Liverpool Supporters: Is It Time for Steven Gerrard to Move On?

May 09, 2010 - United Kingdom - Football - Hull City v Liverpool Barclays Premier League - The Kingston Communications Stadium - 9/5/10..Liverpool's Steven Gerrard.

As focus on the World Cup soon gives way to the silly season, a plethora of rumors on which players may or may not be leaving or joining new clubs are sure to hit the Internet in abundance in the next four weeks. If you’re new to football, sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment that’s sure to come before the European domestic leagues pick back up in mid August. The silly season always entertains, let it begin.

To start things off, Steven Gerrard, Captain of England and Liverpool, has yet to announce whether or not he’ll stay on at Liverpool as the great club transition into a new era. As the Roy Hodgson days begins, so too could the Stevie G era end as Real Madrid may swoop in for the 30 year old midfielder.

Early talks held by Hodgson with Liverpool players including Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and others have been reported as “positive” while Hodgson has yet to communicate with Spanish striker Fernando Torres due to International duty at the World Cup. Hodgson has stressed his knowledge of the importance of retaining key Liverpool players citing Gerrard and Carragher as the “playing heartbeat” of the club.

But as Gerrard has struggled for club and to a lesser extent country, I thought he was good, not great for England this summer, could there be a better time than now to make a change from the club he’s represented at the senior level since 1998?

Time will tell, but ultimately I hope Gerrard stays in the Premier League and plays for Liverpool until he retires. Gerrard is one of the all time great Premier League players and his eventual retirement at Liverpool would be a breath of fresh air in modern football as so many players seem to kiss the badge and then chase huge pay days. Gerrard has been a loyal servant to Liverpool and I think he deserves his chance to stay on with the club if he so desires.

To further that sentiment, Gerrard is a legend at Liverpool, worshiped by the fans of LFC and will hopefully continue to apply his trade in England and not Real Madrid where I believe his services would be either misused or misunderstood as Madrid seem to throw cash at their problems in a blind attempt they’ll somehow miraculously be solved (the hiring of Jose Mourinho could very well change that).

Should Steven Gerrard take this opportunity to make a fresh start in another European league as he enters into the last few productive seasons of his great career? Are there any Premier League clubs that could realistically make a move for the now England Captain? Feel free to leave a comment below.

16 thoughts on “Liverpool Supporters: Is It Time for Steven Gerrard to Move On?”

  1. I couldnt agree with you more. I want him to stay, and part of that has to do with football, the other part sentimentality. I think he could play anywhere he wanted, but Liverpool is his home and everyone loves him there. I think he had a rough season last year between injuries to him, and injuries to Torres which put more pressure on him to step up and score more goals. Personally I couldnt care less if Masch goes or stays, but Gerrard and Torres are my LFC reasons for living and I would be heartbroken to see them go. Hopefully the owners will keep their noses out of it.

  2. LFC will have it hard enough this season getting back into Champions League qualification. They need the veteran leadership of Carra and Gerrard to transition between managers.

    It’s one thing for the current ownership to lose money and chase off a manager, but if they let the heart and soul of the club walk, fans would be more than justified in withdrawing their support.

  3. To be honest, whatever Gerrard decides to do will be the right decision.

    I’ll be happy if he stays, and happry if he decides to go.
    He owes the club absolutely nothing, and deserves to be winning trophies.

  4. Not to stir up controversy…but a TRUE Liverpool supporter would never ask this question. Stevie G is LFC through and through. If you thought the fans had blind support for Rafa, it’s nothing compared to the love the fans have for Stevie. Stevie, like King Kenny, will be welcome at Anfield forever.

    I will be absolutely crushed if Stevie leaves Anfield. He needs to do what is best for him and his family, but I will be devastated if he leaves.

    He is, as you said, a Liverpool legend. And LFC Red runs through his veins being from Merseyside, his cousins death at Hillsborough, and having never played for another club.

    1. Playing a little devil’s advocate here –

      Is any player above the club? It’s the club that comes first, right?

  5. Gerrard and Dalglish have for me been the best players ever to play for our beloved club…. I hope and prey he stays because his only 30 and i recken he can play upto 37 cause his that good and i’m shure he”ll end up winning the league with us in the next few years which would mean so much more to him than winning with another team…. aswell if he stays than Torres will want to stay too….. You can take Gerrard out of Liverpool but you can’t take liverpool out of Gerrard.

  6. This sort of question, or dilemma, has been a struggle more for fans than players of all major sports teams once free agency became part of their league’s economic landscape.

    Unfortunately the competing interests of the veteran player and a team rarely results in the fans’ sentimentality being rewarded. The club has the delicate task of managing economic resources, seeking a return on investment that is first defined by productivity on the playing field. It would be a novel idea were clubs to consider the less tangible impact of their investment in leadership and other iconic qualities that no far less experienced player can provide to his teammates or to the satisfaction of the fans. Conversely, players are hard pressed to work to the point of professional achievement that affords them the opportunities presented by the lure of the highest bidder, only to decline outside offers in favor of what is typically a “hometown discount” at best (as in some cases, the club has no desire to pay up for a player perceived to be on the descent).

