Is Luis Suarez a Hero or a Cheat?

World Cup 2010 has been a challenging tournament for fans of the beautiful game. There have been beautiful goals, incredible teamwork and wonderful stories. But there has also been injustices and, at the end of the day, the sport of soccer has been tarnished.

Whether it’s Luis Suarez cheating to prevent Ghana from securing a semi-final berth, or Frank Lampard being denied a well-deserved equalizer against Germany, or the two goals called back, or the two goals that the United States scored fairly but were pulled back, or Argentina’s blatantly offside goal against Mexico, and so on and so forth, the reality is that the game of soccer has serious problems that need to be corrected or it’ll risk turning people away from this sport.

The bottom line is that Luis Suarez cheated Ghana out of a victory in the final minute of extra time. By doing so, not only did he cheat Ghana, but he cheated the continent of Africa and he cheated fair play. Yes, he was punished by the letter of the law in soccer, but how is that fair punishment? Suarez gets red carded but Ghana misses out on certain goal. In American sports, there are rules such as in American football and ice hockey that award automatic goals if certain laws are broken. Why not do the same in soccer when a certain goal is prevented by a hand ball on the goal line?

It’s time for FIFA to get out of its cocoon and make changes to improve this sport. FIFA tells endlessly about fair play, but why not focus on changing the laws of the game so that fair play is encouraged. In the Ghana against Uruguay situation, Suarez had two choices. He could have tried to head the ball off the line (which would have been impossible, even though it would have been fair play) or he could have handled the ball. By FIFA having its laws constructed the way they are, FIFA is rewarding cheating instead of fair play.

It’s paramount that FIFA comes down hard against this type of cheating. I don’t want to hear that FIFA will look into this issue and then they’ll wipe it under the carpet a few months from now when all of the controversy has calmed down. It’s an outrage. Sure, Suarez may receive an additional suspension from FIFA above and beyond what he already has. But it doesn’t matter. The point is that Luis Suarez won. Uruguay won. Ghana lost. Soccer lost.

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  1. FIFA doesn’t extend Luis Suarez’s suspension. He can play in the final if Uruguay beats The Netherlands.

  2. Your argument is flawed. There’s always a time when it’s an advantage to take your chances with the ref over letting your opponent through. That’s true in any sport. This guy gave up a penalty kick with zero time left on the clock. He guaranteed his own sending off. Hardly a reward, and certainly not his fault that the Ghanaians didn’t cash in.

    He’s a hero who cheated. Pesronally, I don’t have a problem with it. If someone tole me I’d be out of the World Cup if I didn’t punch a ball away, I’d be swinging with everything I could muster.

    The problem arises when he gloats with his “hand of God” comment. Once you start boasting about getting away with one, the problems arise.

    1. i fink u need to shut the f up cos he ain’t a hero so u need to get ur facts right. u just can’t face the fact that suerez is a cheater. dumb assss :@
      don’t say that my fellow ghanaians didn’t cash cos they tries we we should hav won. f-ing fool

      1. Why do so many Brits post in shorthand and lowercase in comments? Does it require too much energy to write in complete sentences? Sorry to other Brits out there who are intelligent, but I’m getting a bit tired of these kids who can’t spell or type.

        The Gaffer

  3. How did he cheat? He committed a foul and got punished. The rules dictated that. If you want to complain put pressure on FIFA on changing the rules.

    1. i’m from uruguay, and i completelly agree with you. is stupid to have a discussion about this point. only people who don’t understand football, can say luis suarez is a cheater! please, read the football rules, and then write about this.

        1. “Rules” is a perfectly acceptable word to describe the laws of a game, Chris. By the way, I assume you speak perfect Spanish.

    2. What do you mean how did he cheat? Isn’t handballing against the rules? By willfully handballing are you not willfully breaking the rules, aka cheating? Yes, he got punished by the current FIFA rules and thats fine.. It’s the way he celebrated afterwards, claimed the Hand of God and has done little in the way of admitting it was dirty play.. I think he’s pathetic. If Man Utd buy him I’ll be very tempted to change teams. I think the way some people are overlooking his attitude and condoning his actions is sad.

      1. What Suarez did has nothing to do with cheating or unfair play. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
        Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
        Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

    3. Hey, we are just concentrating on one handball incident, but Luis was cheating all thru the tournament. You forgot the game against South Africa? He was acting all 90 minutes. Even the 21st. goal Uruguay got from free kick by Forlan, that free kick was earned by Suarez’s acting. The S. African deffender did not even touch Suarez, but he fall on ground and acted like he was in death pain! That goal changed the momentum of the game. That is why people in the stadium boo’d suarez on that game and on next games.

