Joe Cole's Move: Great for Liverpool, Bad for Joe

England's Joe Cole in action..FIFA World Cup 2010 Group C..Slovenia v England..23rd June, 2010.

So the Londoner is off to Merseyside.

In what has been a stale post-World Cup transfer cycle, where hearsay reigns supreme over any actual movement, this week saw the first eyebrow-raising move: Joe Cole to Liverpool.

Eyebrow-raising because all summer it seemed that most of the major English power players were in for Cole EXCEPT Liverpool. London clubs Arsenal and Champions League newbies Tottenham were most heavily favored to land the English playmaker. Even Manchester United entertained the thought momentarily. But Liverpool?

To be fair, this is an astute piece of business by new manager Roy Hodgson:

A) it replaces a very effective but neglected Yossi Benayoun

B) does not further sink Liverpool’s financial ship as it is a free transfer, and on wages will only cost them £18.4 million over 4 years

C) gives Liverpool some attacking flair

D) it is a major English signing for Liverpool which always placates the fans

Liverpool come out winners in every aspect of the argument.  At 28, Cole can still resurrect a career that was supposed to be the dawn of that “golden generation” of English playmakers.  When first being introduced to the English game in the late 1990s, Joe Cole was a prodigy: An Englishman with true technical ability, able to pull off ankle-breaking shifts in direction while remaining steadfastly English in determination and work rate.

Joe Cole Celebrates Scoring 1st goal with team mate Frank Lampard Chelsea 2008/09 Chelsea V Portsmouth (4-0) The Barclays Premier League 17/08/08 Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International

It is sad that we have still not seen the very best of Joe Cole post-West Ham.  At Chelsea, he forced his way into Jose Mourinho’s and his successors’ plans, but was always first to look up at the substiutions board when raised.  He never got remotely close to Lampard or Terry reputation, who are first on the team sheet each and every week.

Yet, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched notion to state that a large majority of English football fans keep a special place in their hearts for Joe Cole. This is because they know how few and far between Joe Coles come in England that are actually English. I am not English, but from the get-go I was always drawn to Cole because he was so unlike your standard, direct English player. The masses marvel at his raw, unparallelled technical ability, but sadly for Joe and for England, it is just that that we have always talked about: his ability.

Now, at 28, this is Cole’s chance to prove himself.  To prove that the golden child of West Ham and all of that unbridled potential can be unleashed on the English and European stage. But Liverpool might not be the place for that.

I get it.  At Liverpool, Joe Cole will be second on the team sheet behind captain Steven Gerrard.  He will no doubt be a regular fixture in Hodgson’s starting XI and will be a focal point in attack.  But with Fernando Torres still highly uncommitted about his Liverpool future, and midfield monster Javier Mascherano apparently itching to flee Merseyside, does this move make much sense for Cole?

No one can deny Liverpool’s stature as one of the world’s biggest clubs.  They have earned with tremendous success both domestically (18 titles) and in Europe (5 European Cups).

But let’s be honest.  This is a club on the wane.  Although they are a smaller club, it would have made more sense for Cole to go to Tottenham and reunite with old Hammers manager Harry Redknapp.  He would have an instant impact on sealing Spurs’ advancement to this season’s Champions League group stages, rather than helping Gerrard and company secure passage to the Europa League group stages.

And certainly at Tottenham, Redknapp would start an international-class player like Joe Cole at every opportunity.  So playing time would have been no factor.  The best players belong on the biggest stage, and if Joe Cole wants to get back to being one of the biggest names in English football, he should be playing in the Champions League.  Simple as that.

If Arsenal were serious in their overtures, the way they play their football at Ashburton Grove would have suited Cole perfectly.  His place in the starting line-up may not have been as concrete at Arsenal, but surely Cole would have proven himself worthy after pre-season and coming through early matches unscathed.  There, he would have a title-chasing, Champions League club to play for.  Sure it would kill Chelsea fans to see their old hero line in Arsenal or Spurs colors, but in today’s day and age these things are hardly insurmountable for fans.

Going back to Liverpool’s fragile state as a club.  The Premier League is getting crowded as competition grows fiercer each season.  With Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and a good Aston Villa side in the title and European places mix (not to mention David Moyes’ Everton), who is to say that Liverpool will be battling for anything next season other than mid-table?  If they lose Mascherano and/or Torres, it is not inconceivable to see them failing to qualify for the Europa League next season.

While few can argue the merits of signing Cole from Liverpool’s perspective, arguing in favor of it from Cole’s is a more difficult task. 

