accounts. They have had a lot of money in recent times but that is self-made money which they worked for, it was’nt handed to them on a silver platter(Bar Real Madrid, but that club is run by a shambolic and idiotic board). Approximately 15 to 20 percent of the world’s population support the clubs I’ve just mentioned, so where is Manchester City’s new support, which they will need to sustain success, going to come from? You can not build another Man united or Barcelona in 20 years let alone 3 or 4. I know that City are not exactly starting from scratch but they are a lot further from nieghbours Manchester United than they think they are. Plus Manchester City should realise that the would not have been bought buy these billionaires is it was’nt for the fact that their nieghbours are the biggest club in the world. Manchester United: Not Arrogant, Just Better.

  43. The fact that anyone thinks that City’s locker room is anywhere close to title worthy shows how out-of-touch some fans are with their talent

    City has a solid lineup yet zero leadership, zero consistency, and ego’s running everywhere

    They aren’t close to the Top 2-3

  44. I’m not british nor am i a man city fan, the way i see it is the only ones who are happy at this is man city fans who are happy to see their team finally receive some stature, as for other haters you’ve got your big 4 club fans who feel like they’re being cheated out of their god given rights and the small club fans who feel betrayed that man city is leaving the “brotherly love underdog party”.
    Also i hate the fact that xenophobia is playing into this “ooo some rich effin sheikh comes in and is ruing english football” yeah and American multi-billionaire martin glazer buying Man U and putting half of his offspring in the board of directors was such a home grown patriotic thing to do.
    My final say is man city fans happy everyone else either doesn’t give a damn or angry to bits (with a hint of jelousy).

  45. Money will always make money….best way to get really rich is to start really rich! Stretford had money pumped in by Louis Edwards back in the day. At the inception of the EPL, they were the best place club in terms of finances & organization to take advantage & they did big time. The whole Sky 4 concept perpetuated the success of the 4 clubs….have money, buy the best players, win trophies, get more moeny, buy more good players, win more trophies!…Does everyone get it? Hence the Sky 4 ruled British football….NOT ANY MORE! Liverpool’s demise coupled with the rise of Spurs & Man City will make the EPL a hugely more interesting competition. The cosy media-driven self-perpetuating cycle of Sky 4 domination is over….There is a New World Order in football & Man City are right there in the mix!

  46. finally, mr editor has something decent to write about.. i totally agree with his post regarding city being underdogs and the new heroes of the prem…. we are a club which has withstood constant ridicule from our neighbours united (anybody heard of them). since the seventies my beloved club went completely downhill , we was bounced from top flight to bottom flight before u could say anything,
    The loyal supporters of our club had to spend years watching city play teams like huddersfield on a cold wednesday night whilst bringing upto 20,000 fans to away games in division 2 , the likes of which have never been seen or equalled to this day , would u be able to say that for a top 4 team , or a top 6 team for that matter ? , i don’t think so
    , many of these supporters are brought up on fairy tales of wembley days out and countless winners medals. My mum told me the day i became a city fan that i would never regret this decision, but i would sumtimes be forced to ask the gods why are we cursed , but she assured me that this club has the ability to do great things , funni things, things that will make the hair on ur neck stand up, take our gillingham adventure at wembley, 2-0 , down with 5 minutes to go , we get a quick fire goal in the 90th by kev horlock and u can hear the fans come alive, and by the time paul dickov scored the most memorable of goals , the fans were euthoric , i mean really stunned , how , how had a small time team like us done that ?…… so i will say to u all who think we are ust a bunch of glory hunters, you try living in manchester , in the staunchest red area possible and be a city fan, ridicule is not the word, we were laughed at daily, i remember the day united signed veron , my brother was telling me ‘this is the difference between united and city, we can BUY top players , city never will be able to do that with ur council owned stadium’ hahaha, how i love those words , the day ADUG took over ,united fans and any other for that matter , have begun to give us more ridicule , albeit this time it is aimed more at not having the capability to win the league, this is fine by me , not so long ago manchester city in the eyes of united fans were not capable of staying in the league, and to hear all the munich’s talk of city not being quite there yet and with fear in their eyes , i will take this ridicule with a big beaming smile because u know and we know that what goes around comes around and we will march on and up and chase the leaders to the bitter end. be afraid be very afraid , the bankbusters are here