  4. Well said Gaffer, Lalas in his infinite “wisdom” says it wasn’t even cheating. Why this man is on TV is beyond me.
    The handball wasn’t reactionary or “reckless” it was basically goal tending and as in basketball – it should be treated as such – it goes against the basic intergity of the game. Suarez should be handed more than just a one match ban.

    1. Lalas was right. Suarez did not cheat nor did any unfair play. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
      Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
      Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

      1. Exactly. Breaking the laws of the game to stop a goal by handling is not the same as breaking the laws to score a goal by handling. It’s a pity that the referee saw him and gave him a red card because surely Luis Suarez would have been a stand-up individual and forced Uruguay to allow Ghana to take an uncontested shot on goal from 10 yards away as self-inflicted punishment for blocking the goal with his hand illegally. I hear from sources that Maradona would have done the same thing, but “cocaine is one hell of a drug.” Actually – doing the math – the Hand of God was over 20 years ago – which is why it was OK. Silly English – complaining for nothing.

        Move along. Nothing to see here. Luis Suarez is a hero just like Maradona and Henry. Kevin Hartman would agree.

  5. What rules award runs or points in Baseball or Football? In the NFL if you take a receiver out in the end zone the other team gets the ball at the 1yrd line. You still need to put it in the end zone, and it is seen as a smart play rather then give up the points. I feel the same with Suarez, Ghana had a chance to win the game from the PK slot, and they didn’t do it.

    1. In American football, you’re awarded an automatic touchdown if someone on the sideline trips someone going for a definite touchdown.

      The Gaffer

          1. Either way, this is a different situation.

            If the rule exists it deals with a person who isn’t an active player in the game tripping someone who is. Not an against the rules act by a person currently playing. For that matter, when are goals awarded in hockey? The only thing I am aware of is an award of a penalty shot, which you still have to put past the keeper.

          2. Touchdown Awarded (Palpably Unfair Act)

            1. When Referee determines a palpably unfair act deprived a team of a touchdown. (Example: Player comes off bench and tackles runner apparently en route to touchdown.)

            Its there. In the NFL rule book.

          3. Logwyn –

            If a random Uruguay bench player came on to field to prevent a goal, then I would award it, since he’s not supposed to be there in the first place.

            In the course of a NORMAL play though, a touchdown is never awarded after a penalty. The pass interference in the endzone is still the perfect example. Every time that happens in a football game, it’s considered a smart play and not an affront to fair play.

          4. Noone is arguing the rules or whether it was a smart play, we’re concerned with whether it was right or wrong for the game’s sake

          5. Actually, I grew up playing football (association not America) and Rugby. I KNOW for a fact Tries are awarded under the Penalty Try Rule. A penalty try is giving when flagrant cheating stops a certain try. It’s an automatic try not a chance of scoring a try.

          6. Dont forget Rugby you get Penalty Try’s awarded if there is a foul in open play given the circumstances of the postion of the foul.

          1. What about something like rugby where penalty tries are awarded for clear tries that are stopped due to a deliberate foul. Would it be right for FIFA to institute something like a “penalty goal” or whatever for someone doing a Suarez on the line?

          2. Ah, but in that case, the safety is not awarded as a direct result of the penalty, but rather, because holding is calculated from the line… as a result the ball is down in the end zone which is a safety.

          3. NOOOO. Holding in the endzone results in a safety because it means you CHEATED TO PREVENT THE SAFETY. Just like intentional grounding in the endzone is a safety. In the NFL penalties that occur against the offense within the 10 yardline result in a “Half a distance to the goal” yardage. which means you can commit an infinite amount of fouls and never hit the endline. Like an asymptote in math.

            And about this Suarez thing. The only reason I am so pissed about it is because of his disgusting comments about having “the hand of god” after the game. Same goes with Forlan who said it was a “pity” he couldn’t play in the next game because he made the “best save of the tournament”. WTF A PITY? is he for real.

      1. Comon man, from the “sideline” you just said. Suarez case is like a D-Pass interference – no automatic TD. You have no clue and running on unjustified emotions. Suarez did not cheat at all.
        I wish he could play against his AJAX teammates and show us how he can bring the orange castle down. We will all miss him in the semi.