Joe Cole needs to be starting day in, day out for a team in the Champions League with Premier League title aspirations.  That is best scenario for Joe, and the best scenario for the English national team in 2012.

What do you think about Cole’s move?  Leave your comments below.

42 thoughts on “Joe Cole's Move: Great for Liverpool, Bad for Joe”

  1. EXACTLY. This is what I was trying to say yesterday in the comments of another post. Joe made a fantastic financial decision, but this was NOT the best football move for him.

    I like Joe Cole. I hope he does well. But he would be in a much better situation at White Hart Lane or even (gaaak) Emirates.

  2. “Eyebrow-raising because all summer it seemed that most of the major English power players were in for Cole EXCEPT Liverpool.”

    Huh? Cole’s been linked with Liverpool since March (Daily Mail) and all the papers were talking about Arsenal or Liverpool this month. Spurs were never going to happen. Harry even did an interview during the World Cup saying he wouldn’t go after him as the wages were too high.

    In full disclosure, I am a life-long Liverpool supporter. However, I think you’re wrong that Liverpool was the worst club for him to go to. He signed for Liverpool because he was guaranteed a starting or mostly-starting position in the squad. Even if Spurs could afford him he wouldn’t have a guaranteed spot. Cole wants to play even if it is for a team that isn’t in the Champion’s League. I think Cole will even get a chance to play striker when Torres in injured (he was even wearing the number 10 during training today).

    Related, this is very smart business. Chelsea gets a 30 year old Benayoun with a 3 year contract at about 70k, 5.5 million fee and we get a 28 year old Cole with a 4 year contract at 90k, free fee. Good work, Roy.

  3. Not sure who your affiliation is with, but please recall this article come next May when Liverpool finish a dozen points+ higher than Spurs. So they had one standout season, but this is Spurs we are talking about, and remember Liverpool finished 2nd before last season and just require Torres & Gerrard fit and one or two further signings to get back into top 4 running. I’m actually shocked Man City were not in for Cole, yes Arsenal seemed a good fit and he’s from London, but please stop with the Spurs one-off season band-waggon rubbish. You all seem to revel in trying to put Liverpool into a decline, that was Rafa losing the players, we will be back next season and once we get new owners things will just get better & better.

    1. Bob C –

      Liverpool is in a decline, it is possible for that to happen. Aside from a few fantastic runs in Europe, what on earth has Liverpool done for the last 20 years? Sorry, they weren’t the best team in Europe in 2005 and controversially got past Chelsea in semis and, despite the drama, were not as good as Milan.

      Liverpool will finish no higher than 5th next season. If they lose Torres, forget about it.

      1. What have they done in the last 20years? Done better than almost every other club in the league, in terms of silverware than most. Or does that not count? Oh and might I add, with much less money to spend than the other so called “big clubs”

      2. What have we done in past 20 years? We have done enough in terms of silverware. What if we havent had success in getting the title back to Anfield but you ask any genuine football fan across the globe about Liverpool and surely you’ll get your answers what we have achieved over 20 years.

        Comparing City, Villa and Spurs with us is idiotic thought. As I mentioned, one good season for spurs and you all become glory hunters for them now ehh? Good on ya mate.

        We are ranked no 1 team in Europe. We have best supporters on planet. There is no other song than You’ll never walk alone which touches your heart and sends chills down you spine with any other club in the world. Players get goose bumps when playing at Anfield in front of the legendary KOP. When people think about Liverpool, they think about tradition, loyalty, passion and most importantly RESPECT. Thats what we have achieved over 100 years, and last 20 years.

        1. Jai –

          I completely and wholeheartedly agree. I mentioned they deserve every ounce of respect from across the globe that they get. No question there.

          And my “last 20 years” was obviously aimed at their lack of Premier League titles. 2001 was a great year of course as well with a treble of trophies, but let’s be honest, this article was focused on next year and years to come. I see Liverpool as in serious trouble and I don’t see them fighting for major honors next year. It will be very tough to reclaim a champions league spot with Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal and Man City in the mix. No one will argue against that.

      3. Since 1990?

        Won the UEFA Cup, won the Champion’s League, won three FA Cups, won three League Cups, and finished in the top four thirteen times (2nd place three times). I can only think of one team that beats that 20 year record and two teams that equal or just beat it.

        I think saying Liverpool is in decline is a bit of a “sky is falling” attitude to take after one bad season. Their record from 2000 to present is actually better than 1990 to 1999. That’s the opposite of decline.

