West Brom Home and Away Jerseys for 2010-11 Season: Revealed

West Bromwich Albion and Umbro have unveiled the club’s new home and away jerseys for the 2010-11 season.

Before we get to the shirts, I do want to mention that it’s unfortunate that West Brom has such a poor commercial department. If you remember the last time West Bromwich Albion were in the Premier League, during the 2008-2009 season, they went the entire season without having a shirt sponsor. And now for the 2010-11 season, they’re back in the Premier League but they have a shirt sponsor who is only going to be relevant in the United Kingdom. The UK phone number that’s emblazoned across the new home and away West Brom shirts is for a home repair company. That’s great for people in the United Kingdom, but it’s completely meaningless and useless for the rest of the world. For a Premier League club to have such a huge worldwide audience, it’s criminal that West Brom’s commercial department can’t get a sponsor who has more of a global presence (and therefore would be willing to pay more money).

West Bromwich Albion isn’t Manchester United, but still.

Back to the new designs of the home and away jerseys, here’s the description from Umbro:

“In the club’s traditional navy blue and white stripes, West Brom’s home shirt features some subtle touches to make it the perfect fit for a modern footballer. The shirt is constructed from 100% polyester, making it lightweight and breathable, with a mesh-vent seam under the arm aiding ventilation.

The stripes feature a ‘zig zag’ warp knit design, giving a modern touch to the Baggies’ classic design. The shirt also features a smart, classic-style collar, which again is brought up to date with an ergonomically-shaped button that is designed for comfort and ease of use.”

So far, so good.

And now, here’s the new away jersey for West Brom as well as a description from Umbro:

“The simple, elegant design continues with West Brom’s new away kit. In black with a subtle shadow stripe, the away shirt also features a tonal monochrome version of the club’s iconic crest. A corded channel seam disguises concealed mesh ventilation under the arms, while a forward shoulder seam and simple crew neck offers the comfort that both players and fans expect.”

Share your feedback about the new West Brom football shirt designs in the comments section below.

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14 thoughts on “West Brom Home and Away Jerseys for 2010-11 Season: Revealed”

  1. Gorgeous shirts, best I’ve seen this year ignoring the horrible sponsor logo. Why can’t more clubs and kit designers converge on something simple and elegant like these

  2. “For a Premier League club to have such a huge worldwide audience, it’s criminal that West Brom’s commercial department can’t get a sponsor who has more of a global presence (and therefore would be willing to pay more money)”

    A few years ago WBA had T-Mobile an international brand yet they paid less than Homeserve are. I don’t think that WBA have to worry about who their sponser appeal to as long as they pay the money.

    Last two years they didn’t have a sponser because nobody met the asking price.

    I would have bought the away shirt but the red house looks terrible in the middle. But again if homeserve pay the money they can put what they like on the front.

  3. Rubbish artical, do your research, Homeserve is a world wide company, it operaters services in America, France, Spain and Italy. The Homeserve logo is instantly reconginsable. Further more West Bromwich Albion Play in THE ENGLISH PREIMER LEAGUE so why not have the English Phone number in the Logo as it will be predomintly viewed by hmmm let me guess oh yeah PEOPLE FROM ENGLAND.

  4. Good simple styles but with that big red house logo on the front not as many buyers for the replica shirt unless of course baggies sell the option of not having the logo!

  5. Generally agree with most of the people above – I’m pretty sure West Brom have gone out and got whichever sponsor offered them the most money. That’s the point of the sponsorship, not to try and find some company that has signficance to people in America, Bangladesh or whatever. Obviously HomeServe were willing to offer more money than any better-known companies.

    However, I do take issue with the actual sponsor’s logo itself. It’s as ugly as sin, and spoils what is otherwise a nice home shirt. Too bad they couldn’t just have the word “HomeServe” on there, instead of the weird little house, and the awkardly spaced telephone number crammed inside it.

