US Open Cup Video Of Harrisburg Vs RBNY


Well Ladies and Gentleman here are some of the videos from my trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania covering the Round 3 match of the US Open Cup between the City Islanders and the New York Red Bulls. It was a fun trip like I said and here are some of the videos of the town and action.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of power and missed the only goal of the match, but still it was a fun time being over at the Skyline Sports Complex. Like I said I recommend highly for anyone to go and visit the city if they are watching their side in a USL-2nd Division match or in a US Open Cup match.


6 thoughts on “US Open Cup Video Of Harrisburg Vs RBNY”

  1. LOL! 😀 Well if they get a couple Million Dollars, they could make a decent amount of stands and possible locker rooms. But once again, it was a fun trip to take and if the Red Bulls meet the City Islanders in the US Open Cup again and down in Harrisburg again. I will make the trip.

  2. What’s up with the walkway there along the river? Fans can watch the game for free over there. It looks like that’s where you were filming from. So you avoided buying a ticket by watching the match from that walkway? Haha, cheapskate.

    Were there alot of people watching from that riverside walkway? The City Islanders should block the view from there to deter freebies.

    1. No freebies Football Fan. Everyone paid for their ticket. It is a walkway and the pressbox was on my left. The only ones who got there for free was myself due to the credential, the EMS service people, members of the local Harrisburg media.

      Some senior citizens and other members of the public were allowed to bring lawn chairs and sit there as long as they bought their tickets. But like I said, go over there and check it out.

  3. So THAT’S how you pronounce your name! I’ve been saying it like “fehr-stein” this whole time!

    Anyway, looks like a nice trip! Good stuff D!

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