Fulham Launches New Home Jersey for 2010-11 Season: Photo

Fulham has launched their new home jersey for the 2010-11 season.

Designed by Kappa, the new Fulham home shirt is set to be worn by the First Team when Fulham take on Brentford away tonight and Bournemouth away on Saturday.

According to Kappa, “The new kit continues in Fulham’s traditional black and white, and incorporates the well-known Omini Kappa logo of the back-to-back male and female silhouette. Inspired by Kappa’s Kombat 2010 kit range and is characterised by attention to detail: 3-needle seam with covering, ergonomic cuts on the sides, customised embroidery and the new V neck that gives new personality to the shirt.”

My opinion regarding the new shirt? It’s definitely a step back for Fulham and Kappa. Both the club and shirt design company are known for class. But the shirt design itself is too bland. It looks like a cheap knock-off of those horrible Umbro jerseys you would see in the 90s that were worn by kids in AYSO. Plus, my biggest issue with the shirt design is the sponsor’s name. I’m fine with having a sponsor name on the front of the jersey, but does FxPro have to include their tag line? Come on, that’s ridiculous.

This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is to me. It’s a poor decision by Fulham. They have more class than that.

Share your feedback about the new Fulham football shirt design in the comments section below.

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