How Will You Spend Your Time After the World Cup?

July 05, 2010 - Cape Town, South Africa - epa02237835 Netherlands national soccer team player speeds during the team's training session at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, 05 July 2010. Netherlands will face Uruguay in the FIFA 2010 World Cup semi final on 06 July.
  • The Dutch prepare for their World Cup semi, how will you prepare for life after the World Cup?

Having returned home after two days away celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends, I find my humble abode in it’s normal state of comfort, totally empty of anything resembling normal nourishment, and not a soccer match to be found here, there or anywhere. At least not until the World Cup semi’s take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As quickly as this massive week of world football approaches, so too does the end of the fantastic month long World Cup which will place football fans the world over in an unknown wilderness devoid of much live soccer on offer. With the major European domestic leagues still just over a month away, myself and so many others will experience the odd sensation of having a huge gap of free time to fill incorporated into our normal day to day activity.

Here are a few decent options for all to ponder when attempting to recover from the absence of football after such an exciting World Cup.

  • Catch up on reading – we all have a number of great football books we’ve been meaning to read for some time now. The month between the end of the World Cup and the start of the European domestic campaigns is a perfect few weeks to finally tackle that book you’ve been wanting to check out. I’ve been reading Jonathan Wilson’s Inverting the Pyramid on and off for a few months now and it’s simply astonishing how in depth, informative and educational Wilson’s seminal work is. More great ideas for football related books can be found here.
  • MLS – I’m no expert on my own domestic league, which is a bit sad, I just haven’t been able to devote the time needed to immerse myself in the teams and players. However, I do watch the odd game and can assure folks just like myself that it is a good league where good football is played. ESPN usually offers a gme or two per week and the broadcasts are always in stunning HD.
  • Clear out your DVR – we all have 10-15 matches from the World Cup DVR’d for some reason unknown to me, but I’ll most definitely go through and re-visit some of the classic matches from the 2010 World Cup in the next month before the Premier League kicks off. The Netherlands v Brazil quarter final will surely be top of my list – an instant classic.
  • FSC and FSC+ – Sure it feels like the 2 channels are still somewhat stuck in the stone age only offering their programming on standard definition for the majority of subscribers, but the 2 Fox channels still have something to offer before club football picks back up with a few great shows. The 500 Greatest Goals series is quite enjoyable, International and Football Rivalries, The Greatest and Sky Sports News are all good enough to bridge the gap between the World Cup’s demise and your favorite European league resuming.
  • Take a break, switch off – most of us have needed a break or two from football this past month as the group stages gave way to the knockout stages and so forth – and we’ve gotten it. But there’s nothing wrong with recharging your batteries with other sports, various TV shows, NetFlix, a little sunshine and or exercise or going to the movies. Club football will resume soon enough and will take footie fans through the end of next spring, which means plenty of football is headed our way soon and will last until next summer.

Those are some of the things I’ll be doing in the next month before the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A resume to once again fill my plate. First, football fans have two brilliant semi finals and a World Cup final to look forward to this week. What else will you be doing after the World Cup ends to fill your time before club football begins?

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  1. I’ll be going to the NY football challenge as well as watching all the other friendlies going on around the country.

  2. Ready the transfer gossip in the tabloids everyday and telling myself that it is all bullshit and its a waste of time, then doing the same thing the next day.

  3. I will be reading soccer blogs and foreign paper websites for the latest football news, especially regarding transfers.

  4. Watching the Yankees and monitoring sport sites to see who Chelsea sign and I might catch the occasional Redbulls match on MSG or MLS match of the week on ESPN. I might even try and go see the Redbulls play when the Galaxy come to town.

  5. I’m going to be finishing up Manchester United: The Biography and start reading Soccernomics.

    And I’m going to start watching more MLS, specifically the Philadelphia Union. I have been really impressed with Danny Mwanga. Hopefully the US Men’s national team can lure him in. He is already better than Altidore in my opinion. He actually has touch and can hold the ball up well. Plus he can score.

    1. Yup – with the Union less than 20 miles from me I’m going to finally try to get into MLS.

      Been impressed with Mwanga but the stand-out for me has been Le Toux.

  6. Oh and I’m going to restart my harrassment of Comcast to add FSC in HD and add FSC+. They haven’t heard from me since the World Cup began but they will certainly be hearing from me in the next few weeks. They better add both of these before the start of the Premiership or I’m going to be so freakin pissed. I can’t go back to watching this game in SD when I have been watching it in beautiful HD all summer.

    1. DirecTV too. How hard can it be to add these two HD channels? Something has to be going on behind the scenes. I’ll be calling Dish if those DirecTV f*kers don’t sort it out before the new season. I don’t give a shit about NatGeo, the cooking channel or all the other bullsh*t channels they keep telling me are in HD. Just give me FSC & FSC+ in HD you bastards!

  7. Already got one foot into this year’s Tour de France. Eager to find out which team’s got the superior drugs this time round. Love the Versus HD coverage & the Liggett/Sherwen commentary is the best. Go Leipheimer!

  8. I’ll be going to Nevada Smiths in NYC soon to get a seat before the season starts, it’s the only way…c’mon you Blues!

  9. Going to see my beloved Portsmouth play DC United in the nation’s capital. Hopefully we’ll have enough players to field a starting XI. Already starting a pool on which United player Michael Brown will “accidentally” knee in the back.

    1. Gary, you may be the only person that actually shows up for that game :-)

      As for me, soccer won’t stop eating up my life in some form or other. It says something when I opt to take a vacation with a family the last week of July only to realize I’ll be missing the first legs of CONCACAF Champions League and the MLS All-Star Game. I’ll be at a few DC United games (College Night vs Seattle, using my 4 year old college ID for $20 tickets; and LA Galaxy game). Also going to Baltimore for Inter Milan – Man City friendly. Superliga is happening after the World Cup ends, will be watching the NY Football Challenge, and the Emirates Cup. Before you know it, soccer season is back and will take up more of my life.

      That and I’m trying to get better at FIFA on Xbox 360. I can’t play defense to save my life….

  10. Pre-season friendlies are just a couple of weeks away, I intend to go to as many random matches in the U.K as possible, Norwich vs Kings Lynn anyone?

  11. Going to try and get a little more in to MLS. I watched pieces of the Philly match on Saturday and most of the Galaxy match on Sunday. I like what LA brings to the table. Arena is a good manager and they have big-ish names playing an attractive style. Hopefully I can remain interested until the premier league starts. The friendlies here in the US do absolutely nothing for me. I find them to be really boring unless my team is involved. Since Liverpool isn’t coming over I will try to avoid the friendlies because they just end up frustrating me.

  12. I’ll be going through footy withdrawal.

    I’ll still watch the Dynamo and MLS, but it’s just not giving me the fix I need anymore. I need something stronger.

    I’ll watch MCFC friendlies as well as keep up on news. It just seems like such a hallow experience. Oh well we’re what, 38 Days, 19 Hours, 44 Mins, 47 Seconds from the time of this posting till City v Spurs. Not that I’m counting…

  13. I will follow the Europa League, for those who didn’t know, preliminary round have already started! And I will catch up with Major League Baseball and of course looking forward to the New EPL and Seria A season in August.

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