  4. I think your article is very negative, and seemingly sour grapes.
    Maybe this season JC won’t be playing champions league football, but who is to say next season he won’t if Torres was to stay, and some more signings happen at Liverpool. Liverpool are not going to win the league this season coming, or maybe even the 1 after, but he stated he wanted to go some where that he felt loved and wanted, he will certainly get that at Liverpool.
    He is happy, Liverpool is happy, where is the problem? Most players these days who go to a club on a free get big money, that’s just the way the game is. Their is no difference what Liverpool and Cole are doing, than Chelsea, Man City, have done in recent years, they was nothing, they paid a wad of cash to get talent in to improve, Liverpool do that and you knock it. Like you stated, not much in the way of transfers going on at the moment, so you must of been very desperate when writing this.

    1. Not desperate to write about it. I am a huge Joe Cole fan, and this was a surprise move in my eyes. I believe he is good enough to start for a major team vying for honors, and Liverpool is not that team (aside from Europa League honors perhaps).

      I am 100% not anti-Liverpool. They are one of the best clubs on earth, but I am realistic. if you think Liverpool are good enough to get past Man City into Champs League position you are fooling yourself, and to win the title? I just can’t see these things happening, they have zero depth, Torres might leave and even if he stays he will get injured for at least 2 months, and Gerrard was subpar when healthy last year.

      Those are facts, not opinions.

      1. Liverpool won’t get into CL position = opinion
        Liverpool won’t win the title = opinion
        Liverpool has zero depth = opinion
        Torres may leave or get injured for much of the season = opinion
        Gerrard is / will be subpar = opinion

        Those are opinions unless you have a magic, future-seeing ball, mate.

          1. if torres I always injured, liverpool would be better off without him anyways, right? Better 2 or 3 class players that make it through the season than one really class player that can’t.

            lets assume that 2 yrs ago the team over achieved and last year they underacheived…the middle of second and seventh is fourth or fifth…doesnt cole and a better manager (yes I said it) push them over the hump?

          2. Hi,

            I am not being against Liverpool or being pessimistic but the followings are true;

            Liverpool seriously lacks depth compared to current top 5 = fact
            Torres is very injury prone, he is currently injured and may not start the season = fact
            Stevie G was subpar last season, subpar in WC and looks tired = fact
            Stevie G is over his peak (2005-2009), wrong side of 30 and form declining = fact

            and finally
            Spurs in CL is a one-off = fact (Check CL history).

      2. “I just can’t see these things happening, they have zero depth, Torres might leave and even if he stays he will get injured for at least 2 months, and Gerrard was subpar when healthy last year.

        Those are facts, not opinions.”

        There is not one “fact” in this sentence! That is all made up of opinion, so from reading that find it hard to take anything else you have said seriously!

        Admittedly, we were poor last season, and my “opinion” on that is that Rafa had lost the dressing room and couldn’t motivate the players! Our best starting 11 (again, my opinion) is as good if not better than any other team in the EPL! But we do have poor squad depth, but hopefully Roy can get in some new players, but also motivate the so called poorer squad players into being better players!

        I have heard a lot of bitterness from friends on Facebook about JC signing for Liverpool, and each one of them…spurs fans! Jealousy me thinks!

  5. I serioulsy wonder there couldnt have been more biased, negative and hatred football article to a team like Liverpool.

    It is simple case of sour grapes. I would think Arsenal were the only good contenders to land Cole, it would add all up. But Spurs? are you that immature that given one good season in over 40 years you think Spurs will finish like this every season? If you think this, no one is more naive than you, my dear friend.

    I agree with Andy, you must be so bored and desperate to puke some bigoted articles and you surely did with this one!!!

  6. Most people would agree when new teams are being built, they need time to gel and get used to each other. Man City are going to be different? I do believe Liverpool will finish above Man City, Spurs, and regain the 4th spot, that’s not fooling myself, that’s being realistic. Liverpool have made some good signings and improved the squad from last season.
    Joe Cole has done maybe what is the best move for him, he has gone to a team that will play him all the time, and they will adore him, that is what he stated he wanted! Torres and Stevie had injuries and a below par season, it happens. And as for facts, I will give you a fact, you clearly have no idea about football looking at your article.

    1. Andy Jones – what you just stated was opinion.

      And listen, I like your enthusiasm about Liverpool, but we have differing opinions on where they will finish next year.

      I am sorry I upset the LIverpool contingent, but if we took a poll here I bet 60% would say Liverpool finishes OUTSIDE the top four. Just a guess of course.

