Frustrated Soccer Fans in the US Begin Again Their Wait for Fox Soccer Channel HD

As the World Cup wraps up today with a weary and melancholy sigh, a large group of soccer fans in the US begin again their patient wait for any news concerning the addition of Fox Soccer Channel HD to their respective platforms.

DirecTV, one of the nation’s largest satellite providers has let down it’s rabid soccer fan base for the last half year as rivals DISH Network have picked up the HD feed and has made the essential channel easily available to customers since Feb. 10, 2010.

With the brilliant HD broadcasts soccer fans have received this summer from ESPN’s World Cup coverage, one only needs to flip to channel 619 or 621 on DirecTV to quickly realize how excruciatingly tortuous it will be to start another Premier League season having to witness the beautiful game in not so beautiful standard definition.

If you’re able to view today’s World Cup final on ABC, try flipping immediately to the channel where FSC is aired in your region. If there is an old match on replay either today or later in the week, view for yourself, or should I say squint and try to even make out the names on the shirts or which player is which. It’s seemingly impossible after a summer spent in HD. But unfortunately, it could be a further sign of things to come if satellite and cable providers don’t wake up and realize how important this service is to soccer fans.

As of press time, the only satellite provider that has picked up Fox’s HD feed is in fact DISH Network. Upon further research, there are a few various cable providers who have picked up the feed as well. But the sad fact remains that some pretty heavy hitters in the satellite and cable landscape in some large areas across the country such as the aforementioned DirecTV, Verizon Fios, Cox, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision have all left their more than patient customers in the dry desert of standard definition broadcasts.

As always, EPL Talk will continue to provide updates when we get them concerning the addition of FSC HD on new providers and into new markets. The Gaffer has written a myriad of articles over the last 12 or more months concerning the topic and is as connected with the right people as one can get concerning the matter.

If I were a betting man, I would hope and pray (and bet) that all of the above mentioned providers are simply biding their time as the rabid soccer fan base in American have their heads turned to the direction of ESPN for the majority of the summer.

Upon further wagering, the right move for the providers would be to swoop down from their high perches and play hero to the masses just a few short weeks before the Premier League and other European leagues kick off by launching FSC and FSC+ in HD.

The aptly timed move would allow the companies to capitalize on the already established need for the channels and any newbies to FSC originating from the World Cup’s massive success in the US. The angry masses would be silenced and all involved would be happy.

Still, there’s a reason I’m not a betting man, but let’s hope I’m wrong.

39 thoughts on “Frustrated Soccer Fans in the US Begin Again Their Wait for Fox Soccer Channel HD”

  1. GOL TV HD is coming to DirecTV in the next few weeks. I want to say July 31st. La Liga and Bundesliga are great competitions too. I’m excited about GOL TV HD on DirecTV!

  2. What is weird for us in the Central Florida area is that Brighthouse Cable of Orlando offers FSC in HD but the Tampa are doesn’t have it. We do have FS+ in HD though. I am hoping that GOL TV which is supposed to launch in HD next month will do so in my local area so I can get my La Liga and Bundesliga fix in HD too.

    BTW how many Premier League games are broadcast in HD this season?

    Also has their been anymore about the Premier League Network that is supposed to start next month to territories outside of the UK?

    1. The ironic thing for me is that I left Brighthouse for Directv because I couldn’t get Setanta on Brighthouse CFL.

      I’m crying a bit knowing that now you not only get it, but you get in HD.

  3. Fox needs to lower their price. That’s why DTV isn’t adding it. They have the capacity now as evidenced by GolTV going HD in August. So the only sticking point must be cost and/or tier placement. Guessing it’s just like the Versus debate.

    as far as what these providers NEED to do, they don’t need to do anything except increase their bottom line. If/when they can be convinced that taking a bad deal to carry FSC-HD is better than the money they’d lose if people switched to Dish (still the only viable option for most to get FSC-HD) then they’ll do the deal.

    FSC isn’t going to get anywhere close the numbers that ESPN got for US/Ghana. Hell, ESPN isn’t going to get those numbers either. So why should DTV do a bad deal with Fox?

