Could German World Cup Star Mesut Ozil Be Premier League Bound?

July 07, 2010 - South Africa - Football - Germany v Spain FIFA World Cup Semi Final - South Africa 2010 - Durban Stadium, Durban, South Africa - 7/7/10..Germany's Mesut Ozil looks dejected at the end of the match after failing to reach the World Cup Final.

In what could easily be the transfer of the summer, 21 year old German wunderkid Mesut Ozil could be Premier League bound if the right price and right club come a’calling. Ozil, currently in the Bundesliga at Werder Bremen, has a current contract that expires at the end of the 2010-2011 season.

If Bremen can’t meet Ozil’s demands for a new contract, and while current talks to reach an agreement are faltering, the youngster could potentially leave the German club on a free after this upcoming season, a potential outcome Bremen won’t want to see come to fruition.

The reality of stalled contract talks could in fact be the very reason Bremen need to realize now is the time to sell and cash in on Ozil so he doesn’t leave next summer with no hefty transfer fee attached. Although a fan of the Bundesliga I am, seeing Ozil control the flow of play, spread passes across the pitch from midfield and get forward in attack would be all too tempting for me not to wish he lands with a Premier League club.

Not all signs point to England however. Bremen’s sporting director Klaus Allofs has in fact stated Bremen’s intentions to re-sign the player as priority number 1. However, if they can’t meet Ozil’s demands, they’ll be forced to cash in on the play-maker this summer as Premier League and other European clubs stand waiting in the wings.

Personally, I’d love nothing more than to see the fantastic Ozil playing in the Premier League. Easily one of the players whose stock rose highest during the month long tournament, Ozil is the kind of quick, skilled play-maker any top four or title chasing team would die to have.

Since we are in fact currently in the silly season, rumors have surfaced of the usual suspects making undisclosed offers. Manchester United and Real Madrid are reported to have made offers with nothing set in stone as of yet.

What are your thoughts on Ozil’s potential transfer from Bremen to the Premier League? Which club do you think he would fit in best at?

36 thoughts on “Could German World Cup Star Mesut Ozil Be Premier League Bound?”

  1. Is the Bpl and its delusional fans desperate to get Ozil?

    Ozil is too good for the kick and chase Bpl and it’s obvious he’ll end up playing in La Liga, if and when he leaves Bremen.

    1. ‘Bpl’? ‘kick and chase’? your ignorance is unreal. It might help if you learn what the league is called, the area the league covers and the style of the league before you start having a go at it.
      There is no such thing as the bpl you retard

      1. I think he is refering to the league by the sponsor name instead of the actual name. But anyways I would love to see Ozil wearing Chelsea blue come the start of the season.

        1. Yes I am aware of who sponsors the Prem but we don’t tend to refer to it as the BPL in England and I admit that when i saw this comment I jumped the gun and thought the poster was talking about a British Premier League.
          When the league is discussed on TV in England the full name is used Barclays Premier League (for sponsors purposes I would imagine) and when is is discussed by the man in the street it is just called the Premier League or the Prem.
          I suppose terms like EPL and BPL are an American thing and I apologise for jumping the gun if indeed Barclays was what was meant.
          Still that doesn’t change the fact that the rest of the comment was a load of rubbish.

          1. Actually Poker is 100% right. EPL and BPL are Americanized terms, used in the acronym obsessed USA. NOBODY in England I know has EVER referred to the league by either name. It was the “top flight” or the “Premiership,” and now is the “Premier League” or “Prem.”

            Calling the league by slang or incorrect names only hurts the credibility of Americans to commentate on the sport. Mispronouncing or butchering names and also not knowing the rules does the same. Some of the discrimination I have faced has come because Americans do often make ignorant statements about English Football, and hurts all our credibility.

      2. If you want to be a pedant, you should note that there is no such thing as an “EPL” either. It’s simply the Premier League. No-one calls it the English Premier League, as that is not it’s name. For the same reason, people generally do not say “The German Bundesliga” or “the Italian Serie A”. And I’ve NEVER seen those leagues abbreviated to “GBL” or “ISA”.

        1. In response to Kartik – I don’t think calling it the “EPL” or any other slang really hurts anyone’s credibility. Calling it “the top flight” or “the premiership” or “the prem” are all slang too.

          I think what you’re trying to say is “using AMERICANIZED slang to talk about football/soccer hurts our credibility”. And I’d disagree about that too – it’s perilously close to the old and futile debate about whether “soccer” or “football” is the “correct” terminology.

          I just think it’s a little bit weird that people call it the “EPL” (especially in spoken conversation) when it seems a bit redundant. It’s not like we’re likely to confuse it with any other premier league.

        2. There technically is no official “EPL,” correct, but many people around the world use the acronym to differentiate the English Premier League from the Scottish Premier League (SPL), Welsh Premier League, Irish Premier League and several other Premier League’s around the world.

          The Gaffer

        3. To answer Kartik’s comments, I have to disagree with him. EPL is an acronym that is used around the world, not just in the United States. In Australia, they call it the EPL. In Asia, they call it the EPL. And so on and so forth. It’s rarely used in the UK, but I have seen British journalists who write for the broadsheets use the term from time to time.

