Premier League Fans: Who Would You Like to See in the Premier League This Season?

Jun 07, 2010 - Knysna, South Africa - YOANN GOURCUFF during a press conference of the French National Football Team.

On the weekend of the World Cup final and the (only) slightly interesting third place game, my mind can’t help but to think forward a few more days until the transfer rumors coupled with over inflated transfer fees start to blast off from the Internet like the Millenium Falcon did out of Mos Eisley space station all those galaxies ago.

After a World Cup, there are a few football related occurrences you’re guaranteed to experience. (a.) Players will disappear for a few weeks to some form of lavish tropical paradise and attempt to recharge their batteries, (b.) football fans will start to feel slightly odd as the realization of NO FOOTBALL, at least for a month, starts to set in, and (c.) the amount of money thrown around, talked about, rumored, spent and wasted on over-hyped players by clubs who don’t have it to begin with will be enough to fund a small country for a year or more (let the fun begin).

In my hopes to add to the eventual transfer market chaos, here are five players I’d like to see come play in the Premier League this season (note to readers – some of these players will have been rumored to be coming to the Premier League, some will have voiced their intentions to stay at their current club – these picks are nothing more than a “wish list” of sorts).

Wesley Sneijder – His name has been mentioned in the same sentence with both Manchester United and Chelsea in recent weeks as the current Inter Milan man looks set to SCREAM his name to FIFA as likely Ballon d’Or winner if the Netherlands defeat Spain in the World Cup final. Having already conquered the Champions League and Serie A with club, the 26 year old midfield play maker could realistically walk into any club in the world with his ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and teammates.

Sneijder’s match winner v Brazil in the quarter finals was one of the team goals of the tournament. Holland pulled ahead of Brazil for good from a brilliant corner as Arjen Robben found Dirk Kuyt at the near post who then flicked on to Sneijder for a quickly redirected header past Julio Ceasar. Precision and brilliance all in a few seconds.

Obviously, Sneijder wouldn’t come cheap. Potential Ballon d’Or winners who’ve just won everything in their path would surely have an inflated transfer fee attached to them. Inter Milan would be silly to let him go as he’s now at the peak and in the prime of his career. Still, Sneijder would be a brilliant addition to the Premier League’s attacking flair.

Potential fit in Premier League – Manchester United

Asamoah Gyan – My heart still breaks for Ghana as their story of elimination must go down as one of the most gutting in World Cup history. Gyan could have sent his country to the semi’s with the last kick of the ball after an excruciating 120 minutes, but his spot kick heard round the continent of Africa just wasn’t to be.

His failure at the spot shouldn’t take away from the brilliant tournament the current Rennes striker did in fact have. Gyan is a strong and powerful striker with pace. He’s best when he receives good service into the box and needs only a moment to set himself and pick his spot for a deadly strike.

Gyan seems more poised for a Premier League switch than the previously mentioned Sneijder. In a recent interview with The Sun, Gyan was quoted as saying, “I always dream about playing in the Premier League. The sooner the better“.

Potential fit in Premier League – West Ham or recently promoted Newcastle United.

Michael Bradley – In five years time, US Soccer fans could realistically be talking about Bradley as one of the best, if not the best soccer player the US has ever produced. Currently in the Bundesliga with Borussia Mochengladbach, Bradley had a fantastic World Cup in the center of midfield for the US where he was able to show his strength, vision, passing abilities and smart decision making as the US won their group.

I like the way Bradley seems to stand tall in midfield like a classic general. He’s strong and isn’t afraid to get forward when the opportunity presents itself. He’s sure to be a future Captain of the US, possibly even at the next World Cup in 2014. Still only 22, Bradley looks set for a long and successful career in Europe.

Potential fit in Premier LeagueTottenham Hotspur

Yoann Gourcuff – let’s face it, the French play maker had a woeful World Cup. Sent off in the last group stage match with what was deemed violent conduct, Gourcuff was never able to show his true talent in a France squad that was more dysfunctional than the Royal Tenebaums.

Still, one cannot base an entire career on a few games. Currently at Bordeaux in France, Gourcuff is the kind of silky smooth play maker that would thrive in the fast pace, attacking tempo of the Premier League. Dashingly handsome and dubbed the next Zidane for some time now, the Premier League beckons for the young midfield maestro.

Potential fit in Premier League – a perfect fit at Arsenal.

Milos Krasic – the speedy Serbian winger had a great World Cup for a Serbia team who failed to impress and progress out of a tough group. Turning in a man of the match performance in his country’s 1-0 win over eventual semi finalists Germany, Krasic possess the speed and skill needed to succeed in the Premier League. There’s not a skill in midfield Krasic doesn’t possess, he’s brilliant with the ball at his feet, he’ll run at and take on defenders and he can shoot from range.

Currently at CSKA Moscow in the Russian Premier League since 2004, Krasic performed well in last seasons UEFA Champions League before being knocked out by eventual Champions Inter Milan in the quarter finals.

Potential fit in Premier League – Liverpool – could add some much needed width to their attack.

Whether these players will ever kick a ball in anger in England is yet to be seen. What’s known is that they’d add dimensions to the star power already playing in England and would sure be fun to watch each week.

Which players would you like to see playing in the Premier League either for your club or that would fit in well at another team?

15 thoughts on “Premier League Fans: Who Would You Like to See in the Premier League This Season?”

  1. Calling Bradley as a fit at Spurs doesn’t really work, since they have a surplus at that position after signing Sandro from Internacional. Still, good job on this, just thought I’d point it out.

    1. Bradley? He isn’t even close to being good enough for the top 4, could he play in the Prem? Yes, but somewhere like Fulham, West Ham, Bolton or Wigan. I certainly don’t see him getting in any of the top 8 teams in the Prem.

  2. Still holding out hope that United go after Gourcuff. Seems that it’ll take Özil saying that he wants to play for Barça or another team outbidding us like Chelsea seem to be doing with Sneijder.

  3. As far as who i would like to see, not many that aren’t already playing there. The one’s I would want to see are the likes of xavi, inesta, villa, messi and maybe a couple of the germans like ozil and muller.
    I haven’t really been that impressed by this world cup, I think it has been one of the poorer ones I’ve seen since i stared watching them in 1986. I don’t know why, maybe the negative football most teams have been playing or just the buzz of the horns has really put me off.
    Lets hope the final is good and atleast it can go out on a high. Personally, I’m ready for the Prem to get going

  4. i would like to see Muller @ United (of course)

    not likely, as he seems like a guy that will stay in deutschland forever

    1. Chelsea can take ’em all… 😉

      Out of those, the ones I want the Blues to sign most are Kun Aguero and Sneijder.

  5. I’d like to see Marek Hamsik make the switch from Napoli to the EPL. Not sure what team, Everton or Liverpool if Stevie G ever left.

  6. Thanks for mentioning Michael Bradley

    …I’ve watched a lot of his matches at BM and he does a great job in the Bundesliga…He’s got a motor and I would love to see him patrolling some back line in the Premier League but at one of the TOP FOUR sides

    …Indeed he can be the first American outfield player to make a mark on the EPL…

  7. Fabregas. Don’t want him to leave for Barca. And he didn’t play in the World Cup, but I’d like to see Mario Balotelli in England. It’s probably a good thing too that he didn’t play for Italy this Cup.

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