  4. Well, at this point I would just be happy if we could get FSC+ in my area which is Palm Beach county, Florida. My stupid cable provider Comcast doesn’t carry FSC+ only FSC and GolTV. I am so frustrated with them!

  5. We’ve got FSCHD in Oklahoma through Cox now. We didn’t get it until after the season ended so I haven’t really watched any live matches yet on it. Especially with all of the World Cup coverage on ESPN. I’m going to catch a few of the friendlies coming up.

  6. It drives me absolutely nuts that DTV and FSC/FS+ are owned by News Corp and they can’t get their sh!t together long enough to push a few buttons and get this crap done.

  7. Did I miss something, or are we still waiting for Comcast to add HD and/or FS+? Or whatever they’re calling themselves now. Xfinity? X-FAIL…

    1. Yes this article needs to be editied and add the country’s largest cable company Comcast to the list of providers not offering the HD version of FSC or GolTV, and dont offer FSP in any form.
      TWC has FSPHD and FSCHD in select areas and Cox offers FSCHD in various areas now.
      Switching to Dish might be in my future.

  8. I have time warner, at least they give us FS+ in HD. And it’s only $4 a month in a sports package that includes goltv and the big ten network. Can’t complain.

  9. There are no winners here. Just frustrated fans, Directv failing to capitalize on the popularity, and FSC undermining themselves by overpricing their product. As much has FSC has done to promote the game in this country, maybe the time has come for ESPN to take it to the next level. There is no way the cable & satellite companies would get into a similar pissing contest with ESPN.

    1. um – yes they would. They already cannot show live events on ESPN Classic – which would be a perfect outlet for live footy like La Liga or whatever else they have relegated to online coverage (which is a fair bit). ESPN seems to only want to regularly cover stuff early Saturday mornning or during the summer. Maybe Versus can get in the mix. They’re rumored to be bidding on MLS next season.

  10. Well Xfinity/Comcast hasn’t heard from me since the World Cup started but they will start hearing from me again starting tomorrow. I’m sick of this. Enough is enough. We don’t even have FSC+ let alone have it in HD or FSC in HD. After watching this beautiful game in HD all month I seriously can’t go back.

    Gaffer or somebody on this site can you please do some research and get us contacts for all the major cable/satelite providers and also contacts at FSC? It is time to put on a full court press. FSC is probably just as much at fault as these greedy cable providers. Someone is not doing their job.

      1. Nice one Gaffer, I just hit DirecTV with both barrels. I’ll see what response I get. Everybody on here should contact their cable/satellite operator starting today to let them know how we feel. The same soccer fan community that so influenced ESPN to up their game with the world cup coverage after 2006 can make this happen.

        1. Well that was a waste of time. Got the standard BS response…”We don’t have any news about upcoming HD channels today but you can expect more information about new HD channels when our newest satellite is fully operational later this year”. They don’t give a shit for my business. Maybe I should make good on a my threat to go with Dish Network.

  11. Make sure you are checking your HD sports channels. I live just outside Cincinnati, OH and saw FSHD “pop up” in early June on Time Warner. As far as I know, there was no announcement and even other EPL fans that I know weren”t aware of it. And this was BEFORE Cincinnati & Columbus dominated the ESPN world cup ratings.

  12. I consider myself so blessed having FSC in HD here in Milwaukee on TWC.

    Mostly because I am leaving for school in the Twin Cities in August, where the only option is Directv… crap.

  13. I remember a time, not very long ago where it was very difficult to see any foreign league football on US t.v. As recently as the last WC. Now, we have access to as much or in most cases, more football than any other country. While I do enjoy and prefer HD, I am far more thankful that there is enough interest in the beautiful game to warrant such a large selection of football fixtures.

    I wonder if there will be a thread on EPL talk in the next WC lamenting the lack of 3D dedicated broadcasts for football?

    Football, bloody hell.