          The Gaffer

          1. This is not really true Gaffer, The Premier League is the original and therefore used in the same way the F.A is used.
            Really there is no such thing as the English F.A, it is simply the F.A. That is because it was the first, If any other country wants to have an F.A they have to put their country before F.A to differentiate between the original F.A (Scottish F.A).
            The same thing applies to the Premier League, it is just the Premier League, if another country wants to call their top league the Premier League, they have to put their country before it. (Scotish Premier League) SPL unlike the term EPL, is actually used a lot.

  2. What, Manchester City hasn’t been rumored to sign him yet?

    As an Arsenal fan, I would love to have him but we already have a bit of a logjam at midfield, and even if we did or he would be at the top of the depth chart Wenger doesn’t like to sign players at the height of their value. He would be a great addition to the EPL/BPL though.

  3. His style of play is similar to Luka Modric. Ozil probably has a more a more powerful shot than Modric and may be more durable as well. It is no secret that Sir Alex is very fond of Luka Modric and I think Ozil would be a huge asset to ManUtd. Let Scholes mentor him for a season so Ozil can get a feel for the EPL and the sky could be the limit for him.

  4. Can ask Jesse where you get these rumors? Cause you seem to be posting quite of bit of far-fetched ones.

    Ozil to United- not gonna happen.
    Ozil to Arsenal- not unless Cesc leaves.
    Ozil to Chelsea- Maybe, does Roman want to splurge?
    Ozil to City-??? No ones knows what there doing

    1. CR7,
      With all due respect, the article really didn’t have a whole lot to do with rumors.

      It’s a known fact that Ozil is in the last full year of his contract with Bremen. When big name players are in the last year, they often re-sign as to avoid leaving on a free the following year.

      To further that point, when big name players are potentially about to transfer, the Premier League is always a possibility of a destination because of how big the league is.

      And, Manchester United would be a perfect fit for Ozil as replacement for Paul Scholes.

  5. OZil wont be valued really high.. Around 20 at he in the last year of his contract. I think Arsenal is the best place for him if he comes to England. BUt seeing his style of play he would really suit more in Spain,if he decides to leave germany.

  6. As a Werder Bremen fan I have accepted Özil will be leaving but I pray it’s anywhere but England. Not that I don’t enjoy the EPL but Özil deserves better.

  7. Ozil is not a physical player (does not tackle hard nor likes to be tackled hard) and would not be well-suited for the EPL. La Liga would be a better fit for his style of play. I would love for him to go to Sevilla as their style of play would suit him well. That said I think he will end up at Bayern Munich who are very interested in him.

    1. Modric isn’t a physical player either (some have compared Modric and Ozil in this thread), but he manages okay…

  8. Ozil is great but would get hacked off the field in the EPL. More and more talented footballers don’t want to play in this league anymore, unless they are from GB. Just look at what happens to Arsenal players who try to play the game the right way – broken legs and injuries non-stop.

    If you’re not big and strong or very very fast, you have no chance in the EPL. Ozil is neither.

  9. There is no doubt that the Prem is physical and I wouldn’t want it any other way. As much as like watching Barca pass the ball around, La Liga is a pussy league where the players spend half the time rolling around on the floor like they ahve been shot. We do not accept play acting and diving in this country, when Drogba first came over here, he actually got booed by his own fans as well as the oppositions for diving all over the place. He is not perfect now but has learned to stay on his feet more.
    Plus, Germany is not Spain, I have seen enough of Van Bommel to know that he is not shy in putting the boot in.

  10. Kartik,
    Lighten up with the lectures, already. And, correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you regularly appear on podcasts produced on this site, which is called EPLTalk?

  11. Premier Leage or La Liga but not Serie A please.
    Italy is not very hospitable to players with roots in Turkey.
    Ozil is more German than Turkish, but Serie A is same old same old.

  12. Love to see Özil at Anfield. We’d have the money when Mascherano inevitably leaves. But no chance it will happen!

  13. Latest rumor has it that Real Madrid are close to signing Ozil. Mourinho wants him and is also after Khedira and is prepared to let Kaka and Van der Vaart leave. If this happens Kaka could be had for a bargain price and Chelsea might go for him. Then again, Man City might outbid Chelsea. Could get interesting.

  14. arsene would make him a better player. a move anywhere else in england at this stage of his career will ruin him.

  15. Werder Bremen are in an uncomfortable position of having to sell if they don´t want to lose Özil on a free transfer in 2011. So his price is relatively low- 15-20 million euros- compared to what you pay in the transfer market these days.

    However, I´m not sure if the physical style of play really suits Özil since he tends to drift out of games if hes not given the space he needs. Arsenal would probably suit hes style the most, but they don´t really need him, do they? Manchester United or Chealsea, I´m not so sure.
    Plus, Özil himself prefers La Liga…

  16. He’ll end up in the colours of manchester united of course..

    he said he only wanna play for man utd or chelsea

    but what he means is ” i rather play for manchester united than chelsea because chelsea have a shit HISTORY HAHAH…of cos “IF” barca dont make an offer for me “….

  17. i hope ozil come to old trafford he will fit in in manchester united he is a dream player he and rooney together dreamteam

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