England Fans: Should There be a Clear Out at the National Level?

Ullevi Stadium Gothenburg England v Spain (2-0) U21 Championship 2009. 18.06.2009 England U21 Team Photo Gudmund Svansson Fotosports International / Pic-Agency
  • The starting XI for the England U21’s 2-0 victory over Spain in the 2009 Euro Championship

With one of the two World Cup finalists now set for this coming Sunday, England fans will now get the distinct pleasure of picking another European rival to root for as the brilliant Orange face either Spain or Germany for the 2010 accolades.

In England related news however, skipper and Liverpool old boy Steven Gerrard has spoke of his desire to not quit England and vows to make himself available for his country as he nears his thirties. “There is no way I want the disappointment of the Germany game to be my last for England“, Gerrard told Liverpool’s official website.

With such a disappointing performance from the so-called golden generation of English football conveniently in the rear view, Gerrard went on to speak of his understanding that there will be changes in the squad as England look forward to Euro 2012 qualification. But who gets the ax and what new blood get their chance?

It looks as if Fabio Capello will have to make some tough decisions as England look to the future because there hasn’t been an England player to announce international retirement as of yet. Only Gerrard’s Liverpool team mate Jamie Carragher who came out of retirement for one last go ’round has announced he’ll no longer be available – an obvious move for all involved.

Further changes to the current England squad bring up the age old question of the depth of the talent pool in England and whether or not there are enough viable candidates to make the step to the national team. Also on debate here is the question of management v personnel. Written about time and time again is the “who’s to blame” question regarding the England debacle, but regardless of where you stand on the debate, here are a few young players that I believe Capello will want to incorporate into the squad for Euro 2012 qualification in one form or another.

  • Adam Johnson – Not breaking any new ground here. Should have been in South Africa because of his poise and effective play on the wing. He’s a young player when it comes to Premier League experience, but Johnson made a big impact for Manchester City last season as soon as he was afforded the chance. Excellent crosser of the ball and a player who deserves a shot at the senior squad ASAP in order to gain valuable experience.
  • Michael Mancienne – has stared for the U21’s in tournaments past and is one of the most experienced at that level. The Chelsea man currently on loan at Wolves saw first team football at Molineux at both center back and defensive midfield during the 09-2010 season. Not a bad shout for replacing Rio Ferdinand in both looks and style of play, Mancienne should be considered as at least a squad player in Mr. Capello’s plan very soon as new blood is needed to soon replace an aging back line.
  • Lee Cattermole – the midfield hard man has now spent five years in the Premier League making over 120 appearances but has only managed 16 caps for the U21’s. Cattermole’s potential in midfield displays what this England team lacked at the World Cup, an effective tackler of the ball with pace who can protect the back four. Cattermole is a hard worker in the vein of a Nigel de Jong or Javier Mascherano. His desire to get stuck in greatly reminds me of Roy Keane.
  • Jack Rodwell – another obvious choice, strong and physical. The Everton youngster made his Premier League debut when he was 16, 2 days short of turning 17. Yet to really settle on his strongest position – central defense, defensive midfielder, or a more attacking midfield role, Rodwell seems to impress wherever he’s employed for Everton. At only 19, Rodwell has made 11 appearances for the U21’s, but possesses the tools needed to excel in the Premier League and possibly at the international level if brought up soon to gain much needed experience.
  • Jack Wilshere – the Arsenal attacking midfielder has limited experience at the U21 level only having made five appearances. But the on loan Bolton player has impressed Arsene Wenger enough at Arsenal to stick around at least for now. With the different styles he’s been able to learn from – Arsenal’s all out attack and Bolton’s long-ball defensive set up, Wilshere has the ability to adapt to different formations and will be one to watch this Premier League season as his potential and skill continue to grow.

As much as the heartbreak and dread hurt England fans during the 2010 World Cup, there is still room for optimism among the England faithful. A small core of current England players are still only in their early to mid twenties. Wayne Rooney, Glen Johnson, Jermaine Defoe, Joe Hart, and others form the nucleus to build a Euro 2012 and World Cup 2014 squad around. Lets hope the players make good on their promise and Mr. Capello soon gives them the shot they deserve.