    2. Word!
      Ghana blew it for themselves….not Suarez!!
      Luis Suarez is brilliant, and I would want any/every player for my team to do the same….or go home!!

      If you feel it was a mistake/cheating……did you ever play serious competitive football at a high level?

  6. He’s a cheat through and through.

    It’s despicable how Henry got lambasted for an instinctive handball while Suarez is getting a pass for blatantly stretching out and acting like the keeper.
    Don’t tell me it’s different. The Suarez handball took away THE WIN for Ghana. Henry’s handball simply took away a CHANCE for Ireland to win.
    Both are cheating, if you’re going to nail Henry to a cross you have to do the same to Suarez.

      1. ???????? so what? we’re talking about labeling someone a cheat. they both did what they did.

        So why would Henry be labeled a cheat and called every name in the book yet people are defending Suarez’s actions and saying anyone would have done it?
        There are serious racial undertones going on here. Yeah I said it and I fully stand by my claims. This wreaks of racism and double standards.

    1. Suarez did NOT “cheat”. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
      Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
      Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

  7. Your facts aren’t straight. In hockey, if you cleary deny a goal scoring opportunity ie. using your hand to keep the puck out of the net, you don’t give up a goal automatically. The opposing team gets…a penalty shot. Sound familiar?

    So now, you’re down to basketball which awards a basket for goaltending. But in such a high-scoring game, it’s pretty much a moot point.

    If Gyan converts that penalty, is this post even made? If this type of penalty occurs in the 56th minute, with the same result, do you still make this argurment? I think far too many people were romanticizing the Ghanan team and being the first African team to make the semifinals and whatnot, and therefore created this kind of overreaction to what is essentially an non-issue.

    Insofar as being rewarded for cheating. Maradona in ’86 was rewarded for cheating, and to this day he and Argentina flaunt that fact. Suarez was just doing what every other footballer alive would have done.

    1. In hockey an analagous situation would be tripping a player who was coming onto an empty net with possession of the puck–in that case no penalty shot is awarded and a goal is given. This is only when the net is empty (i.e. the goalie is pulled).

    2. 53.7 Awarded Goal – If, when the opposing goalkeeper has been removed, a member of the defending team, including theCoach or any non-playing person, throws or shoots any part of a stick or any other object or piece of equipment at the puck or puck carrier in the neutral or his own defending zone, thereby preventing the puck carrier from having a clear shot on an “open net”, a goal shall be awarded to the attacking side.

      For the purpose of this rule, an “open net” is defined as one from which a goalkeeper has been removed for an additional attacking player. The goalkeeper is considered off the ice once the replacement player has entered the playing surface.

      Just something to consider and yes only when the goaltender has been pulled.

  8. Suarez didn’t cheat at all. He understands the rules of soccer and he used it to his team’s advantage at the very last second. How can you even consider it cheating even though Suarez was red carded (resulting in a one game suspension). Also, Ghana was given a penalty kick in return, but Gyan happened to miss. Suarez clearly committed a violation and he was punished while Ghana was given an advantage. This sounds completely fair. Don’t try to Westernize this excellent, classic sport by comparing it to the ways of Americans.

    1. I guess now people can understand what we need in soccer. Its not using technology its just changing the rules. Suerez and the like should be punished by straight red card, goals given and five game ban. What will that do? Yes people claim if there was technology England may be would have won the game. Thats is as good asaying England was robbed because of technology. But which country did real robbed? England or Ghana? Defenitely Ghana and technology would have not saved Ghana.

    2. To be fair, as pointed out earlier, even American sports don’t do this. And I don’t think Football should start…

      It sucks for Ghana, but bad things happen sometimes.

      1. goaltending in basketball. holding/grounding in the endzone in football. Woody Hayes at Ohio State. can’t someone be awarded a base (which could include home) for blocking the basepath? faults in tennis (remember Serena’s outbursts?), penalty strokes in golf, etc etc…

    3. Not cheating, but Suarez’s “Hand of Satan” has disgraced the sport. If something isn’t done about the rules, players will start spiking the ball on the line at the end of games, knowing that they can turn a sure goal into an 80% chance for a goal (PK) without any type of repercussion (a sending off with just minutes left to go in a game is more of a familiarity than a punishment).

    4. You are correct. Suarez di not “cheat”. What he did is fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
      Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
      Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game.