  7. “what on earth has Liverpool done for the last 20 years?”

    Sorry mate, but 1992, 2001, 2006 FA Cup Winners
    2005 Champions League Winners
    League Cup 2001, 2003
    UEFA Cup 2001 (treble with the other two)
    2001, 2005 UEFA Super Cup
    FA Charity Shield 2001, 2006

    Not to mention our Reserves:
    07/08 Premier Reserve League North Champions
    07/08 Premier Reserve League National Champions
    2009 Liverpool Senior Cup

    So most of them in the last 10 years.
    What have Tottenham done in that time that makes them so much better?

    2008 League Cup

    Thats it…

    They are in the Champions League, but with new signings, Liverpool will be straight back up into the mix.
    JC, Milan Jovanovic, Danny Wilson and maybe one or two more will see us get back into it.

    And you say we can’t do it without Torres? If we sell him, we get about £70m, so suffice to say I think we can replace him with a world class striker as well as maybe a top winger and full back :)


    1. In interest of fair comparison it was the past 20 years so you have to add the Spurs FA Cup in 91.

      With that said… I’m a Spurs supporter and Liverpool over the past 20 years are definitely the more successful club. I will say that it seems Spurs are trending upward and Liverpool down but as we’ve stated it’s one season so let’s wait and see.

  8. The writing off of Liverpool continues to just feel like an overreaction to one season to me. It would be like writing off Tottenham’s hopes of ever breaking the top four after finishing 11th and 8th in 08 and 09. We’re talking about a club that came in second in 09, and has lost only one major player from that season. That does not magically flip the switch to a team on the wane.

    The potential is still there with Liverpool. A starting 11 looking like

    Johnson-Carragher-Skrtel-Unknown Left Back We’ll Buy

    is formidable. There’s still some buying that the club needs to do, with a left back needed, as well as a replacement for Mascherano if he departs, but we’d be talking about a starting 11 comprised almost entirely of players who were in the Round of 16 or better in the World Cup. (Aquilani being the only exception of the 10 listed above)

    I just don’t see how a club like Liverpool can be written off. I don’t see them challenging for the title, no. But I see them as a club that can get third place, and who will certainly be challenging for top 4.

  9. Great article. Agree with everything you say. It’s funny to see all these Liverpool supporters in denial that their club is going tits up.

  10. Spot on about what Liverpool gets out of it but I’m confused by the headline and the comment; bizzaringly in two separate sentences – “But let’s be honest. This is a club on the wane.”

    Are you saying Joe Cole, who by your admission, couldn’t last a full 90 minutes at Chelsea, who hasn’t lived up to being the UK media’s banner of being the “most gifted English player since Gazza” with his (as you put it) “unparalleled technical ability,” is either too big or too good to join an admittedly floundering Liverpool? Instead, you’re saying that he should have joined a “lesser club” like Spurs, who managed to qualify for the Champion’s League without Cole’s “international-class” performances but should now pack a crowded squad with an underperforming 90k a week midfielder to, as you put it, “have an instant impact on sealing Spurs’ advancement” in Europe (really?) Just like he did in South Africa or the previous two plus years at Stamford Bridge?

    I hate turn your argument on its head but Joe Cole needs Liverpool more than they need him. Injuries aside, he has failed to turn his natural ability into consistent, disciplined, tactically astute performances worthy on an international in the modern game. He now has the opportunity to crank his stalled career into form with some inspiring performances in the famous number 7 shirt for an equally underwhelming Liverpool, yes – starting with those Europa League qualifiers. Based the last few years – both he and the club are right were they should be. They need to prove this season that they deserve better.

  11. I’m really surprise you’re written off a club like Liverpool,What happened last season was just due to injuries and almost all Liverpool top players are sideline due to injuries,And now that Gerrard has decided to stay,I’m very confident that Torres will surely stay if he sees the latest Liverpool signings such as Milan Jovanovic a.k.a Serbian snake,Joe Cole,Danny Wilson and more players are still coming,Player like Loic Remy,Reto Ziegler, and 20 yrs old Marcus Pederson a.k.a Norwegian Rooney,I think Liverpool have alot to offer this season.

