Special 1 TV: Episode 6, Final World Cup Episode

And finally, the World Cup Final has arrived. Who are the cast of Special 1 Tv backing in the big game? A celebrity caller may have the answer. What next for Sven and how long can Mr Capello dodge the bullet? All the answers are here in this, the final World Cup episode of Special1 TV.

Be champions!

5 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Episode 6, Final World Cup Episode”

  1. They best one yet….unfortunately also the last one. Not sure what was missing in the first few episodes…

    Be Champions!!

  2. -Eleven Million.

    -Eleven Million?! You could have gotten a Brazilian for that!

    -I already have Brazilian.

    -Brazilian and Arshavin. Pretty smooth voyeur!


  3. they also have shorts up on the BBC3 website – all except one (which apparently has a fake 1-800 number) are available for all regions and that one is available on youtube (in lower quality)

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