    In Gerrard’s case, LFC faces a scenario of extremes – a true legend in the eyes of its entire base of supporters, a player who is clearly far from his last days of playing and quite capable of contributing (and leading) at a high level, and lastly, a price tag that will be anything but cheap, as is always true in such cases – there only needs to be one bidder with an offer higher than their own to create a market of supply and demand very unfavorable for retaining the services of a legend.

    I agree with the sentiments expressed – there is something virtuous about a player of Gerrard’s caliber, with his history and roots in a club, were he to begin and end his career, uninterrupted, at LFC – I think this is felt by just about any fan of the sport, much less the club (and I am not, that is to say, I have an immense amount of respect for Gerrard and a respectful affection for LFC).

    The endless transfers and paydays can be a bit disheartening – of course there is rooting for the jersey and the player – but there is nothing like the fan experience when there is continuity in both. For LFC supporters, they’ve been able to have a great ride with Gerrard and LFC – it would be a shame to see those days end, rooting for the jersey and the player taking on separate paths.

  7. Gerrard should go. He’s supposed to be the club captain and yet won’t comment on whether to stay or not. Roy should strip him of the captaincy on that alone.

    He hasn’t been anywhere near his great self since his drunken assault after the Newcastle game last year. 2009-10 had him sulking all throughout the season, and certainly not acting like a captain. He was lazy and spent most of his time having a go at the younger players, rather than encouraging them. No doubt he wanted to avoid injury so he didn’t miss another world cup, shame he was poor in that too.

    Good bye Gerrard, thanks for the great times. Good luck at your new club.

  8. Gerrard is officially a no-win situation for Liverpool.

    IF YOU SELL: You’ll never get what you consider appropriate compensation for him. To Liverpool supporters, he’s a legend. To others, he complains about playing out of position, is tactically naive and stopped doing the hard work for teammates years ago. He’s a failure on the international scene and just came off perhaps his worst, indifferent season for LFC. And he’s just passed the magical 3-0 barrier.

    On top of that, as soon as you sell him everyone will know you have money (though not as much as you’d like to receive) and you have a pressing need to spend it. Any possible transactions will face massively inflated prices, plus competition from wealthier clubs, since any replacement will be an obvious target for many sides.

    IF YOU KEEP: Gerrard is akin to a car; depreciating asset. If you didn’t sell him after the ’08/9 campaign, you’re in for the long haul. Sadly, he’s become more disgruntled, showing truculence toward the former boss, and had no “say” in the current one (though he undoubtedly felt entitled to that authority) He also has a good hunch that Torres, the only other useful player save Reina, is likely to go. If last year was a strop because of the conditions he was playing under, how far will the toys fly out of the pram when they get worse this upcoming season?

    Liverpool’s only solution to the current funk is to dig deeper in the youth set up. I honestly don’t know, so I ask instead of challenge: Who has successfully come through the youth ranks since Gerrard? Remember, he’s 30 now. The days of Owen, Gerrard, and Fowler are long ago. Now, it’s Everton who have the young talent, which only proves it’s out there inf you look for it.

    Build with a solid youth program. You can’t go wrong. Even if they don’t turn out to be Liverpool legends, the sale of a few can pay for the youth scheme for another few years. For example, Manchester United sold Frazier Campbell for at least £3.5 million. That more than pays for a few more years of the youth scheme, and allows the next Jonny Evans, Darron Gibson or Darren Fletcher to make his way to the big side.

  9. I certainly hope he doesn’t go. Of everyone in the squad, losing him would hurt most. I don’t know how well his style of play would fit in Spain with Madrid, but I don’t care to find out. Seeing Gerrard in another shirt would suck.

    Liverpool have a struggle ahead, but there are some bright sides to the position we find ourselves in for the coming season from Gerrard’s point of view:

    1. Expectations are much lower so there isn’t as much pressure on him.
    2. Europa League is not as demanding as Champions League, so we have a good shot at continental silverware this season.
    3. Roy Hodgson is a fellow englishman with a good track record who Gerrard will probably have an easier time relating to.

    I hope for the following this offseason:

    1. Gerrard stays
    2. Torres stays or, if he goes, we get more than 50m for him
    3. If Mascherano goes, we get 30m+ for him
    4. Lucas and Riera are sold
    5. Our left side is made a transfer target priority
    6. Aquilani gets a larger chance to show assert himself in midfield.
    7. And finally, the team is sold to people who can afford to run it.

    It isn’t all doom and gloom.

  10. Bishopville Red and Paul are right; Gerrard is like an ’80’s era Ferrari. Still able to turn a few heads, but reminds you constantly of better days gone by. He is a divisive figure at this point and it’s time for him to go. It pains me to see Gerrard and Carragher approaching the final tape, since they have given so much over the years, but I felt the same about Hyypia and his exit was, shall we say, rather unceremonious.

    I disagree completely with Melissa- losing Mascherano would have a far great negative impact than losing either SG or Torres.

  11. if he goes, it would be like when roy keane played for celtic. except for a better club. you know what im trying to say.

  12. Liverpool probably will not even qualify for the CL the following year so why wait?

    Gerrard is counting his years and if he wants major titles, it is time to move on…period

  13. I think it is time for him to go. It’d be good for him personally, I think, to go somewhere and not be the Jesus Christ Superstar of the team.

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