What Has Been Your Favorite Moment of the 2010 World Cup?

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It’s time to get introspective and to think back to the entire World Cup tournament thus far and to ask you to pick out your favorite moment. It could have been a goal, it could have been a save, it could be anything World Cup 2010 related.

This is a tricky question because there have been so many wonderful moments. The injury-time winner by Landon Donovan against Algeria. The incredible last few minutes of the Uruguay against Ghana game where the unthinkable happened. Carlos Tevez’s rocket for Argentina against Mexico. The goal by South Africa to open the tournament. The senile Raymond Domenech refusing to shake hands with South Africa’s manager at the game of their game. Seeing Fabio Capello make a mockery of Stuart Pearce. Any of David Villa’s beautiful goals for Spain this tournament. And so on.

But for me, my favorite moment of the World Cup was the unbelievable goal by Giovanni van Bronckhorst against Uruguay. It was one of those shots that reminded me of the 1978 World Cup by Nene Cubillas of Peru where the ball seem to be sucked up into the top corner of the net. Except, for van Bronckhorst, the goal came from open play. Despite all of the issues with the Jabulani ball, he hit it so inch-perfect that it sailed into the top corner past the reach of Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. It was a shot that no goalkeeper in the world could stop. Even the way the ball hit the top corner of the post and went in was perfect. It’s the type of shot that someone can take fifty times and only get it so perfect one time.

Not only does the thunderstrike go down as the best goal of the 2010 World Cup, but it’s also one of the best goals ever scored in any World Cup.

How about you? What’s been your favorite moment of the 2010 World Cup? Share your story in the comments section below.

24 thoughts on “What Has Been Your Favorite Moment of the 2010 World Cup?”

  1. This world cup has been painfully barren of memorable moments. Donovan’s goal the most exciting and the Van Bronckhorst goal, the best so far.

  2. I’ll go with Neuer’s breathtaking save of Lampard’s strike. How he managed to keep the ball from going over the line and preserve Germany’s 2-1 lead I’ll never know . . .

  3. The goal you mention was the best of the tournament, no doubt.

    My favorite moment? Escaping from work to watch the 2nd half of USA/Algeria in the back of a crappy (really crappy) sandwich shop, the only spot in town with a tv. 90 minutes gone in what was looking to be a soul-shattering event, a stranger- a middle-aged kind of nerdy type- started trying to act cool and knowledgeable, asking “how are the boys doing, man!,” etc..
    He was as unprepared for the goal as he was for the scream of joy that I let rip on his face, as well as the double high-five that he received with his hands in front of his chest, inches apart from one another, almost as if to protect himself. I shook him by the shoulders a bit; he celebrated like someone who had arrived late and didn’t yet know what was being celebrated. The crappy sandwich guys came from behind the counter, shrugged. I shook hands with the stranger and wished him a good day and spent the rest of it high as a kite.
    This was far from the ‘best’ moment of the cup, but for me, certainly the most exciting and one I’ll remember.

    Lets hope Spain doesn’t dazzle/bore us to death with their skilled passing/keep away… Come on you Dutch!

    1. Great story Gary. Thanks for sharing! I had a similar experience during the Germany against Argentina game, where I screamed in delight after a wonderful goal by Germany only to scare the Argentinian girls next to me, who must have jumped about three feet.

      The Gaffer

  4. a few points.

    for me it was the coverage. the HD. commentary. Roberto Martinez. podcasts. daily analysis.

    but most importantly, I enjoyed the different tactics I was able to learn about during this world cup, things I’ll take with me throughout the next Premier League season.

    little tid bits of info on players, formations, styles, which will help me to become a better football supporter, more attentive, a student of the game, more educated, etc.

  5. Donovan’s goal. I was about to turn off the TV in disgust and make my way back to the office, disappointed that I skipped work only to watch the US fall at the group stage for the second world cup in a row. But Ian Darke’s voice rising with excitement as Donovan ran with the ball made me freeze with the remote in my hand, a few seconds later I was jumping up and down the living room.

  6. Definitely the Algeria/USA game. I took a 2 hour lunch to watch the game. Luckily we have a nice little cafe with a 32″ lcd tv so it was good viewing. It was awesome to have people floating in and out. The bosses didn’t even really care so that was awesome. With ever near miss the 10 of us or so gathered at the time would sigh or cheer and 5 more people would run into the kitchen.

    By the time it was in added time we had a good 15-20 people in that 10 x 15 room and when Donovan scored we all went crazy and another 20 came flying in. We work in a job where we are on the phone quite a bit, it’s in the tech industry and we work with HP and IBM and people came running in saying they just hung up with them and they could hear the yells from them a little before us so we must have been on a delay.