  14. Direct TV better figure this thing out w/ Fox by mid-August. Dish network is just a phone call away!!! I am not watching football in non-HD resolution ever again!
    (and I hope I am never watching football w/ that Jabulani piece of shit beach ball ever again)

  15. Cox New England just added FSCHD so that’s good for the upcoming EPL and Serie A season. Still no FS+ though so I’ll just have to get for another season. Does anyone know if has gotten better than they were last season? I hope they offer a discount to their subscription as they did last season.

  16. I switched over to FSC and saw a refried serie A match, there were globs that looked like players moving across the pitch. Something will have to give. I still feel that Fox has the clout to to force the issue if they really wanted to.

  17. For what it’s worth, I am just about to switch to ATT Uverse from Comcast (I live in the Hartford, CT area), as Comcast sucks a fat one and charge over an arm and a leg for it. The guy selling me the Uverse informs me that while he does not have an exact date for me, he is aware of FSCHD and FSC+HD and that Uverse may see it sometime around September. Here’s hoping he’s not blowing smoke… (on the other hand, anyone I’ve ever asked at Comcast about these channels cannot even confirm they know what I’m talking about)

  18. For those of you guys living in Dallas Area, (North Texas Region of TWC) Time Warner Cable now offer FSC,FS+ & GOLTV in HD. Channel numbers are as follows,

    FOX Soccer Channel HD 791 (Included in Digital Cable HD Package)
    FOX Soccer Plus HD 792 (Included in Digital Sports Tier)
    GOLTV HD 793 (Included in Mas Canales Package)

    As of yet these channels don’t seem to be active, but if you go to TWC website and find the “Programming Changes” link (Which opens up a PDF file) you can look for the aforementioned channels and a long list of other channels coming in HD. Don’t know when this transition would happen, but hopefully it’ll come before 15th August.

  19. Cox in New Orleans has FSC HD, has done for a month or so but there ain’t nuffin on it!! But hey atleast it’s there!
    Hopefully FSC+ will follow as I am sure they will spread their broadcasts out between them. But it’s reassuring just knowing it’s there…

  20. I better get my FSCHD on Comcast by the beginning of the EPL season or I’m leaving for Dish Network, and it irritates the hell out of me that I don’t even get GolTV, (I’m in a border suburb of Chicago) yet the entire City of Chicago gets it. I want my Bundesliga!

    Comcast/Xfinity can suck my ass.

  21. The World Cup has looked beautiful on ESPN, ABC, and Univision – the latter of which isn’t normally known for having high-quality pictures. No clue when we’ll be getting FSC HD or FS+ here on COX in Orange County, CA, but some Cox customers on here have reported sightings of these elusive beasts, so I’m strangely optimistic.

    For some reason it always takes real long for us to get new channels here – and it’s not like I’m in an area where 500 people inhabit 1000 square miles.

    They’ve got a month to sort it out!

  22. Does anyone know if plan on offering a season package to their subscription? Their web site only gives information about a day pass for $4.95 . I cannot get FS+ so getting is my only option.

    1. Carolyn, only has the day pass as a temporary measure right now. They’re doing some spring cleaning (or should I say summer cleaning). I expect that they’ll announce a season package in the coming weeks.

      The Gaffer

      1. Thanks for the info. Hopefully their video quality will be a bit improved, though it definitely did improve by season’s end. pretty much made FS+ irrelevant to me.

        And I’ll just note, I’m glad Dish has FSC HD. I just find it bizarre that Dish, which is a bit more miserly with channel costs has FSC HD and Directv, which really aims at having good football coverage doesn’t. And as much I’d like Dish to have GolTV, I’d never get anything done!

  23. Gaffer, thanks for the information. Let’s hope they offer a better product than last season and that their pricing isn’t prohibitive.

  24. Directv did a good job in showing us the world cup in glorious and stunning 3D. Some matches were only in HD. Directv expects me to start the new season in crap definition. My world is going to come to an end. It doesn’t sound like DTV has plans to put FSC, FS+ and BBC America in HD anytime soon. Do they have something against the Brits?

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