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Man United Home Shirt: New Photos Released for 2010-11 Season

man united new home shirt Man United Home Shirt: New Photos Released for 2010 11 Season

The number of leaked photographs of Manchester United’s new home jersey for the 2010-11 season continues to increase. And now four new photos have been leaked by website.

In the new close-up pictures, we get to see more detail than ever before of Man United’s new home shirt. Features to note include:

  • the “MUFC” letters in white, on the top back of the shirt,
  • the detail in the white stripe that runs from the collar down the sleeves, and
  • the chevron-shaped detail running down the back of the shirt.

Share your feedback about the new Manchester United football shirt design in the comments section below.

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16 Responses to Man United Home Shirt: New Photos Released for 2010-11 Season

  1. MUFC Nutter says:

    mine should be delivered on monday! can’t wait!

  2. Marc says:

    Green and Gold until the club is sold

  3. MUFC Nutter says:

    you can green and gold all u want, but i will wear the shirt of the club i love. truth is, we have enjoyed much success while under the glazer’s rule. like ‘em or not, it’s a fact and this protest is splitting the fans and effecting the players.

    maybe u should buy a norwich shirt if u like g&g so much.

    • Marc Shepherd says:

      I am wearing my green and gold shirt right now. Keep giving money to the Glazers and see how much they give back to the club I love.

      • Jeff says:

        Your only hurting the team with these stupid green and gold protests. What does green and gold have to do with the Glazers? You should be wearing red and singing songs about United to support the players on the field instead of wearing green and gold and singing anti Glazers songs. That is doing nothing for the team on the field and the Glazers could care less.

        Also, how much at the end of the day is shirt sales really effecting the Glazers? My guess is it is not as much as you think. And if it is a lot, then at the end of the day it is ultimately hurting the club and the players. Some people just don’t think things through sometimes. Try thinking with your brain and not just your heart.

  4. troy says:

    same here, nutter. actually had a great deal for the last couple days. they were offering free printing, which brought the total to 80.00 (including shipping from uk). got nani this time. already have two rooney’s (one from last year, one from 07/08), a giggsy and a valencia. i like the new kit, but nothing tops the old school style one from 07/08, with the gold trim.

  5. troy says:

    also, the rooney with #8 is a classic, too bad i’ve worn it so much it’s falling apart.

  6. Seminole Gunner says:

    Is that Optimus Prime on the back?

  7. troy says:

    lol @ seminole. I was joking that it looked like a decepticon with some friends. good thing the name and # will be covering it

  8. anubhav says:

    this jersey sucks!!!i am man utdss biggest fan but seriously this jersey sux!!!!

  9. Mudidi Brian says:

    I think it’s really a good jersey for united and the players will be really smart thanks for the nike company and to the officials of united
    United for ever

  10. Serdar says:

    How can you say this jersey sucks? Have you not seen the last year’s Chevron mark jersey? Haven’t seen this in person but a HUGE improvement IMO…Plus Aon fonts look much better than AIG. I could do without the Puma Italy wannabe shirt print on the back.

  11. dan says:

    oh for everyone saying this shirt sux ,sorry im not american , you mean sucks and no it doesnt. the new shirt is because new sponsor, not to make more money. just what have the glazers done wrong you bunch of lemmings.

  12. Phanny says:

    can’t wait 2 have 1 the AIG was creepy thanx AON

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