Aston Villa Home and Away Shirts for 2010-11 Season: Photos

Aston Villa today launched their new home and away jerseys for the 2010-11 season.

The biggest talking point about the home jersey is that they have the same sponsor as Fulham, which means they also have the same annoying tag line displayed on the front of their shirts. Ugh!

As for Villa’s away jersey, it appears to be charcoal in color with claret and blue trim while the sponsor’s name is highlighted in red.

Here are photographs of Aston Villa’s home and away jerseys for 2010-11:

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20 thoughts on “Aston Villa Home and Away Shirts for 2010-11 Season: Photos”

    1. It was pretty awesome for two seasons, and something to be proud of as a Villa fan. But the change was always going to happen. Acorns, from the beginning, was only temporary until we got a sponsor that paid the price that we wanted.

  1. With the exception of the sponsor’s name, I absolutely love the away jersey. I always thought it was nice that they supported Acorns on the jerseys, so the fact that they have a sponsor will take a little getting used to. But, that charcoal color is gorgeous.

  2. I realy like these kits, shame about the tag line though but at the end of the day it could be worse, we cud have a kit like man united. lol

  3. Aston Villa are still teaming up with Acorns, and FXPro is also helping them out. It’s great news. 20 million a season while still both helping Acorns out.

  4. Launching the kit is great, but it seems that we are being treated as second rate by Nike when we don’t even know when they will be available to buy…..Man U, Arsenal both already available……..

    Love the kits tho

  5. im not a fan of this kit, the previous 2 villa kits have been sleek and modern looking and the deep claret with light blue was a very classy and good look and it looked awsome with the white letters and bold black lines of the acorn letters but now the villa kit looks cheap and nasty and doesnt repersent aston villa as the good footballing club it is, the checkerd design only makes the shirt look even cheaper and the dim weak claret makes it look like it was made very poorly i wouldnt spend more than £15 on this shirt its really poor.

  6. Cant beleive the new tops are not out till end of September!!!
    Should have them before the season surely!!??


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