Joe Cole Joins Liverpool


Liverpool have won the rights to Joe Cole on a free transfer after the English midfielder parted ways with Chelsea this spring.

Cole, 28, has agreed to a £90,000 a week contract with Anfield pending the passing of a physical, according to ESPN Soccernet. Arsenal and Tottenham were also interested in the services of Cole, who struggled for playing at Samford Bridge under Carlo Ancelotti.

It’s the first major signing by new manager Roy Hodgson and is likely to reassure stars Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard that Liverpool is serious about a return to the Champions League.

Cole is also rumored to wear number seven.

18 thoughts on “Joe Cole Joins Liverpool”

  1. I dont hate this signing. Yes, 90,000 gbp a week is scary money for a walking booboo king. BUT, we got him free, he’s good when he’s fit, and he’ll play consistently at LFC, and therefore hopefully be motivated to do well. If he stays fit, this could be a brilliant move as he didn’t cost us anything. However, if he’s in the stands injured all the time, we’re out his salary, but not millions we could have spent on a transfer. Besides, if signing Cole convinces Torres and/or Gerrard to stay, he’s worth every. f*cking. penny.

  2. I was disappointed to see Yossi go, as we are short of attacking flair and creativity in the midfield. Here’s hoping Cole can stay healthy and rebuild his own career as Pool attempts to claw their way back up the table.

    Of course, if we lose Mascherano, this won’t matter so much.

  3. I really like the signing.

    I am sad to see Yossi go, but look at the starting midfielders…

    Maxi, Gerrard, Aqua, Cole and Masch if he stays.

    That’s a fantastic line of players in the middle!

  4. Not sure what to make of Joe Cole’s signing. I didn’t think he did anything decent last season for Chelsea when he did come back from his injury. I believe his best days are over. I hope I’m wrong but I think this is a big gamble because while he did come on a free transfer his wages are not peanuts. This could become one of those penny-wise, pound-foolish deals. Only time will tell.

  5. Other clubs stayed away from signing Joe Cole not because of his huge wage demands but his huge signing-on fee. So this was not really a free transfer as such. I agree this is a big gamble for Liverpool considering Cole has not been very effective the last couple of years. Signing him may have more to do with trying to impress Gerrard into staying.

  6. Why is this a gamble? It is a free transfer, the only thing they need to worry about is that he stays fit.
    £90,000 a week is crazy money but not for Prem players, any player playing at a top club would want this, The likes of Rooney, Gerrard and Torres are on more.
    If he stays fit for the 4yrs of his contract it will cost Liverpool £20 million in total. With no transfer fee that is not much in today’s world.
    For anyone half decent, the transfer fee would be that alone and then the club would have to start adding the £100,000 a week wages on top of that.
    Man Utd, Tottenham and Arsenal all wanted him, why? Because it is a good deal. Cole has doubt picked Liverpool because they will have said that he will start every week and that he can play in his favourite position, in the hole. He has got Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish’s number (7) and I would think he will play behind the front man the same way those two did.

  7. Not a great signing from a footballing standpoint, but….

    From a PR / image standpoint – this is good because it re-enforces fact that club is “Big” and can sign big international players. That was my first thought – “GREAT PR, maybe Torres / Gerrard will stay.”

    From a football standpoint- it’s weak, or neutral, at most. The attacking midfield is already stacked – did you watch Jovanovic for Serbia at WC – he was awesome. Gerrard and Aquilani are creative attacking midfielders in the middle. Lucas and Mascherano defensive. Joe Cole is not a true “winger” – he likes drifting inside and has been most dangerous behind a striker in the hole. They also have Dirk Kuyt, Albert Riera, Maxi Rodriguez, and Ryan Babel already in these similar “attacking midfielder” classifications.

    The defense needs a ton of improvement. The strike-force needs a ton of improvement.

    And they went and got Joe Cole for 90K pounds a week – when he has averaged less than 20 league games a year for the last 4 years.

    Supposedly the cost to sign him was 6M pounds signing fee up front and 90K a week. He has scored 4 goals in the last 2 years in 39 appearances.

    Last week they sold Yossi for 5M pounds (salary rumored around 70K a week) and he had scored 14 goals in the last 2 years and made 60 appearances.

    Don’t think they improved anything FOOTBALL-wise though I think it’s a good “IMAGE” buy.

  8. How does Liverpool keep striking gold on these free transfers? First Maxi, now Joe Cole.

    Reds fans should be happy to get anyone like J.Cole, normally its hard for debt laden clubs to get any big name signings. Really 90,000 isn’t as much as it sounds for a player like Joe Cole. The average player is on about 70,000 a week, and the eye test will easily tell you he’s well above average.

  9. There was a large community that claimed Michael Owen was flop of the year in 2009/10. He was also an injury-prone free, but he only cost £30,000/wk instead of three times that.

    Good luck, Joe!

  10. Joe Cole’s best days are behind him. Liverpool need to buy young, talented players whose best days are ahead. Bringing in more players like Joe Cole will only make Liverpool a mid-table team. Spurs and Man City are buying better players and will continue to move ahead of Liverpool. Only new owners with deep pockets will rescue Liverpool.

    1. I’m a spurs supporter so I’ll have to have you fill me in on who we’ve bought? We haven’t made any moves this summer.

  11. I really hope that Joe Cole’s signing will pay dividends for Liverpool…20 million is a lot of money to pay for a player who just sit out a season due to injury or worse, playing horribly…

  12. As a Chelsea fan I wish Joe Cole all the best for the future at Liverpool who may be able to get the best out of him with regular starts. Joe has been the victim of bad tackles and has been very unlucky.
    Media reports suggest that he was asking for pay parity with the highest earners at Chelsea and this is why a deal was not done – who knows the truth.
    At his best he will grace Anfield – just hope it is not against us

  13. He signed for liverpool, because they gave him the largest signing on fee. It was £6 million. So that’s £26 million over the contract.
    The other clubs interested were only willing to pay the wages.
    He does not work hard enough for the team, he will look good against lower sides at home, but struggle elsewhere.

  14. i think it is a good decision from cole and liverpool will get a good squad next season.but,liverpool must find more talented player because cole not fit yet. other than that,if the owner of reds love this club,them must sell reds to other owner

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