What Did You Love About World Cup 2010?

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How do I love thee, World Cup 2010? Let me count the ways (in no particular order):

  1. Overhearing strangers in public talking about the World Cup,
  2. Collecting World Cup Panini stickers,
  3. Listening to the national anthems of the 32 countries in the World Cup,
  4. Striking up conversations with complete strangers who were soccer fans and, as a result, making new friends,
  5. Watching World Cup games in public at local sports bars,
  6. Switching on ESPN at any time of the day and seeing World Cup news or games on television,
  7. ESPN pundit (and former Swansea City manager) Roberto Martinez,
  8. Watching World Cup games on-the-go with my FLO TV Personal Television,
  9. Puma’s incredible World Cup TV commercial that I never saw on TV but only could watch online,
  10. Ian “Cult Hero” Darke commentating, perhaps, his best tournament ever,
  11. Being stunned by the eyepopping TV ratings numbers for World Cup coverage on ABC, ESPN and Univision,
  12. Listening to the World Cup Buzz Podcast during my daily commute each morning,
  13. Watching World Cup games on ESPN3.com and using the montage feature to watch two games at once,
  14. Unlocking World Cup badges on Foursquare, Gowalla and Miso,
  15. Watching Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s goal for Netherlands against Uruguay over and over again,
  16. Chuckling at Special 1 TV’s episodes from BBC 3,
  17. Playing EA’s FIFA World Cup video game with my 6-year-old daughter and seeing her fall in love with the World Cup,
  18. The tears of joy that rolled down my cheeks after Landon Donovan scored that goal against Algeria,
  19. Seeing the headlines on the front pages of U.S. newspapers nationwide talking about soccer,
  20. Hearing the “BP Sucks” chants from US fans aimed at England supporters at Wowies,
  21. Meeting EPLNFL and Johnathan Starling for an EPL Talk Chat reunion during the England against USA game,
  22. Seeing how Twitter and Facebook were the perfect mediums for soccer fans,
  23. Watching an Argentina team (and their supporters) who were so proud of their country and how they played with such passion,
  24. Wearing a soccer jersey for practically every day of the World Cup tournament,
  25. Explaining to soccer newbies – who seemed genuinely interested – about how the sport works,
  26. Seeing a team such as Spain who thoroughly deserved to win the trophy despite their low-scoring,
  27. Being pleasantly stunned by the artistry of Uruguay and how I fell in love with them the more they played,
  28. Asamoah Gyan,
  29. The Ghana players running around the pitch with their nation’s flag in their hands,
  30. Seeing Nike’s World Cup ‘Write The Future’ TV commercial which never got old no matter how many times I watched it.

What about you? What things did you love about the 2010 World Cup that you’d like to share with the readers? Please post them in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “What Did You Love About World Cup 2010?”

  1. That shot of Richard Kingson (Ghana’s GK) with outstretched arms and the Ghana flags waving in the stands.

  2. “Howard, greatfully claims it, distribution; brilliant…

    Landon Donovan-there are things on here for the USA, can they do it here?

    CROSS…and Dempsey is denied again…BUT DONOVAN HAS SCORED!


    1. Standing on a chair in the corner of a pub, screaming and punching the wall for 60 minutes as we miss chance after chance.

      I don’t think I’ll ever make noises that high pitched again in my life. A big dude standing next to me grabbed me round the legs while screaming and jumped up and down.

      It was the most american thing to ever happen

  3. DD, you brought back the goosebumps for me too.

    I’ve read some backlash this week but I think it was a good WC overall. I really enjoyed having so much more attention paid to the tourney by regular sports fans (not necessarily soccer fans). There was a downside, however- occasionally heard a spoiler during the day when my DVR was at home faithfully recording.

    One thing I thought was rather strange: ESPN’s intro/outro music and graphics were a little campy, I thought. I don’t recall kabuki figures or traditional Japanese music when the tourney was held in Asia, or beer maidens/lederhosen from Germany.