  12. More rubbish printed about Liverpool, 2nd in the league 2008/9 and now they are finished. Man United have a bigger financial burden than Liverpool but no one talks about their impending collapse.
    Good move for for Joe Cole. Why? He will be playing in a side with players such as Pepe Reina, Steven Gerrard, Torres, Carragher, Jovanovic, Glen johnson, Maxi, Agger, plus he has a first class mamager in Hodgson. He will also will blood rising stars Dalle Valle, Jonjo Shelvey and Danny Wilson, Dani Pacecho and nathan ecclestone, building the next generation of players as he has done at all of his other clubs.
    On the wane??..benitez won more trophies than Wenger during the same timespan. But at least they play nice football.. ehh!

  13. Frankly, I think all this is a bit of a “too quick to judge” sentiments…
    JC chose to join Liverpool because it’s Liverpool – still the best English club, best fans in the world. Look at the starting 11, Man City is spending loads of $$$$ just to compete w Liverpool’s squad: 4-4-2 (THFC) vs 4-5-1 (LFC)
    Gomes vs Reina = Reina
    Dawson/Bale/Assou-Ekotto/King vs JC/Agger/Skrtel/Johnson = LFC
    Palacios/Modric/Lennon/Huddlestone vs Gerrard/JC/Kuyt/Mascherano/Aquilani = LFC
    Defoe/Crouch vs Torres = Torres
    Conclusion, still a stronger team vs THFC. Let’s not let a 1 season blip change the fact that LFC is still a strong team. Roy Hodgson in his 2 season with Fulham has been better than Harry Redknap in Portsmouth for the past 2 seasons (under similar circumstances).

    1. That back four for Liverpool is not better than Spurs’.

      Carragher = getting old and very slow, easy to turn. Bale and Assou-Ekotto are a great combination, better than Johnson and whomever they buy at LB unless it is a star LB.

      Defoe and Crouch are not Torres this is true, but Torres is injury-prone, something we must not forget.

  14. As a non Liverpool fan it’s plain to see that Liverpool are not in as sound a financial position as some of their rivals, however, as City and Chelsea fans found out, that can change in a heartbeat.

    Rather than a club on the wane, they are a club in cruise control. The Americans have said they would sell or if you want to look at it closely, the banks have pressured them into selling because they can’t afford the debt.

    They had an injury hit and somewhat stale season last year but I suspect that the signings of Hodgson and Cole will give them the lift they need. They are also in the advantageous position of having their star players under contract, if Mascherano or Torres did want to leave, you’re looking at up to 100 million for the pair of them, not an amount to be laughed at.

    So no I don’t think it’s a bad move for Cole at all, he gets a fresh start away from London and is almost guaranteed a start every game. Tottenham may have been a possible destination but whose to say that with all those players on their books, he would start or that they wouldn’t have a slump this season (not forgetting that the difference between 4th and 8th was 9 points and Tottenham were thought to have done very well and Liverpool to have done very badly).

  15. I Love it. 1 bad season and your all ready to write liverpool off, regardsless of the fact the we came second the year before. Last years bad performance was due to a miriad of situations that hampered our performance on the pitch, Injuries,lack of depthin the squad, low self esteem, and not least of all Rafas arrogance. Anfield is buzzing again, and yeah we don’t have the finances at the moment to make lucrative deals with the worlds top players, but we already have 4 or four world beaters, and that is not taking Masch into the picture. Tots had one good year in how many mediocre ones, Man City with all their hundreds of millions spent on top players still only managed to place 5th, 4 points ahead of us, and we had a dismal year.
    If Liverpool are in decline due to our finances, i really would like to know how you view man utd, as they are far worse of than we are, and at least our club is on the market looking for fresh investment.
    What is it with you wankers all trying to rubbish our club, you cant wait to bring us down every chance you get. Yet we keep getting back up and fighting on. And i feel this year we will prove all you “critics” wrong once again.. YNWA

  16. you guys must be re-tarded he will only get 1 season in champions league with spurs becouse they won’t qualify again simply not good enough and you all write liverpool off if i recall 18 month ago when redknapp took over you were nearly relegated year after champions league and to be honest roy hodgson has far better players at his disposal and even tho we aint in champions league we can still atract world-class players who probaly have never heard of spurs because we are liverpool fc (gomes, huddlestone, defoe) (reina, gerrard, torres, cole, johnson, mascherano,) see what i mean we have quality cockney wankers

  17. Spurs have a wage structure that meant Cole signing for them was never feasible.

    Arsenal couldn’t guarantee him a first-team place and have many similar players (Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, Wilshere).

    Liverpool were the only domestic option.

