Top 10 Goals and Saves of World Cup 2010: Video

The 2010 World Cup will be remembered for some terrible open goal misses (Nigeria’s Yakubu as the most blatant example) as well as some horrific goalkeeper mishaps especially during the group stage of the tournament (Robert Green, cough cough). But it will also be remembered for some glorious goals and stupendous saves.

Thankfully, we have two videos which feature the top 10 goals and the top 10 saves of World Cup 2010.

Enjoy the videos.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Goals and Saves of World Cup 2010: Video”

  1. Love the videos, but I was waiting for Stecklenberg’s save for the Dutch against Brazil. That was, for me, the best play (save, skill, or goal) of the entire world cup.

  2. Good stuff but i think they missed out on Honda’s goal from free kick. That was by far the best free kick in the whole tourney. No one else made the ball move like he did from a dead spot. Just brilliant and beautiful.

  3. Definitely agree about Stekelenburg’s save and Honda’s goal.

    You could have included pretty much all of Forlan’s goals as well.

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