AC Milan Home, Away and Third Shirts for 2010-11 Season: Photos

New photographs of AC Milan’s home, away and third jerseys for the 2010-11 season have been leaked on the Internet.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the new shirts are expertly designed and feature the bold colors of AC Milan that we know and love.

For the home jersey, the red and black stripes return. In the above photograph, the long-sleeved shirt is pictured and it shows the unique sleeve design as well as the updated color. The shirt looks very modern while maintaining the traditional look-and-feel of the classic AC Milan jersey.

Here are the pictures of the away and third jerseys for AC Milan for next season:

And AC Milan’s third jersey:

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  1. Tidy stuff. My girl picked me up the white one when she was in Milan last week. She's awesome.


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