Could German World Cup Star Mesut Ozil Be Premier League Bound?

July 07, 2010 - South Africa - Football - Germany v Spain FIFA World Cup Semi Final - South Africa 2010 - Durban Stadium, Durban, South Africa - 7/7/10..Germany's Mesut Ozil looks dejected at the end of the match after failing to reach the World Cup Final.

In what could easily be the transfer of the summer, 21 year old German wunderkid Mesut Ozil could be Premier League bound if the right price and right club come a’calling. Ozil, currently in the Bundesliga at Werder Bremen, has a current contract that expires at the end of the 2010-2011 season.

If Bremen can’t meet Ozil’s demands for a new contract, and while current talks to reach an agreement are faltering, the youngster could potentially leave the German club on a free after this upcoming season, a potential outcome Bremen won’t want to see come to fruition.

The reality of stalled contract talks could in fact be the very reason Bremen need to realize now is the time to sell and cash in on Ozil so he doesn’t leave next summer with no hefty transfer fee attached. Although a fan of the Bundesliga I am, seeing Ozil control the flow of play, spread passes across the pitch from midfield and get forward in attack would be all too tempting for me not to wish he lands with a Premier League club.

Not all signs point to England however. Bremen’s sporting director Klaus Allofs has in fact stated Bremen’s intentions to re-sign the player as priority number 1. However, if they can’t meet Ozil’s demands, they’ll be forced to cash in on the play-maker this summer as Premier League and other European clubs stand waiting in the wings.

Personally, I’d love nothing more than to see the fantastic Ozil playing in the Premier League. Easily one of the players whose stock rose highest during the month long tournament, Ozil is the kind of quick, skilled play-maker any top four or title chasing team would die to have.

Since we are in fact currently in the silly season, rumors have surfaced of the usual suspects making undisclosed offers. Manchester United and Real Madrid are reported to have made offers with nothing set in stone as of yet.

What are your thoughts on Ozil’s potential transfer from Bremen to the Premier League? Which club do you think he would fit in best at?


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