Inter Swapping Balotelli for Rossi?

Jun. 01, 2010 - Sestriere, Italy - epa02182633 Forward of Italian national soccer team, Giuseppe Rossi in action during a training session in Sestriere, Italy, 01 June 2010.

As I always say when I write about transfers, please take this post with a grain of salt – there are so many transfer rumors out there that will never pan out.

That being said, Rafa Benitez should acquire Giuseppe Rossi with the money he acquires from transferring Mario Balotelli.

It is one of the worst-kept secrets in soccer that Inter Milan is shopping Balotelli, primarily to the two Manchesters.  Yesterday, Inter rejected a $25 million bid for him from Manchester City, as they should because they could probably get much more for him, especially if a bidding war erupts between EPL clubs.  However, most of the soccer world anticipates that Balotelli, who has soured on Serie A and Inter, will be playing for a new club next season. 

But a report today from La Gazzetto della Sport confirms that Benitez has at least considered acquiring Giuseppe Rossi from Valencia to replace Balotelli.  While Rossi has publicly committed to remaining with his current club, Inter can use the cash from the Balotelli deal to entice Rossi to return to Italy.  Plus, the American-born player has said he considered returning to Italy to play for Pama.  So while a Serie A return is unlikely, it is not far-fetched.

But what would a Rossi contribute to the 2010-2011 Inter squad?  Tactically he would be an upgrade from Balotelli, as he is right now a more complete player.  Rossi would add to Inter’s impressive striker depth, rotating playing time with Milito and Eto’o.  He had 12 goals in domestic play last year, more than Balotelli.  Adding a rising star like Rossi to the roster would make Inter even more of a favorite to defend at least its Serie A title.

It would also give the club the face of Italian soccer.  As the older contributors to the 2006 World Cup retire from international play, and FIGC officials stress out over who will lead a new generation of Italian stars, Inter could grab the soon-to-be biggest Italian star in soccer.  As talented as de Rossi, Montolivo, and other Italian national team players are, they lack the “Q” rating of a Rossi.  While Juventus has been known as the feeder team for the Azzurri, the Nerazzurri could lay claim to being a team of international stars.  They could have the biggest Italian star (Rossi), possibly the world’s best keeper (Julio Cesar), the world’s best defender (Maicon), Cameroon’s biggest name (Eto’o), etc.  As Champions League champions, Inter Milan could try and maintain their hold on the crown with an international All Star team.

Of course, the transfer market will outdate this post within days likely, but what do you think of an Inter squad with Rossi?


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