Uruguay 2-3 Holland: In Pictures

 Uruguay 2 3 Holland: In Pictures

There was something about the game between Uruguay and Netherlands that was sublime. And it wasn’t just the goals – even though all five were glorious. It was the way that both teams played their hearts out and the incredible ending where it seemed that the injury time kept on running and that the final whistle would never be heard.

But it came to an end for Uruguay who played an incredible tournament and progressively got better as they advanced through the tournament. I’m definitely going to miss Uruguay, just as I did Ghana and plenty of other teams. But tonight the victory goes to Netherlands who thoroughly deserved the win. Arjen Robben played the game of his life tonight.

What a victory for the Dutch and what a final we will have on Sunday! Next up, though, is the semi-final on Wednesday between Germany and Spain. Here are more images from Uruguay against Netherlands.

 Uruguay 2 3 Holland: In Pictures

 Uruguay 2 3 Holland: In Pictures  Uruguay 2 3 Holland: In Pictures

 Uruguay 2 3 Holland: In Pictures  Uruguay 2 3 Holland: In Pictures

3 thoughts on “Uruguay 2-3 Holland: In Pictures”

  1. the game of his life? dont get me wrong his goal was superb but besides that was he really all that effective? he had heavy touches on several attacks and was set up for several chances that he did poorly not to finish. he is certainly a figure that always intimidates opposing defenses (much like torres) but this was hardly his best game ever.

    1. I wrote the words minutes after the high of Holland winning so I probably got carried away a bit, but if you watch the game again, Robben decided to stay on his feet for this game and was a dribbling wizard, cutting to and fro against Uruguay. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone dribble as well as he did today.

      The Gaffer

  2. We were out for most of the first half and caught the 2nd half at Fuddrucker’s – which was fun – we were cheering on the Netherlands, and there were a few cheering on Uruguay who left when the Netherlands got the 3rd goal – the atmosphere was more fun watching it outside the house …. and yummy good too …

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