    1. Well said Robert! a.k.a. “snavetrebor”

      I would add to your points about ESPN that the contrast in highlights and lowlights was most visible in their in-studio analsyts (those not named “Lalas” as compared to Lalas himself).

      One item that has to be a bigger part of the list – the broadcast teams calling the games in particular – Martin Tyler was terrific.

  4. Here’s the list, in order, of the top three achievers in the World Cup from the Write the Future ad.

    1) Iniesta
    2) Gerard Pique
    3) Landon Donovan

    Weird, huh?

  5. snavetrebor – I think we can blame FIFA for the lame ‘bumper’ music and graphics. I believe those were seen on all the broadcasts across the world.

    For me, in the USA, I was particularly impressed with the commentating on ESPN.

    In 2006 they didn’t even bother to send announcers to Germany. They announced all the games from studios on the ESPN Campus using commentators who were more accustomed to calling a baseball or basketball game. There was a certain ‘flair’ that was lacking in those broadcasts

    Ian Darke, Martin Tyler, Harkes, Ekoku…all did a FANTASTIC job. Hats off to ESPN for redeeming themselves!

    I hope to hear more from them at Euro 2012 and in 2014 in Brazil!

    1. I actually thought Harkes was excellent as well. Darke was better than Tyler for me and Ekoku actually was a bit of a disappointment. He’s done better when doing EPL matches.

  6. The 90 seconds that followed Bradley’s equalizer. Absolute delirium. I was ecstatic that we had comeback from down 2-0, and I thought that maybe we might even win it. All in all I was quite pleased with the scoreline as it was, for those fleeting moments.

    Enter Koman Coulibaly. Honestly, if we had conceded and lost 3-2, i don’t think I would have been nearly as upset as I was after Edu scored and that idiot called it back.

    Anyways, those 90 seconds were better, for me, than after LD10 beat Algeria.

  7. What I loved:
    1. zonal-marking.com – top notch breakdown. was my must-read before each match
    2. Roberto Martinez, Derek Rae, Ally McCoist
    3. The touchscreen on Ticket To South Africa
    4. Special1 TV as always
    5. Gary Cotterill pieces on Sky’s World Cup Report
    6. Bobby McMahon being the voice of reason
    7. New Zealand and Slovakia
    8. DPRK taking heart from the Brazil result and showing the Portugal game LIVE – oops!
    9. Proof that celebrity managers can’t win *cough*Maradona*cough*
    10. that said, Maradona’s quotable quotes

    What I didn’t like:
    1. Twitter going down after almost every game
    2. All the diving – from the first day to the last day
    3. Raymond Domenech and Fabio Capello ignoring their players and suffering the consequences
    4. That the EPL stars didn’t show up
    5. Overhyping the meaning of the TV ratings AGAIN
    6. Online stream quality
    7. Availability of highlights away from official TV partners (starting to resemble the Olympics)
    8. Inconsistent yellow cards for the second straight World Cup

    What I liked initially but got old over time:
    1. Nike’s Write The Future campaign commercial (esp as it strated jinxing players)
    2. Ian Darke (enough about the booing)
    3. Shots from the bars/public viewing areas (too predictable)
    4. playing 8 behind the ball

    oh and that Puma commercial was on all over the place. I can’t get the tune out of my head! Not a bad thing, but def. an earworm

  8. I agree that the ESPN theme music was cheesy. It sounded like O Canada. Lame.

    Univision’s coverage was better. They always had a party atmosphere with hot women and crazy fans. They didn’t try to be “solemn and grand” like ESPN did. Plus, they didn’t have a p.o.s. like Alexi Clueless.

    Furthermore, they actually pronounced Latin players’ names correctly on Univision. I have no respect for people who can’t pronounce those words correctly. It’s DIEGO, NOT deeyaygo. Idiots.

      1. Did the Spanish-speaking commentators correctly pronounce the England player’s names correctly, or did they say it with (shock, horror!) a Mexican accent?

