New York Red Bulls vs Tottenham Hotspur: Live Streaming Video

This evening, the Barclays New York Challenge kicks off when New York Red Bulls plays Tottenham Hotspur in the first game of the tournament (8:30pm ET). In the United States, the game is being televised by Fox Soccer Channel, but it’ll also be available on and, for the first time ever, it’ll be available (legally) on Veetle, a video streaming site.

In conjunction with Veetle, you can watch the game live from the above video in HD quality. The game will also be available live on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You need to visit in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and you’ll be able to watch the games live for free.

The schedule for the Barclays New York Challenge continues Friday when Manchester City plays Sporting Lisbon (8:30pm ET) followed by Sunday’s double-header between Spurs and Sporting Lisbon (1pm ET) and New York Red Bulls versus Tottenham (3:30pm ET). All games will be shown on Fox Soccer Channel, and Veetle.

Without a doubt, Veetle’s streaming of the World Series of Football games is a massive leap forward for soccer fans in the United States. It helps promote the four clubs, the sponsors and Veetle. And it’s hopefully a trend that we will continue to see in the future.

Up until kick off, the above video will be showing games from what I believe is the 2009 Amsterdam Tournament which featured Sunderland, Atletico Madrid, Ajax and Benfica.

Unfortunately the live stream isn’t available to UK residents due to licensing reasons.

In the meantime, a Veetle spokesperson said that they’re in discussions with multiple sports organizations to stream their events including soccer. They haven’t inked any deals with other soccer organizations at this point but hope to do so this year.

9 thoughts on “New York Red Bulls vs Tottenham Hotspur: Live Streaming Video”

  1. sweet. what CTBlues said! can’t wait to get home and install Veetle and check it out. Hopefully the HD is not too compressed.

    thanks for the tip Gaffer!

  2. was watching the game in the back yard while I grilled on my ipad.

    didn’t know veetle was iPad friendly… THANK YOU

  3. I read this in a BBC article: “[Thierry Henry], who took public transport to the match, played the first half, handing his number 14 shirt to Spurs midfielder Luka Modric at the whistle.”

    Anyone know why he would do that?

    1. Thierry Henry only played the first half of the match, I believe, and wanted to exchange shirts with Luka Modric at the end of the first half, as they were walking off the field.

      The Gaffer

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