    1. Some people seem to have this idea in their heads that if there’s a punishment written for something then it can’t be cheating….which obviously makes no sense.

      Diving, deliberately handling the ball, it’s all cheating. And it robbed Ghana of the win.
      The only debate here should be about whether or not people believe the rule should be changed. The fact we have people on here arguing whether or not it’s cheating is ridiculous.

      1. Well said HM. I would like to ask everyone who said he didn’t cheat.
        What do you consider cheating? And if that’s not cheating, then is it even possible to cheat in Soccer?

        1. I consider “cheating” to be attempting to escape punishment or trick the referee. Maradona cheated, Henry cheated, Suarez played within the rules (which is to say he did something for which he was willing to take punishment). The real issue is that the rules are flawed.

          1. Richard, Suarez walked away from the ref after he signaled for the penalty and then he acted shocked and argued the call……..he did exactly what you said would warrant cheating.


          2. Maradona cheated. Henry cheated. Suarez cheated. The only difference is that the referee SAW Suarez cheat and punished him accordingly. Do you honestly think that if the referee missed the handball that Suarez would have offered himself up for punishment? No – he would have been right in the same club with Henry.

  9. He didn’t cheat, he acted on instinct and took a risk sacrifying himself in the process by stopping the ball. For this he got punished with a red card, got kicked out the game and next game(which is a very important one for him) and the other team got a penalty. It is not his fault that the Ghana team missed the penalty nor is it his fault that during the final penaties Uruguay’s goal keeper stopped two goals. Maybe instead of accusing Suarez of cheating you should go tell Ghana to practice their pently kicks.

    1. Yes Ghana missed the penalty but you’re completely missing the point here. Had he not raised his hand it would have been a goal. He broke the rules therefore he cheated. In society we have laws if you do something unlawful instinctive or not you’ve broken the law. I’m left wondering if you would be this firm if the roles were reversed and a player from Ghana was guilty of “Cheating”? I bet you then you would demand that he pays for his infraction dearly.

      1. Here is a thought… we talk about breaking the law as if it is an absolute; i.e., if you break the law you are a despicable criminal… Yet how many of us speed, or Jay Walk.. or commit any of a number of minor offenses and yet no one considers us criminals.

        So it is in sports. There are some rules, that under some circumstances, can be broken without the offender being considered a cheat (even though he is penalized for the offense). There are other cases, particularly when the offense places the safety of other players in danger where it is clearly cheating.

        This debate is not about whether Suarez broke the rules. He certainly did. The debate is about whether the particular rule, and the particular circumstances make him a cheater.

        My particular belief is that cheating requires deception. If you are willing to admit, to the referee on the pitch, that you violated the rules, then I think it may not make you a cheat.

      2. Apparently, you know nothing about this game. What Suarez did has nothing to do with cheating or unfair play. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
        Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
        Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

    1. Neuer is a much bigger cheat than Suarez will ever be in this situation? Why is that not mentioned more?

      1. You know what, tho? What can you do. If FIFA don’t see fit to get video tech, or a goal line official, or retroactive punishment, or award a penalty goal, this is going to continue to happen. Classic case of “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.”

  10. he didnt bribe an official or simulate to get a pk, he took the handball, didnt complain and got his team the win; the law says blatent handball in box, red card and pk, that happened ghana missed; if you change it to an automatic goal how do you decipher from a hand ball just inside the 18 on a shot block or off the line; you dont know where that shot could have gone; how it is just fine; he is a hero, he sacrificed himself to give his team a chance, I wasnt caught up in this africa cinderella story and neither should you guys; and i mean this sentence in the best way possible, if rooney had done the same thing vs germany hed be a national hero and you all know its true.

  11. He cheated Ghana and the whole africa? WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT? I was rooting for Ghana and all but wtf? What Suarez did was instinctive and heroic. After the incident, he got punished. BUT GYAN MISSED THE PENALTY! Suarez had nothing to do with that ._. Not only that but the Ghanaians had a second chance in penalty kicks but they missed 2!!! Suarez had nothing to do with that neither ._.

    And so, you can stop being sore losers.

    1. >> “BUT GYAN MISSED THE PENALTY! Suarez had nothing to do with that. Not only that but the Ghanaians had a second chance in penalty kicks but they missed 2!! ”

      What you and most Suarez apologists ignore is the psychological impact that “heroic” act of his has on the Ghana players. If your team were denied a certain goal in the LAST SECONDS of a World Cup quarter-final by a blatant handball, I don’t think you’d be calm enough to actually convert a penalty. And after Gyan missed his penalty, no one in the team are in the right frame of mind to go for a penalty shootout. What made Suarez’s handball worse was that it was at the last stroke of the game.