  18. who r u to say its a bad move, love him to wipe the smug grin off your face and him and liverpool to have a blistering season. just because spurs got in the CL duznt really mean nothing, everyone is going on like they will be in the top 4 for years to come… BEHAVE.

    even though they qualified, are they really gunna push on and win it? doubt it alot probz get knocked out in the 3rd qualifeing round. so whats the point in having one amazing season just to be knocked down the next, it happend with us 2 seasons ago wen we pushed united all the way and finished 2nd, we wud of went all the way if rafa didnt take his eye off the ball being too busy having a go at sir alex. then we had last season what a joke, i tell u what it was harder for liverpool to finish outside the top 4 then it was to finish in the top 4.

    comparing liverpool to man city(make me sick that club), spurs and villa is pathetic, we are one of the biggest clubs in the world, and always have been, i remember when city had ben thatcher, ball an shaun goater, even tho they wer a shite club “they had a heart”, which is now no existent because of these billionaires ruining the game.

    we have a new manager, new players, this really could be the start of something big. lets all believe in roy. YNWA

  19. Im a massive Spurs fan with nothing against the dirty red scousers.jk
    The Pool are a top, top European footy club, no doubt.

    They will be in the running for a top 6 spot.
    The JC signing is a good bit of business but I think the end of Rafa will allow them to play a nicer brand of footy.
    Whether that means better results, we will all have to wait and see?

  20. Maybe I am missing something ( i am fairly new to the sport, been following now for 4 years or maybe it is because I am US based), but I continue to hear this statement that Liverpool have no depth. I just dont understand it.
    Besides at Striker, which Liverpool are working to fix. They already brought in Milan Jovanovi? and I imagine by the end of the transfer market Roy will purchase another. And obviously since they just sold both LB’s they will be in the market for that.
    But i dont understand the depth comment
    lets take a look
    Babel(granted he has struggled under Rafa, but Rafa is gone, there is no denying his talent, who is to say Roy wont get more out of him)
    Aquilani (another one who gets a lot of criticism which i dont understand, they knew going into last year he was recovering for a substantial ankle injury and the English media well documents the struggles of foreign players adapting to the English game. I see no reason why he won’t take a step forward this year)
    Mashcerano ( he may leave and that would be a loss, but that sale would generate major funds, and Lucas can play that role fairly well) Now dont think I am saying Lucas is equilivant to Mash he is not, but I think he can fill that void.
    Joe Cole.

    Compare that too Chelsea
    Essien ( who is just as injury prone as any Liverpool player)
    Obi MIkel (so far has not lived up to potential)
    Zhirkov ( a big signing last year who played less than Aquilani, yet no one killed him like they did Aquilani
    Deco (not getting any younger)

    MAN U
    Giggs (old)
    Scholes (old)

    By no means am I saying Liverpool have great depth, I think they need more players but if you break down the starting XI and the main bench players. I dont see a huge difference. I think a lot of what happened to Liverpool last year was due to a stubborn manager who lost his players (and not to mention his terrible decision to stick with zonal marking). Clearly some of those players have under achieved but that was under a different regime. I think under a new manager and a reinvigorated Captain you are more likely to see a Liverpool side from 2 seasons ago.

    Maybe I am crazy maybe but I just dont get that no depth statement.

  21. What a stupid article. Liverpool played the worst football they have ever played in the Premiership last season, and Spurs have their best season ever and just finish ahead of Liverpool. So what would happen if Spurs had a season like Liverpool? Yes thats right, they would be relegated! So watch out Spurs fans, you just might have that season to forget! And Joe Cole, he chose very wisely!

  22. Well Patrick, it’s me again ~ and I do see where your coming but sorry to say without offense you are a little off base. Roy H is already implementing some features that us Liverpool fans have been screaming out for a few years now…
    1. Back to basics
    2. Signing UK players
    3. Careful signings
    4. Happy squad
    As for Mascherano, if we can get 25m for that over-rated thug i will be ecstatic, lucas or even Stevie G can take that role as he heads into his 30’s and lets Aquilani develop into a Patrick Berger type of attacking midfielder.
    My top 4 next season would be ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool & ManC. I’m a big fan of Wenger, but I feel he will come to the end of his road kinda like Rafa did last season.
    I do agree that ManC are just going to be so tough with this open check book, I wish we could implement a salary cap to stop teams just buying stars with pocket money, David Silva was our dream and he went to ManC without hardly any fanfare as if it was just another player.
    This all being said, i’m a fan of good football and would love to see both Spurs and Liverpool in the top 4, ironically a few years back I was thinking Crouch / Defoe was the future Liverpool front line ! Best wishes, Bob.

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