    What a great moment. Loved it!

  7. I think there have been plenty of good moments and some really fine goals. However, after thinking about this for an hour or so, I think the most “wonderful moment” was probably Slovakia beating Italy to get into the knockout round.

    The game was o.k. not great, the last 20 minutes were thrilling but to see a team representing a nation for the first time in the WC defeat one of the historically colossal WC powers gave me goosebumps. I remember staring at the t.v. as everyone was celebrating and feeling so good for the team and country.

    I am not a slav or even European but this “yank” was impressed by an achievement that was often been overlooked by the pundits.

  8. I can pick several…

    1. Donovan’s injury time goal. I think a lot of casual viewers finally got part of what is so great about soccer in that moment.

    2. France fails to advance. What can I say, both of my parents are from Ireland, and thus I deeply feel the injustice of France getting into the World Cup at Ireland’s expense.

    3. Not a moment per say.. not yet anyway, but the moment that a new nation will win the World Cup for the first time :).

  9. There are certain moments in sports that transcend time for each of us. I am old enough to remember The Miracle on Ice (even though it was tape delayed), Mary Lou Retton’s “10”, Keri Strugg’s broken ankle, and more recently Michael Phelp’s “touch” of the wall.

    Landon Donovan’s goal (and to some extent Bradley’s goal in the Slovenia game) is one of those moments where I’ll never forget where I was, what I was doing and the elation it brought to not only me but to every single one of the hardcore and bandwagon jumpers in the room at the time.

    In what has been a miserable economic time for so many not only in the US but worldwide, the World Cup has give so many a much needed distraction. I am already missing it.

  10. LOL at all the Donovan praise. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Forlan’s goal was just as stunning as Gio’s, IMHO, and the fact that they’re both captains for their teams was simply amazing. Tevez’s screamer against Mexico and Villa’s goals are memorable for me as well. Though the ultimate highlight for me is definitely the penalty kicks between Ghana and Uruguay, along with all the intense drama right before that epic moment.

    1. I don’t think anyone has claimed that Donovan’s goal in and of itself was a thing of extraordinary beauty. What we are saying is that for any fan — even a very casual one — of the USMNT, that moment, after we were sure we were about to be eliminated, was one of pure bliss, something we will remember for most of our lives.

      Now, if you are not a fan of the USMNT, then perhaps you don’t get it, and we are not saying you have to. But please don’t act like one of our favorite moments does not deserve to be remembered by us.

    2. “LOL at all the Donovan praise. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

      Praise for the moment, not Donovan. And how do you not get it? To that point it was the most exciting moment in the tournament.

  11. 1 Van Bronckhorst’s strike out of nowhere 2 Donovan’s match winner vs Algeria 3 The ever so subtle ” you really are an idiot” look that Roberto Martinez gave Lalas when he leaned back with his usual smirk and stated that ” England have no world class players”

  12. In a strange way, England hitting rock bottom. Hopefully we get a sea change in attitude from the FA, the coaching staff, the players, the fans and the media. No more tired WW2 jokes before we play the Germans – they humiliated us. No more “Rooney/Gerrard/Lampard/Terry is world class” – they are not. No more E-A-S-Y headlines – we are shit until proven otherwise. Capello can set the tone with his next squad for the friendly against Hungary. Let’s see some new blood, new tactics and new commitment. Build for Brazil 2014, not Euro 2012.

    1. France is rock-bottom, and Italy was close behind. Both last in their groups.

      I like your sentiment of wanting new blood. Look at Germany – would they have been better off with Ballack? What would a younger English midfield have done? Also having Defoe up front instead of Heskey seemed to help.

  13. Landon Donovan and the Slovenia comeback.

    We may have only made it to the Round of 16, but I think our guys gave us one of the most exciting World Cup experiences of any country (for better and worse!).

  14. New Zealand’s undefeated World Cup and gritty performance against Italy stands out for me. I won’t forget the team spirit of the Kiwis. They may not have won a single match but given the talent they were up against I think they did very well.

  15. It’s really hard to pick one. For American’s it’s been a special World Cup with the tension filled group games, the massive coverage by ESPN, and the general public interest in the US which has never been seen before. Ok, I’m no expert but within my generally soccer ignorant family and group of friends it was special for me to be able to comment with some authority on the games since even they had to take notice of what was going on in South Africa. My extremely conservative father-in-law would subscribe each blown call in the US games to anti-American sentiment.

    It was very special for me to be able to get down to Florida and take in the US-England game at Wowies. Thanks Chris and Kartik and the group for a great time. Wish I could be there for the final.

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