      And to those who claim he did nothing wrong because he played by the rules–as well as those who even say he isn’t a cheat because he was “punished”–all I can say is, that’s absolute rubbish.

      He was “punished” because the referee saw the handball; what if the ref didn’t? Does that change the fact that he handled the ball intentionally? No.
      For all this talk about promoting Fair Play by FIFA, what Suarez did didn’t just go against that, but FIFA isn’t setting a good example too by only giving him a one-match suspension despite his boasting of his “hand of god”.

      It’s about time FIFA review the current rules of the game, since they were obviously written for a bygone era when footballers were gentlemen and the beautiful game was less cynical than it is today.

      1. Man up and make the PK. It’s that simple. If Gyan is so weak-minded that he can’t move past the transgression, he has no business playing on the world stage.

      2. I challenge all you Suarez-haters to put yourselves in this position:
        There are a few seconds to go and you have a chance of fouling in the goalmouth to stop a certain goal. You know that your team will be out if you don’t handle the ball, and you know that your team will PROBABLY be out if you do, but there is a very slim chance of success. What would you do? Come on, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Stop hating on the guy. It’s not his fault that Ghana missed the penalty kick. He did his best for his country and is a hero. He knew he would be seen, he knew he’d give a penalty away, and he knew that Ghana would probably score. Don’t call him a cheat – anyone who says that needs to learn the rules of football.

  12. diving & acting is part of football… Germany goalie cheated in england game. he said he acted quickly to con the referee. unfortunately cheating is part of football.

  13. I find it interesting that people are considering Suarez a cheat. Would we be calling him a cheat if Gyan had dispatched the penalty? “Cheat” is a very loaded term: it isn’t fair to use it against players who are, within the rules, attempting to gain an edge. I consider players like Javier Mascherano to be cheats–or Emmanuel Eboue–these are players (two of MANY) who routinely attempt to fool the referee or escape punishment.

    As soon as I learned the rules for deliberate handball on the goal line in soccer, I asked myself when would be the right time to do it. The scenario was simple–very late in the game, to avoid defeat (or a draw). Keep in mind that this is a hail mary play, because the taking of a penalty is routine for professional players. If it were earlier in the game and Ghana had a man advantage for 60 minutes, would you still be calling him a cheat? Was Harry Kewell “cheating” when he used his arm on the line? It’s not fair to change your nomenclature of a particular act based on the outcome or the external circumstances. A player who handles the ball on the line gets sent off and a penalty is awarded. It is the same for all players and all teams, and everyone has the option of doing it.

    Finally, do you consider players who foul at midfield to stop a clear counterattack “cheaters”? At some point you have to realize that this is only an issue now because of when it happened in the game, and that, in my opinion, isn’t a good reason for deciding to brand Suarez a cheat.

    1. there are four issues here:

      1. violating the rules to prevent a clear goal scoring opportunity (which Suarez did)

      2. trying to con the referee (which Suarez sorta did, but had the referee not seen it, no doubt he would have been doing by his silence)

      3, the referee seeing or not seeing the violation (which he did)

      4. finally whether, when seen, the penalty for Ghana was enough (which given the time of the game, most of us can say it wasn’t).

      For 1 and 2, Suarez and Henry are cheats. Neuer and Eboue and Gerrard and Rooney and the Ghana guy on the stretcher in the US game and everyone else who just does #2 are cheats too. But in this case, the greater penalty from Ghana’s point of view is that the one-size-fits-all penalty for the handball maybe is not punitive enough. Much like someone appealing for and getting a penalty on the edge of the box when they had no clear chance of shooting is too punitive.

      but what can you do? them’s the rules. Henry and Suarez and Maradona are cheats who all, to some level, got away with it. Until they add more eyes or change the rules, nothing can be done but to complain.

      1. The Ghana player who dived over his own feet to win the free kick that led to this incident is a cheat too, then, by (1), (2) and (3).

      2. You don’t know much about this game. What Suarez did has nothing to do with cheating or unfair play. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
        Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
        Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

  14. I am in total agreement with the Gaffer. Luis Suárez is a CHEAT! The argument, that a penalty is fair compensation for this type of transgression, is flawed. The fact is Suárez cheated Ghana out of a 100% chance of scoring in exchange for a slightly higher than 50% chance of scoring; anything less than a guaranteed goal is unfair compensation!

