Thierry Henry Video Press Conference At Red Bull Arena

July 16, 2010 - 06179340 date 15 07 2010 Copyright imago BPI Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber Head of Red Bull Global Soccer Dietmar Beiersdorfer Thierry Henry Sporting Director GM Erik Soler and Head Coach Hans Backe during A New York Red Bulls Press Conference AT Red Bull Arena in Harrison NJ ON July 15 2010 PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUKxFRAxNEDxESPxSWExPOLxCHNxJPN men Football USA MLS Press call Presentation premiumd Vdig xsk 2010 horizontal Football.

Well Ladies and Gentleman it was a fun time at Red Bull Arena as the newest member of the club was introduced to the local media along with others from England, France & Spain. Here are some videos of the event and I have to say it was worth it.

UPDATE: Just added an edited version from my videos of a Thierry Henry highlight package from the press conference. I hope all of you will enjoy it at the bottom of the page.


12 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Video Press Conference At Red Bull Arena”

    1. Maybe so, but at the moment it’s done a good job so far. But in the future when everything is financially stable, then he should switch it up and get away from Single Entity.

  1. At an average of 1% of US v Ghana ratings, MLS is not holding up their end of the bargain. Owners have little incentive to improve clubs, and fans can smell the lack of innovation.

    If Bornstein and Donovan can engineer escapes, MLS players on ’10 World Cup rosters drops to fewer than five – down from 22 in ’98.

    In MLS, nearly every team a Clippers, waiting for franchise value to rise w/o improving quality of play. That’s how deep their entitlement from US Soccer is.

    1. If owners have little incentive to improve their clubs why did RBNY sign Henry? Or TFC sign DeGuzman? Or Beckham, Landin, Ljunberg etc

      As for single entity …. it will be around for a long long time. Whether the salary cap goes up to $30m to $50m per club there is no reason to change the business model especially to anything that resembles the European system.

      1. and that is why quadrupling ratings – to 4% of US v Ghana – is a pipe dream. People don’t like fakes, and MLS, by turning soccer into KFC, is a fake.

        They’ve proven they’ll spare no expense, and time, to keep this league in a tight little niche that doesn’t affect the rest of their portfolios or the entitlements enjoyed by US pro sports establishment. If Hair Club for Men ratings don’t bother them, it’s hard to imagine what will.

        10% of USMNT seems like a reasonable goal for US Div One Soccer under pro/rel and independent clubs. A tenfold increase in tv viewers not enough to pry the game out of their greedy little hands, though.

        Hood ornaments are not changing the dynamic. MLS ratings as flat as when Pearl Jam topped the charts.

        1. Pro/Rel won’t increase TV ratings – better players will. The cap is going up every year and along with it the quality of play.

          Right now the league is happy with sponsorship, matchday, merchandise & ticket revenue up dramatically as well as franchise fees up to $40m. Your vaunted Pro/Rel system in Spain has the best club Barcelona taking out loans to meet bi-weekly payrolls. And Barca’s TV ratings are through the roof.

          1. Totally disagree. Underdogs are not part of MLS plan, but underdogs play an important role in the rest of the soccer world. Players may increase ratings, a bit, but teams play soccer. As MLS widens the gap between rich and poor players, it’s not going to be good for teams.

            Reality TV paid off like an ATM for the networks. Why not reality soccer?

  2. on more important matters, who was that hot chick behind henry in segment 6? thats not the model the net says he’s seeing. I didnt think NY was that sort of organization (to have hot chicks on the payroll), so maybe she’s just a French interpreter.

    1. Reality TV is a joke. It is neither real or good television. Professional sports are competition and to compete you need a somewhat level playing field.

      As for ‘Underdogs are not in the league’s plan’ ……. what the hell does that even mean? Every league in every sport has underdogs. Do you even watch sports?

  3. Parity thru imposed mediocrity and underdogs mix? Do tell.

    Your personal read of Reality TV I agree with. Americans crave relegation so much they will even watch it on American Idol.

    So, onto brass tacks

    How much of an increase in ratings would MLS need to be guaranteed to adopt pro/rel? 10x? 100x?

    This question is, of course, unanswerable, because MLS is not about popularizing soccer, it’s about controlling it, and jamming it into a niche that doesn’t upset the establishment.

    No increase in popularity can every trump these basic MLS goals.

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