        Everyone has an accent, get over it. As far as I can tell, “Deeyaygo” is a fairly close phonetic approximation of Diego.

  9. Brilliant! Wonderful! Glorious! GERMANY!!!

    Tyler, Healey, Darke, Rae… Thank you ESPN for providing some of the games top announcers.

    Favorite matches
    1. USA v Slovenia
    2. USA v Algeria
    3. Germany v England
    4. Germany v Argentina

    you get the point

  10. What I loved about the WC

    New Zealand (team of the tournament for me)
    The French self destruction
    The inherent excitement every time Forlan got the ball
    Argentina and their pint sized manager getting thrashed
    Watching on my Blackberry by Flo TV
    The upsets of Slovakia v Italy and Switzerland V Spain
    The HD coverage
    Ian Darke’s effusive commentating “that’s the most ridiculous decision I’ve ever seen!”
    The hilarious final comment by the studio ESPN guy “we are all from Africa” hahahahaha what a sap!
    The Dutch beer girls in their sexy outfits
    The failure of all the so called stars, underlining this is a team game
    Steve McManman’s hair resembling a barn fire at the first game (they mashed it down for the remaining games)
    The American announcers finally dropping the ridiculous term “powerhouse”

    What I Didn’t Like:

    The final
    The cheeky “sportsmanship” pass from the Dutch back to the Spanish goalie that almost went over his head into the net
    The constant annoying pc comments that Africa is such a happy vibrant place with lots of smiling people (they should visit Mozambique or Sudan where hatchets rule)
    Bob Ley with his giant false teeth grin (come on ESPN we know he has no knowledge of the game and wasn’t interested)
    John Harkes trying to pronounce players names in their native language (except of course the Japanese and Koreans)
    The smug Alexi Lawless who obviously thought a lot of himself
    FIFA insistance that officials from places such as Mali and Uzbekistan should be at the WC, which through no fault of their own, was beyond them
    Steve McManaman’s constant mangling of the English language
    How a team of carthorses mysteriously sneaked into the WC and played in England shirts
    That annoying commercial with Rooney/Ronaldo/Riberi/Messi that continued to run even after they had gone home

    1. Your comment about Bob Ley would surely come as news to Bob Ley, considering he was the PA announcer for the NY Cosmos back in the 1970s and by all accounts is a serious follower of world soccer.

  11. Thanks Chris. It was so special for me to be there with you, JS, and Kartik. I only wish I could have made another trip down to Wowies. Any estimate of the total crowd for the Cup games at Wowies?

  12. Lots of great memories:

    #1) ESPN’s great coverage which made it feel like I was actually there on occasion.
    #2) Steve Mcmanaman utter disgust at the English team and even himself as an Englishman after the Germany punishment. “I don’t know what to say…” “Get it to ether Steve, we have 4 more hours of broadcasting buddy (Chris Fowler, paraphrasing)..
    #3) Spain completely stopping Germany by giving a clinic on how to trap, dribble, stay on the ball under pressure, play without panicking under pressure, wait and find the right pass, and always looking for the key to unlock. If thery had put away even a few of their chances, it would have opened up to a thing of beauty, but as it turned out, it still was a great display for purists.
    #4) The number of close matches and watching agony and relief/victory.
    #5) Watching Forlan take charge of his destiny and play with the will to win..heroic.
    #6) Ghana’s goals against the US (yes, they hurt, but were well taken.)
    #7) Surprise at the shape and organization of Ghana’s defense. Enjoyed seeing a balanced African side.
    #8) Great soccer played by South Korea and Japan.
    #9) The privilege to see Andre Iniesta’s goal and Puyol’s goal in semi-final.

  13. Admittedly, my dedication to following football has waxed and waned over the years. But the WC has brought me back with a vengeance. That would be number 1 on my list. Number 2 would have to be how the WC turned my wife into a rabid football fan. And number 3…Diego Forlan. So much class, talent, and sportsmanship. My love for Uruguay grew with every game.

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