Barcelona Chase Cesc Fabregas

Barcelona splashed out on David Villa already this summer, tempting the hotshot Spaniard into the Camp Nou for £34.2 million. However, new president Sandro Rosell hasn’t finished there and he now plans a raid on Arsenal’s captain Cesc Fabregas.

Fabregas was on the Barca books until the age of 16, when he left to join the Gunners. Barcelona now want him back and are very keen to recruit Cesc, despite having a £30 million bid turned down for the Arsenal man. Rosell will not be submitted to Arsenal demands and has said that even though “the whole world knows he wants to come”, he will not be held to a £50 million ransom.

Rosell is content to splash out between £35-40 million for Fabregas and believes that because of the heavy public glare these rumours have produced, the price tag is going to raise. The new Barca president said, “It’s a topic that has become so public and that’s the worst thing you can do… it makes the selling club raise the expectations and you end up paying over the odds”.

It has been reported that Barcelona chief Pep Guardiola recently took a trip to the Spain squad’s base in South Africa to see his Barcelona players and how they were shaping up. It seems very suspicious that a club manager would take a trip to an international base to check up on his players, especially in the era of e-mail and the mobile phone. There’s no doubt that if Guardiola did make the trip, talks between him and Fabregas would have definitely taken place.

The question is, where does Fabregas’ heart lie? Does he long to go back to Catalunya and play for his boyhood club, or does he want to stay in North London and spearhead Arsenal’s charge for a first league title since the 2003-04 team, which went through the entire campaign undefeated? If Fabregas went to Barcelona, he would not be in the starting line up. Fact. He doesn’t start for Spain behind a triple midfield contingent of Sergio Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta. Where do they all play? The Camp Nou. He won’t start and I don’t think Fabregas is the type of player, who is happy to come off the bench, pick up appearances to contribute towards a medal, yet not play a role in the season. That’s not who Fabregas is. If Barcelona can promise Fabregas a first team slot week in and week out, he’ll be on the plane quicker than Sandro Rosell can write out the cheque for his services.

Fabregas could stay at Arsenal, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to win anything until Arsene Wenger changes his transfer policy of holding out for the cheap bargains, the veterans and bringing, from the youth system, very young players and attempting to mould them into stars. You can see Fabregas is getting frustrated and that frustration might tip him to move back to Barca and challenge on a domestic and world front with relative ease. I think he’ll stay at Arsenal, but if he does, will his mind be right for them to rely on him? One thing’s for sure, I can’t wait to see the outcome.

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  1. Hey Brian,
    It’s in the best interest of Cesc himself to stay on as Arsenal captain where he is rewarded with first team football, being the main focal player for the Gunners and cherished by Arsenal supporters every time he steps on the pitch. Everything runs through him. He will miss this when he steps on to Camp Nou. Wenger will buy players and strengthen his squad. This is not the right time for Cesc to leave, just when Arsenal are so close to lifting the silverware. I hope he stays on. Him and a fit and firing RVP will be lethal for the Gunners along with all other supporting casts.
    Anyway, if he leaves, as an Arsenal fan, I hope he does well and proves his potential.

  2. I would take the opposite view – Cesc knows that he will not start in Barcelona. He is in his prime and wants to play top-flight football while he still can. He sees the EPL and an Arsenal squad that is his. He is the face of the squad, and if he leads Arsenal to a major trophy, he will be legendary. He will play in a media center which will only increase his visibility. Eventually, he can go home to Barcelona, but the next year or two is his best chance to cement his reputation as a superstar and I think that will convince him to stay.

  3. I wouldn’t be so sure if barca are going to “splash out between £35-40 million” considering they just took out a loan of 40 mil to pay for villa.

    Or Barca are going to take a step down off their high horse and join the rest of the in debt clubs. I’m fine with Barca following the likes of Real Madrid, Man U, etc. If the move does go through just don’t want to hear from their fans about how their club does everything “the right way.”

  4. The circus that this has turned into is beyond ridiculous. Rosell’s comments don’t even make sense. Who is forcing Barca to do anything? Arsenal have basically said nothing in the press except that they rejected the offer and the player wasn’t for sale. All of the media fodder comes from Barca and they appear to be negoitiating with themselves.

    The reporting is hilarious. The press is constantly reporting that negotiations are on-going. Aren’t two parties required to negotiate? I’m a Barca fan but they really look ridiculous through this whole thing.

    Incidentally, I believe it’s better for Arsenal if they sell at a fair price. Every player is replacable and the constant speculation can’t be good for the team.

  5. What?? Barceloanme chasing Fabrigas? Surely not, first time I’ve heard about it. Whow, investigative journalism on the edge.

    1. This story has been out there for 2 maybe 3 seasons…

      He is under contract at Arsenal. Arsenal doesn’t want to sell him

      end of…

      He can wait if he likes for a Bosman. otherwise papertalk as they say… Barca paper talk more like it

  6. He wants to go. That has been confirmed time and time again.

    Arsenal will not have this go away so they can either sell him now or deal with this ALL this season and next and even further in the future

    He wants to go and Arsenal should sell him now with some high value

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