Liverpool Launches Third Jersey for 2010-11 Season: Photos

Liverpool today unveiled their third kit for the 2010-11 season. Designed by Adidas, the kit is black with yellow trim.

It’s a pretty straightforward design from Adidas but it gets the thumbs up from me. It’s clean, bold and looks good.

Share your feedback about the new Liverpool football shirt design in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “Liverpool Launches Third Jersey for 2010-11 Season: Photos”

    1. I agree with Pat re: changing the crest colours. It seems to be more common than I realized – Chelsea also do it with their away/3rd kits. Doesn’t seem right to me.

      Personally I’m not a fan of these shirts – they seem very remeniscent of an ugly line of cheap training-wear that Adidas sold around 1994-1995.

      1. Changing the colors of the crest on unusually-colored alternate jerseys is illogical, and it looks ugly. Why would a football club want to mess with it’s brand? It doesn’t make sense. A football club goes to the trouble of designing a crest that can symbolize the football club itself, and then the club makes sure that it’s crest is prominently displayed everywhere so the club can get it’s identity reinforced.

        But then clubs like Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Tottenham, and now Liverpool damage that branding by displaying their crest in whatever color scheme the alternate jersey is. It’s like saying, well, the official crest’s color scheme would clash with the colors of the alternate jersey. Well, duh, then maybe you shouldn’t have made the jerseys in those colors to begin with. And I think that is really the case here. And what’s with having the flames in the crest still be red? Is this to re-inforce that the flames are there to honor the dead at Hillsborough? Because if it is, then they are admitting that the changed-color-scheme-of-the-crest-on-altenate-jerseys has damaged their brand identity, because the shapes of the flames wouldn’t read so well as flames if they were monochrome.

    2. I think it’s a nice looking jersey, I have partiality to the color scheme for personal reasons – just like Liverpool fans would dislike the change of crest colors. It’s one thing to role out new kits, completely new designs, and even alternate colors; it’s an entirely different proposition to affect traditional elements – changing the crest approaches the idea of changing the name, the city or some modification along those lines for purely commercial reasons.

      If Liverpool thought they’d sell enough of something, would they change their club’s name to “Google’s Liverpool… or Pepsi’s Liverpool?” You have to draw that line somewhere – crest colors NOT changing isn’t a bad place to start.

  1. The entire “changing of the crest” commentary is illogical. Recall, Liverpool’s crest colour (and crest for that matter) has cahnged several times over the course of history (white in the later 80s, yellow before that, and both just a liver bird!)

    Change can be good, otherwise crests would not look as they do today.

    Besides, the orabnge/red flames look cool.

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