    In Rugby Union there is a differentiation made between run of the mill transgressions and cynical transgressions which constitute unsportsmanlike conduct. In fact a penalty-tri can be awarded if a so-called professional foul is committed which directly prevents the opposition from scoring. FIFA could certainly take a leaf out of this book. Perhaps sportsmanship could actually return to soccer if Suárez-like cheating is stamped out.

    1. Rugby and football are two different sports. What Suarez did has nothing to do with cheating or unfair play. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
      Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
      Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

  15. I think folks here are right to point out that the issue here is what counts as cheating. I think we need a fairly nuanced definition. Consider the end of most basketball games where one team is trailing the other by a reasonable margin. The trailing team fouls, yielding the foul shots in order to stop the clock. That is, they use the rules to their advantage.

    The suarez case has a lot in common – while instinctive, I am sure Suatez would have agreed to the calculation. In both cases I do nott hink it is cheating, on the grounds that it operates within the boundaries of rules accepted by both sides. That is, either team could have done it.

    On the other hand, this definition does not seem quite right. Trying to intentionally injure a player, and willingly taking on the penalty (say a red card), does not seem to absolve that player of cheating.

    What I think we need is a standard of Fair Play which dictates the principlds and conditions required for honest and open sporting competition. Offenses which violate the rules but not this Fair Play criteria would not constitute cheating, but anything which violates the criteria (whether against the rules or not) is cheating.

    This is far from a satisfactory answer. Rather, I really want to illustrate the complexity of the question by drawing out two parts of it that ought to be considered independently.

    1. I think a more appropriate example would be a tie game in basketball and in order to prevent the game winning shot from sinking, a 7′ center slaps away the shot as it’s about to pass through the net. Or worse, reaches up through the rim to knock away the shot.

      This is akin to what occurred in the Uruguay-Ghana game. Both situations could be either a result of deliberate planning (strategy) or instinct (reaction). The result is the same, and the punishment is more fitting: points awarded.

      Back to the illustration: Had that occurred, the shooting team would have been given points and won the game.

  16. I’m just wondering. If Wayne Rooney was standing on the line in that situation and watched the ball go into the net, what would your reaction be? I doubt it would anything along the lines of “well, at least he did what he did in the spirit of the game.”. Suarez did what he had to do for his team and everyone on this board would have wanted their player to do just the same thing for their team.

    1. Rooney has dived for penalties in the past – see the Almunia pen in August, and the Sol Campbell pen in 2004. Gerrard used to dive almost as much as Ronaldo. But the English media always had a reason to overlook it.

  17. Luis Suarea did what ever he had to do in a moment of desperation. It was pure instinct and it paid off. The penalty for that infraction is a penalty kick and an automatic red car which keeps him from the next game. Both are being applied. He is supposed to prevent the other team to score. All Ghana had to do i score on a penalty shot, and they didn’t

  18. I understand what everyone is saying, but I’m having a hard time accepting that you can just break the rules in order to win the game. It seems more like Suarez “cheated the system” by knowing full well that the worst that could happen is he’d get red carded. Not so bad compared to losing the game. It doesn’t seem too fair that Gyan then has to try and make the goal again when he would have plainly had a fair goal. I think the bigger issue is that it’s the last in a laundry list of mishaps, bad calls, and unfair decisions in this World Cup. The world is watching, and the world is pissed.

    Ghana should have won the game, but they didn’t. I guess that’s all you can say.

    1. Ghana shouldn’t have had the free kick in the first place. They invented a foul. Ghana robbed themselves, if they wouldn’t have cheated and invented that foul, then they wouldnt have gotten the free kick and Suarez wouldn’t have had to be heroic and hit the ball with his hands. On top of that, they got a penalty kick. Thats an easy goal, and they missed. Sorry Ghana.

    2. Yes, except he didn’t break the rules. He knew what the punishment would be and chose to take it. If you don’t like the rules, don’t hate the player.

    3. Suarez nothing bad and didn’t “cheat”. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
      Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
      Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

  19. I’d like to see him face a tougher suspension, but changing the rules to make automatic goals? Terrible thought. As others have said, if the penalty is made the punishment is probably considered just (though I’d still like to see him suspended through the finals. This would be my rule change).

