Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Kits 2010-11: Photos


Here is a preview photo of the new Tottenham Hotspur kits which will be worn in the Premier League this upcoming season.  The sponsor here, Autonomy, is an enterprise software company based in the UK.  However, in a departure for English clubs, Autonomy has a sponsorship deal for Premier League jerseys only, and Spurs have yet to announce a sponsor for Cup/European competiton.

Personally, I think the white home jersey is the best I’ve seen from Spurs for awhile, but I’ve never been a fan of the sky blue (this one definitely has a Uruguay or Coventry vibe to it), and I have no idea what’s going on with the 3rd shirt, although I’m sure it won’t look too bad from a distance on the TV.

This is the last season Spurs will have Puma as their kit supplier, and they are rumored to have a deal with Adidas starting next season.

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Kits 2010-11: Photos”

  1. As a Spurs fan, I really, really like the white shirt. Not wild about the away or third jerseys as I wish they would’ve kept the same style as the home kits. I don’t hate the lime green, either.

    Of course, I liked last season’s kits (yellow and all), so you don’t have to rely on my sense of style…

  2. Man, that white would’ve been an all-time great without the sponsor. (I know that’s impossible to even consider.) Still top-notch, though.

  3. Best overall hands down (and I’m a budding Man City fan). The white is tops in EPL for 10/11 from what I’ve seen, the away kit is a nice complement as well.

    The 3rd kit brings up the rear, but relatively speaking, isn’t too bad considering it’s not as bad as some club’s best foot forward being total blunders.

  4. Am I going crazy or are these three of the worst kits I’ve ever seen? I’d be embarrassed to wear any of these three shirts anywhere but to a soccer pitch and even there I’d be the worst dressed guy around. Nice boots, Lennon.

  5. The white top is by far the best Puma shirt we’ve had, hands down. This one is gonna sell out fast.

    The sky blue kit is about as bland as it gets. I’m surprised every time they go with the sky blue change kit. It never feels right.

    The third “limited” edition shirt isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but it feels like they couldn’t go all the way with it like, let’s say, Chelsea’s as far as introducing random colors that don’t really fit into the history – in this case lime green. That being said, not the worst and it’s kind of growing on me the more I look at it.

  6. What really lets it down is the sponsor. Its ugly symbol and plain, shitty times new roman font are just crap! Sure Mansion had red in it but it looked a hell of a lot better then this Autonomy shit.
    Away and 3rd kits are garbage. Home would be class without that dam sponsor.
    Really think they should bring back the striped socks from 2008, they were nice.

  7. White is perfect. I will be ordering mine as soon as I can. But the other two are turd. What a shame. Oh well, I’m only buying one anyway so will definitely be the home shirt!

    Just another note on how I think it is sweet that Dawson gets to be in these pictures, putting him up there as one of the clubs most respected players. He deserves it for all his effort and hard work. Oh, and 3 English players modelling kits for an English side. How novel!

  8. I went to the game against the San Jose Earthquakes and the players look good in the new kits. Got pics of Keane, Luka, Niko, Huddlestone and others. Wonder if Keane will get to don this kit much longer though.

  9. The EPL has some horrid kits this eason and these are by far the owrst I’ve seen as well as Utd hine shirt which is dreadful

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