Fulham Launches New Home Jersey for 2010-11 Season: Photo

Fulham has launched their new home jersey for the 2010-11 season.

Designed by Kappa, the new Fulham home shirt is set to be worn by the First Team when Fulham take on Brentford away tonight and Bournemouth away on Saturday.

According to Kappa, “The new kit continues in Fulham’s traditional black and white, and incorporates the well-known Omini Kappa logo of the back-to-back male and female silhouette. Inspired by Kappa’s Kombat 2010 kit range and is characterised by attention to detail: 3-needle seam with covering, ergonomic cuts on the sides, customised embroidery and the new V neck that gives new personality to the shirt.”

My opinion regarding the new shirt? It’s definitely a step back for Fulham and Kappa. Both the club and shirt design company are known for class. But the shirt design itself is too bland. It looks like a cheap knock-off of those horrible Umbro jerseys you would see in the 90s that were worn by kids in AYSO. Plus, my biggest issue with the shirt design is the sponsor’s name. I’m fine with having a sponsor name on the front of the jersey, but does FxPro have to include their tag line? Come on, that’s ridiculous.

This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is to me. It’s a poor decision by Fulham. They have more class than that.

Share your feedback about the new Fulham football shirt design in the comments section below.

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19 thoughts on “Fulham Launches New Home Jersey for 2010-11 Season: Photo”

    1. Nike gave us ‘off the shelf’ kits and stuck our logo on it. So the same kit that local 5 a side kids are wearing. A bit insulting. They could not even bother to create a new design for an EPL club. Fulham were playing in a European cup final in 5-a-side tops. How many Fulham tops did you see in Nike stores?

      Now they get a completely unique top in the EPL, you will be able to buy them in all the Kappa stores.

    1. Have always loved Kappa’s work, especailly with what they’ve done with AS Roma. But, like you said, that Sponsor and tagline is absurd. Hopefully they go out of business just so we don’t have to see that, a la XL sponsoring West Ham in 08-09

    2. I hope sponsors take note – branding has its limits, time and place before a diminishing margin of returns becomes an outright negative impact.

      If sponsors chose to move away from embedding names/logos to adding the clutter of text, good luck. If I were the club, I’d challenge the team responsible to produce their focus group research that showed anything but a negative to neutral response – would they suggest that someone out there PREFERS to read that junk? Doubt it.

  1. @Brandon
    LOL, you act like that’s a choice based on style or something. Obviously, Kappa bid higher than Nike. If a company bids the highest, obviously they’d be more likely to get the kit deal.

  2. I was thinking about getting me a Fulham jersey. Not after seeing that. I don’t like it at all. I agree with the tag line. Completely ridiculous. Maybe I can find an old Nike one.

  3. A “step back” from what exactly? The Nike one with the black sleeves? or those recent over-commercialized, garish designs from kappa?

    I think it is a decent shirt, clean, simple, and symmetrical. The shoulder logos are thankfully small. The tag line is annoying but money come first.

  4. Hm. What I love(d) about Fulham’s kits were its simplicity. This pathetic tag line ruins it completely for me.

  5. I agree about the tagline. I’m ok with the sponsors logo, but phone numbers (West Brom) and the tagline here seems a bit over the top.

  6. That tagline is not a good one. And having it on the shirt is really off putting to the eyes.

    Their home shirts have traditional been very plain jane, so the overall design doesn’t really irk me.

  7. I fancy the shirt. The tagline at first struck me, however like most things gauche in sport these days, I quickly moved passed it. I love the treatment kappa gives most clubs (especially Roma and Werder Bremen). Nike’s boilerplate approach (see Euro and WC kits) are drab.

  8. I thought the 2009/10 shirt was much better. The tag line on the new shirt is very odd. I don’t trade “forex” like a pro or anyone else. I also think the “kappa” logo look a lot like mud flaps on long haul trucks. Definately will be wearing my old Fulham jerseys for at least another year.

  9. The shirt is classic, plain Fulham. Not sure if Gaffer wanted flashing lights & fireworks shooting off the shoulders, but the shirt is fine.

    I do agree with the sponsor though. FXPro alone would be fine without the tag line. FXPro paid us our biggest sponsor deal ever. I suppose Gaffer would turn down money if they came to him and offered him a huge amount of money to sponsor this website. Given the crappy ads already here, I seriously doubt it.

  10. It’ssorta funny how much the gaffer gets beat up by the readers for no reason. Keep up the good spirit about it gaffer.

    I like the simple is more. And that tagline is gross. If the sponsor were 2 fonts smaller, a little lower on the shirt and without the tagline, I’d be sold on this.

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