    The away shirt is awful for three reasons:
    (1) The same ugly sponsor logo
    (2) With the round neck and the lack of any stylistic embellishments, it just looks like a t-shirt or some kind of training top.
    (3) The decision to use a dark colour is stupid. Imagine if WBA play at Newcastle. WBA can’t wear their regular stripes, because it would clash with Newcastle’s black and white stripes. But the all black away shirt will ALSO clash with Newcastle’s black and white stripes. So it beats the whole point of the away shirt. It was the same situation Hull City had in their first season, when their home kit was black and amber, and their away kit was extremely dark grey. Hence, they hardly ever wore it.

  6. Generally speaking, the feeling amongst the Albion fans is that the shirts are pretty good, completely ruined by an awful logo. Whoever designed the thing should be fired, however it didn’t look quite as bad in the flesh at Kidderminster…

    I have to say, it’s one thing calling Albion’s commercial department “criminal”, it’s another trying to get market value for your shirt sponsorship in the current economic climate. As you so eloquently put it; “West Bromwich Albion isn’t Manchester United” – nor do we want to be. We haven’t had a sponsor for two seasons because no-one met this value – as has been mentioned above. Unfortunately for us they paid the price, then Home-served us up that logo. Oh dear.

    I reckon shirt sales might be quite low this year. But all will be forgiven if we stay in the EPL I’m sure!!

  7. Isn’t your point about a “criminal” West Brom commercial department completely irrelevant though? I didn’t realise it was WBAs job to promote Homeserve or be concerned with their marketing and branding approach…

    I think you’ve got it the wrong way around. Albion couldn’t give a monkeys whether having a UK phone number is detrimental to Homeserve’s logo or worldwide appeal, our focus – surprisingly – isn’t to promote their brand, it’s to be successful on the football pitch. “Homeserve won’t have a worldwide focus”, who cares, it’s got nothing to do with us, will a worldwide logo give us 3 points on the football pitch?!

    In any case, as has been deiscussed above, whoever pays the most money gets the sponsorship. Homeserve did, and they get the deal. End of. Have a go at their marketing department for designing that logo, not at us for agreeing the deal.

    Oh and just to clarify, yeah that logo is the worst thing to ever appear on a Baggies shirt.

    1. It’s West Brom’s job to get the most revenue possible from their shirt sponsor in return for promoting that sponsor. The fans and the club care about getting three points, but the clubs are in business to make money not points. Sure, three points is important as is staying up. And the two (making money and points) go hand-in-hand.

      The Gaffer

      1. I’m pretty sure WBA’s people are well aware of their goal being to get as much revenue as possible. It’s hardly rocket science. And I’m sure that is exactly why they chose to sign with Homeserve- because they offered the most money. Do you think a load of the world’s biggest companies are queueing up to sponsor WBA?

        1. Dave, I don’t think a ton of the world’s biggest companies were queueing up to sponsor WBA, but I believe they could have tried harder to find a bigger name who was willing to agree to a higher contract value.

          The Gaffer

          1. But what makes you think they could have tried harder? Do you have some insider information on WBA’s commercial division?

            As far as I can tell, there are two possible explanations why WBA allowed that monstrous red house on their shirts:

            (a) WBA tried their best to find the highest paying sponsor (since their sole goal is presumably to make as much money as possible), and Homeserve offered the best deal to WBA.
            Or (b) WBA’s commercial team just don’t work very hard.

            Without any evidence to the contrary, I’d suggest that situation (a) is the most sensible and most likely. Especially when you consider that WBA didn’t even have a sponsor for the last few years – it makes me think that the list of people interested in sponsoring WBA is not that long.

  8. I m a man utd fan frm bangladesh n i really think that ALL home jerseys in this season’s bpl sucks (except spurs).

    I luved d t-mobile wba kits. I luved its appearance when it was wthout sponsors. Bt what is this??? This makes it luk lyk a crap.

    N watz d point of having a similar away jersey?? Imagine wba @ st. James’ park….

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