    It is a classless move by Suarez, though. Those of you saying you’d want your player to do it, would you advocate your player purposely injuring the opponent’s best player just to get him off the pitch? Why not have someone punch Messi in the face next time you face Barcelona? In some cases being down to 10 men, but having Messi off would be preferable to 11 v 11 with him still a scoring threat.

    I’d rather see my team lose than abandon all fair play, and I hope I’m not alone in that thought.

    1. Those who purposely injure others are not cheaters – they are criminals. It doesn’t matter (s)he is a soccer player or whatever. In playgrounds or elsewhere, they should be punished according to criminal law.

  20. Further more, what’s to stop more players from doing the same thing now? It’s solid proof that it’s worth it to break the rules. There’s definitely room for a real debate about handballing in front of your goal.

    By the way, if a runner in baseball gets interfered with on the base path, they get to take that base:

    “Type A obstruction occurs when the obstructed runner is being played upon by the fielders. The ball is immediately dead, and all runners are awarded the base that the umpire judges the runners would have reached without the obstruction.”

    Sounds fair to me. Other sports should adopt similar rules.

  21. Of course Suarez cheated, but who can blame him? As long as pro players play with amatuer refs things like this will happen. Because of this type of play, the ref’s stupidity, and fake injuries soccer will never be one of America’s top sports. In America they believe you have to have fair play in sports.

  22. I dont understand the people saying that now there is nothing to stop players from handling the ball more often. If they do they will get a RED CARD and give up a PENALTY. The rules are the rules and everything happened as it should have. It is up to the opposing team to convert their chance. Awarding goals for chances that probably were going in opens up so many grey areas and judgement calls. In a sport with a reffing crisis already I dont think that would be the best idea.

  23. This is a disdain to the fair play flag FIFA hang out. Is a shame to FIFA for being so visionless.

    FIFA should have know that there are cheats in latin America and on a fair day they will loss like what have happen to maradonna’s team today.

    1. Granted. And..if they are pro refs they should be able to award a goal when it is obvious to all. They can’t let their silly pride down and appear to desire the spotlight.

  24. So was it cheating in the 2006 Champions Final when Jens Lehmann was sent off for purposefully tripping Eto’o, thereby denying him a goal? Until 14 minutes from time, that “cheat” both kept Arsenal in the game, and nearly resulted in them winning. Where was the outrage then? Why is it different when a keeper does it. Yes, we all feel sorry for Ghana. But that doesn’t make this any different from what many others have done.

    1. of course it was cheating, the difference is in the one-size-fits-all punishment for that cheating. There’s a big difference in going a man down for 60 minutes compared to going a man down IN THE LAST FEW SECONDS OF OPEN PLAY. Most teams (Arsenal included) are not going to hold out that long a man down.

  25. Just a question for all those saying Suarez is a cheat,do any of you play the game? Or any other sport for that matter? He absolutely made the right play.Put your hand up & play the ball,or you’re going home. Anyone with a mind to win the game should have done the same exact thing..He knew what the reprocussions would be,and got sent off & suspended.If you think the rules should be changed and the goal awarded,that’s an entirely different argument..But as for hero or cheat? Absolute hero.

    1. So, I could kick the keeper in the crotch to keep him from stopping a shot, and only get red-carded…would you consider that normal play of the game??? No, it’s illegal. And should be punished as if the incident never happened….It’s the same premise as “play on”, where the referee lets play continue as if the incident never occurred, because there is an ADVANTAGE. The advantage here is that the ball was going into THE BACK OF THE NET!!!

      The rules need to be changed, and I am calling nobody a hero for using the rules to their advantage, but morally (which plays on a higher field than any rules), it’s wrong.

      1. Do you really see no difference between an intentional hand ball and physical violence against an opposing player?

        1. Honestly, they’re similar situations. I make a tactical decision to injure another player so my team can win.

          It’s simply choosing to violate the rules, with full knowledge of the consequences. Explain the difference please.

          Your explanation will probably involve something along the lines of intent, fair play, circumstances, outcome etc. Exactly the same arguments used by the pro-Ghana arguers to award the goal. Meaning as you defend the difference between Suarez’ actions and intentionally injuring another player, you give credence to the Ghana supporters

    1. I think we need to keep in mind that it was a rather special set of circumstances. I suspect that Suarez would not have done the same thing in the 30th minute. Letting your team play down a man for 60 minutes and giving up a penalty at the same time is a great way to help your team loose.

