Wesley Sneijder In Old Trafford Switch?

CAPE TOWN, July 6, 2010 Wesley Sneijder of the Netherlands celebrates after the 2010 World Cup semi-final soccer match against Uruguay in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 6, 2010. The Netherlands won 3:2 and is qualified for the final.

Wesley Sneijder has been one of the most impressive players at the World Cup in South Africa, with his performances putting Holland into the World Cup final for the first time since 1978. Now, Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti has announced that Manchester United have been in touch with a serious interest in the 26 year old playmaker.

The Holland international has been heavily linked with a move to the Premier League, after a successful World Cup and a domestic season which saw him lift the treble with Inter Milan. New Inter Milan boss Rafa Benitez will not want to lose his prize asset, but Moratti insists that even if Inter don’t want to sell, it does not mean Manchester United are not hot on the trail.

Moratti said, “The interest from Manchester United in Sneijder is real.” However, Moratti maintained that he wanted to keep Sneijder and the Dutchman’s agent, Soren Lerby, confirmed that Wesley is ready to stay with Inter until 2015. Lerby said, “After the World Cup, we will go to Milan, we will sit around a table with the officials”.

Time will tell whether Sneijder fancies a move to the Premier League or not. He is adored by the Nerazzuri and they will not want him to leave, as he is the linchpin to Inter’s success. Without Sneijder, they do not have the dynamic he possesses and the ability he has to change games in an instant e.g. his defence-splitting ball to Samuel Eto’o to put Chelsea out of the Champions League last season. Without Sneijder, they don’t have the link-up to star striker Diego Milito and no Milito means no goals. No goals means no title and that is something the Inter Milan players, fans and everyone connected with the club crave.

If Sneijder came to the Premiership, he would have the chance to link up with Wayne Rooney and that partnership is one that should strike fear into opposing defender’s hearts, if Rooney can regain the form that saw him score 34 goals in total last season. I believe Sneijder would fancy a move to the Premiership, as he plays with the 23 man Holland squad containing 5 current Premiership players and 4 past Premiership players. Names and sums are being banded about, but when the smoke clears, expect Sneijder to stand prominent… at Inter Milan. He won’t leave and he will settle nicely into iconic status at the San Siro.

27 thoughts on “Wesley Sneijder In Old Trafford Switch?”

  1. Everyone forgets we made the final in 1978, too…

    I think Sneijder should stay with Inter. He’s the World Player of the Year so far, IMO, and I agree, he could become an icon there.

  2. Sneijder and Rooney would be an awesome duo…. I think he would relish the chance of playing in the prem. I only wish united bought him last year for far less!

  3. Not only did the Netherlands also make the final in ’78, but Rensenbrink’s shot was probably half an inch from a victorious goal in the 90′ People forget how close that match was because Argentina scored to 2 goals in extra time but it was a great one. Also a shame that Cruyff wasn’t able to participate.

  4. Let’s review: Sneijder wins the Champs League, scoring vital goals and controlling the midfield in most of the key games. Ditto in his Serie A campaign. Now he’s put himself and his teammates in position to win the WC. He would want to play for ManU because…..

    (still thinking)

    Hmm. I can’t come up with a compelling reason for him to do this. For me, Real Madrid look foolish for selling him to Inter for about half what they paid for him.

    1. because he might be inspired my mourinho and want to be a champion in all the big leagues in europe (he’s won la liga, he’s won his home league (eredivisie), he’s won serie a, he’s a european champion, all that is left is becomng a champion in england). I don’t think there is any player that has won la liga, serie a, and the premiership. That would be a superb accomplishment. A downright legendary one to be honest.

      1. maybe. I think if Sneijder goes, it’s because he either doesn’t want to play for Rafa or maybe he wants to play for some other specific coach but I don’t think Man U is going to be a good fit. I’d think a year or two with Arsenal (obviously wouldn’t work with RVP) or Chelsea would seem to fit Sneijder’s personality more. Actually Liverpool would probably be the perfect fit if they still had money and were no longer (apparently) a selling club

        1. Scott, you are so right. I remember his name kicked around as a Pool target a few years back, when the Xabi Alonso transfer first surfaced. Oh, what could have been…

          1. I’d be in favour, would that mean we’d sell Lamps or have him drift a bit farther back and to the right?


    2. He’s won all there is to win in Italy.

      Unless they do the trebel again, which you can asume they wont, the next season will be a disapointment.

  5. Why would Sneijder even consider going from a stable, well-run, treble-winning team to a debt-riddled team full of awful English players, has-beens, and Dimitar Berbatov? It’s ridiculous articles like this that make the EPL a laughing stock to most intelligent football fans.

  6. Maybe it’s because Man Utd are a bigger club that Inter. Don’t get caught up in what they did last year, that was the first time in god knows how many years that Inter has been anywhere near the final, in fact they got sent packing from the competition the year before by guess who? That’s right, Man Utd.
    Italian football is shit, the only reason they did anything last year was because of Jose, now he’s gone we’ll see how far they get this year.
    Sneijder, needs to drop that team and that league like a bad habit.

  7. I wish that we’d gone after him when Madrid was selling him at a cut-rate price.

    I still don’t believe the story but if we have to now pay £25m for the guy when we could have had him for £12m or whatever he cost, and Fergie keeps whining about value all the time, perhaps we should maybe get someone like Gourcuff who’s ALMOST at Sneijder’s level, isn’t as injury prone, and has the potential to become even better. Sneijder is amazing but I feel like he’s peaking.

    As for those who wonder why he’d want to come here. Rafa’s about to step him and tear the team apart and Sneijder could be the engine of a much bigger and better team.

    But like I said, it’s probably not going to happen because we don’t have any money. £10m pound, obscure youngsters and (I THOUGHT) free agents. But now it appears the Joe Cole is too expensive as well.

  8. Sneijder should join man utd …because inter milan coach now is benitez not mourinho…benitez fall to bring any league title for liverpool..i sure benitez was a bad coach that cannot bring anything to inter milan….so join man utd was the best move for Sneijder because he can win everthing for man utd…

  9. yeah..i couldn’t agree more..Wes should play for MU..and i think MU is going to be a very good fit for him..besides, inter’s new manager rafa is not a good manager like Maurinho..just look what he did to liverpool when he was there..they don’t win any silverware at all as far as i know..besides, i don’t like his personality..he seems arrogant to me..

    1. To: SuFF

      1st of all I’m NOT a rafa supporter or detractor…
      But you say he didn’t win any silverware at Liverpool, how about 2005 Champions League… in Turkey vs AC Milan… does that count?

      Also, before he came to England from ’01 – ’04 he was 2x champs of Spain & won a UEFA Cup.
      So he HAS won some silverware & more than many have.

      & your comment “he seems arrogant to me” … lol … Isn’t that a bit arrogant of you … lol …
      & JM & SAF aren’t arrogant … lol …

      You like JM but not rafa because he is arrogant… lol …
      Something is wrong with your logic.
      Or perhaps you can think again & give us the REAL reason or is it just a feeling you have… lol …

      Which manager ISN’T arrogant…& would you want one who wasn’t?

      Also, which of us isn’t arrogant? I think it is part of the human condition isn’t it?… lol …

      So, bash rafa if you want only give better reasons other then he didn’t win any hardware & is arrogant.

    2. He won the FA Cup and Champions League and made it to the finals of the League cup and the finals of another Champions League with Liverpool.

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