7 thoughts on “England Fans: Should There be a Clear Out at the National Level?”

  1. Tom Cleverly of Man Utd is a regular English U-21 member and did fantastic last season at Watford scoring 11 goals from the midfield (despite missing the last few months injured). He will spend this season on loan at Newcastle so if he can prove his worth in the Prem he might be another young prospect for the future England NT.

  2. mancienne is a shit CB, might get better but not good enough at EPL level, as a combatitive DM not too bad though. Rodwell is a good DM but his role will be CB, he would be amazing there.

    adam johnson should have been at sth africa. a left winger that can operate on the right as well.

  3. I don’t think it is worth bringing young players in for the sake of it, they have to be good enough. Adam Johnson should have gone to South Africa and should have started on the left in a 4-5-1. Apart from that though, i don’t think anyone other than Milner and Hart were ready.
    That said, the Euro’s are 2 years away and it is time to consider getting new blood in for that, Huddlestone, Milner, A.Johnson and Hart should now all be starting for England. Hopefully the likes of Rodwell, Gibbs, M.Richards and Wilshire will get some more games for their clubs and try to prove that they deserve to be there.
    Players like Hargreaves, Ronney, G Johnson, Walcott and A Cole are all still quite young so they will be there for the Euro’s and the World Cup in Brazil.

    Players out – Lampard (will be too old), Barry (not good enough and too slow), Upson (not good enough) James (too old and not good enough), Green (not good enough)

    Players in the balance – Terry, Ferdinand, Gerrard. These players are coming towards the end of their cereer, they probably could make it at the Euro’s but how much do they want it? If they are going to go with a can’t be arsed attitude, then they need to go too and we can fill the team with the u-21’s who got to the final along with the likes of Rooney, A Cole, A johnson and Hargeaves

  4. lampard will last longer the gerrard will. gerrard is all about athletic ability, his game intelligence is all over the shop and he relies on his ability to run around like a chicken with no head kicking everything that moves. lampard is a bit withdrawn, he has had his best season yet for chelsea(and thats been the case for nearly every season now it seems), lampard might be getting on but looking at the midfield other then wilshere and mceachran i dont see a single decent attacking CM among the lot of em.

  5. Follow Germany’s example and use young players like Johnson, Jagielka, Cattermole, Wilkshere, Ashley Young & Agbonlahor in the friendlies & in Euro qualifiers. Get them proper international match experience. Be prepared to accept poor results at the start but learn from mistakes, look at whose good and who needs more time & continue to use them in proper games. You only game experience from playing in tough, pressure filled matches.

    Germany have used their youth to an advantage by having experienced players like Philip Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose & Lukas Podolski, and their not exactly old are they! They will all with the exception of Klose be in the Euro 2012 team barring freak injuries etc.

    Don’t just pump money into a system that doesn’t work and expect it to. Learn whats wrong, clear out all the over 30’s and replace them with young players from age 16-25. You will reap the benfits for a long time & you don’t have to wait long, Germany have used players who won the 2008 U-21 Euro’s tournament against England.

    4-0 I believe!

    1. The strange thing about that U-21 competition was that England had already beaten Germany in the early round of that competition, England finished top and germany second. Those two teams played the top two teams from the other group and they both met in the final again.
      England went into it a bit sure of themselves I think having already beaten them and the Germans gave them a kicking but it still shows we have some good young players and they need to be given a chance

  6. Yes Yes Yes we need invention,legs,motivation, desire, everything that was missing from the shambles in South Africa. Hey, even drop Rooney. It might do him good. he has the sort of temperament to fight back and produce his best. Why didn’t Capello bring on Mick Jagger? he was there and no doubt could have run the socks off half the shuffling England team. Hell, he would have easily overtaken that ambling oaf – Barry – and probably made it back to our penalty area to intercept the two German breakaway goals

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