  47. Let’s just be honest here and say to the city fans that we can’t stand them. We hate them more than the real legends like Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal. Every other fan in this country couldn’t stand these three before Chelski came in with there billionaire owner and made football the train wreck it is today. But at least (to a point) Chelski didn’t make embarrasing statements like ‘ we are a massive club’ or belittle other great european clubs like AC Millan. Or even attack there rivals with every purchase they made with comments like ‘they had serious offers from Man U and Arsenal but turned them down to join this massive club’ City are the new team to hate because they want to be simple as. They think by winding everyone up with there arrogance and money is the key to success. They are wrong. We all know that. Lets put this sanario in there bloated heads. FIFA decide to put a spending cap on transfers and the cap is 30 million. They also state that each club has to have at least 16 home grown players in each squad. And there is a cap on wages too of 40 grand a week. Who the hell would join these clowns then? they don’t have a great history and they haven’t won anything worth shouting about for a good 35 years. I think before they set off on this gravy train they should remember where they come from and be humble for what they have now. They have no soul and I hope they continue to win nothing for the next 30 years plus.

    watch this:


  48. People already hate man city, i come accross it all the time. I doubt we’ll ever be heroes except to the people that dislike the big 4. We spend money, so hate us. Fair enough but don’t for ONE SECOND pretend every single big 4 club hasn’t done it. The premiership was created because of tv revenue, i.e. money. Football clubs are companies they exist to make make money for their owners, reality check they don’t care about any of you, they care about making money, playing football is one way in which they do that (by netting tv revenue and prize money), when they stop making money they usually get relegated (Portsmouth – which were a good team 2 seasons ago).

    You need to look beyond buying players, people seem to think because the other clubs don’t spend money now on players that they don’t spend money, well they do. Arsenal built a new stadium a few years back, you think thats free? They invest in their grounds, training facilities, youth academies all which make the team more successful. They have to pay their staff and players, have you seen man utds wage bill recently? How can you say that isn’t spending money? Man utd spend 38 million a year just on loan interest, because they are 700 million in debt (or were) how is that managing your finances? The glaziers can’t even afford to run the club, they are UTTERLY dependant on hedge funds and bank loans (as are teams like real madrid btw). In the early 90’s man utd bought players in order to succeed, gary palister for example was a british record transfer fee! And it took alex ferg 6 years to win the first div/premiership, what teams get a wait like that now? Zero do, and hence the ONLY WAY to succeed in english football is to do what chelsea and man city have done (and blackburn btw in mid 90’s – dont hate them do you? lol)

    Fans of the big 4 seem to want the status quo to always be maintained, witht he same big 4. And that attitude destroys the quality of our football, evidence being our world cup campaign. I mean how many truly amazing players play in England? I mean players considered the best players in the world? The number is probally amongst 3 or 4 at the most.

    News flash, get used to the big money spending because its here to stay. The premiership created this attitude in the way it was created and run (tv revenue), all premiership clubs are owned by MULTI millionaires, and even most championship ones. Blackpool for example are owned by one of the richest owners out of the lot.

    If man utd/liverpoll/arsenal want to exist as they are now in 5 years time they will be placing for europa league spots while teams like chelsea and man city dominate the league every single year unopposed. Football is changing. The big clubs won’t just win because they always have, your champions league spots are NOT automatic.

  49. As a United fan, I am used to reading bitter rants from Cidee fans, but this lot takes the biscuit. They can dish it out but can’t take it back – you bitters really need to develop a sense of humour! By the way, you’ll never have respect from any of the so-called top 4 (or fair to middling teams either). I’d take it as a compliment, we certainly do!

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