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World Cup 2010 Video Montages from ABC, BBC and ITV

 World Cup 2010 Video Montages from ABC, BBC and ITV

On the final episode of the World Cup Buzz Podcast this week, analyst Laurence McKenna mentioned how he was looking forward to the World Cup video montages that are often created and distributed on YouTube. While more will be certainly be released in the coming days, I’ve found three which I think you’ll enjoy.

Each of them is quite different than the other. The first one is from American TV network ABC which combines video of a U2 live concert with highlights from World Cup 2010. The second is a more creative version from the BBC which is quite unique to say the least. And the third and final one is from ITV in the United Kingdom and is more commercialized but still worth watching.

So, based on these video montages, are you an ABC, BBC or ITV person?




HT to The Original Winger for unearthing the ABC and BBC vids.

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8 Responses to World Cup 2010 Video Montages from ABC, BBC and ITV

  1. TampaStick says:

    Based upon that:
    3rd ITV – only showing the finalists
    2nd – Post game, final thoughts
    1st – ABC – well thought out. more concise.

  2. Casey G. says:

    i’d call it a draw between ABC and BBC two very different styles but both well produced. but..

    U2 – One (Live from Chicago) – 2006 FIFA World Cup Closing Video (from ABC) is BY FAR the greatest produced world cup video of all-time, simply EPIC.

  3. Rod says:

    ABC by a mile

  4. Mike says:

    ITV: crap
    BBC: poltically correct coombaya rhetoric
    ABC: brilliant

  5. Parky says:

    3rd – ITV, that’s not a tourney montage, just a finalists montage

    2nd – ABC – nice and concise, but spoilt by the U2 live footage. Fine to use the music if you have to, but spare us the visuals, what do Bono’s crew have to do with SA10? Why not use some South African music alone?

    1st – Beeb. Bit pretentious, but gets the spine a-tinglin’ by the end. Stadiums as UFOs…. heh heh, bet the Brazilians wish it was that easy to magic them in from nowhere…

  6. dc says:

    ESPN had a great montage at the end of World Cup Live after the semis. Better than all 3 of these.

  7. dlink09 says:

    ESPN/ABC is the best of the three..
    I really enjoyed ESPN coverage of Worldcup
    congrats ESPN..

  8. Jessamy Oldfield says:

    Anyone know what the music used on the BBC one is?

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