      When the game is almost over though… and the game is as important as this.. yeah, I can see very few reasonable penalties that would stop a player from making that play.

  26. To everyone but his country, he is a cheater. To his country, he is a hero

    And anyone who mocks him are utter hypocrites who would be hailing their own guys if this saved their own team from elimination.

    1. I feel sorry for all of the Uruguayans that you have just called out as immoral. Some of them respect the game as well, just like the Gaffer.

  27. Gaffer. U are way off base with your American football analogy. Your example talks about a guy on the BENCH!!!

    Suarez did what anyone would have done with literally a second remaining. He batted the ball out. He couldn’t do it with his feet so he committed a professional foul. He paid the consequences of his actions with a red card. Case closed.

    Gaffer… why don’t u do an article on the missed penalty kicks in this World Cup which is the real story.

    1. Bill, the real story isn’t all of the missed penalty kicks. Yes, that is interesting but that’s not an issue that is ruining the game. Cheating, bad calls and fake diving are.

      The Gaffer

  28. I would relate this to a different aspect of american sport, the intentional foul late in college and professional basketball games. Teams intentionally foul, knowing that there is a chance that the opposing team will miss the free throws, thereby letting them gain an opportunity to close the gap in scoring without letting the offensive team run the clock down or score in open play.

    This tactic has been used for years, and has just become a part of the game. Teams use it as a tactic, and sometimes it does pay off. If basketball wanted to discourage it, they would award a technical foul and allow 5 free throws to be shot, instead of the normal personal foul and 1-2 free throws being shot.

    In my opinion, FIFA is at a crossroads here. They can either change the rules to award an automatic goal, if they deem appropriate, or they can keep the rules as they are, knowing full well that if this incident occurs in the future, then the egg will once again appear on their face. I obviously would prefer the former. Goaltending. He’s a cheat, end of.

  29. Let’s step back from the beer guzzling rant and take this as an opportunity to examine our sense of right and wrong which is really underlying this whole debate.

    There are rules that punish drunk driving, murder, rape etc. I hope no one is arguing that because people get caught and pay fines or do jail time these actions are no longer morally corrupt. Yes, these actions are much more severe, in fact, it is ridiculous to compare the actions, but the point of the analogy is that you don’t judge wether something is morally right or wrong based on weather or not there is a penalty in place for it or wether or not that penalty is exercised.

    Do people think an elbow in a boxing match is not cheating or dirty or unfair, because a point is deducted? Seriously? This is basically the argument that people who say it was not cheating are making and it is patently ridiculous. But more importantly it reflects this morally corrupt global system that rewards immoral behavior and routinely witnesses multinational corporations accepting a slap on the wrist penalty for doing major irreparable harm to people and our environment all in pursuit of insane hand over fist profit. Honda’s breaks kill people, few million dollars in fines; companies that make more milk by feeding cows hormones and steroids end up causing cancer and killing hundreds of people, a few million dollars in fines; Chevron destroys the Amazon rainforest with much more oil than BP just unloaded on the gulf, a few million dollars in fines …

    Of course in a world where powerful players get away with MURDER and only get relatively mild fines, a culture is slowly created that accepts immoral behavior as a legitimate way to get a head as long as some nominal penalty exists.

    As a Latino: I would have loved to see as many Latin American teams in the final four as possible, but I don’t let Nationalism trump decency and a sense of fairness, so I am clear that this was a morally corrupt play and an act of cheating.

    As a Human Being: I could care less about world cup soccer but the bigger picture is that I don’t enjoy living in a world where the ends justify the means and a slap on the wrist is enough to placate the indignation of those who witness wrongs.

    1. This is not an issue of life or death, and it’s not an issue of environmental problems either. It’s a sport! And if taken away from that, I agree with what you’re saying. But when applied to SPORT, you are making this more than what it is.

      At the end of the day what I hear people really complaining about is that the rules are flawed, not the action. You can’t say that one form of breaking the rules is cheating and morally corrupt, and another is just fine. Do you say that someone who takes their shirt off to celebrate a goal, and thus is yellow carded, is a cheat? If that example seems far-fetched to you (it shouldn’t, because it’s breaking the rules) then is someone a cheat if they move the ball marginally outside the corner spot to take a corner? You can’t say one form of breaking the rules is morally corrupt but another isn’t unless you have a good reason. Stopping a ball on the line seems like an arbitrary place to make that distinction.

      If you want morally corrupt, I again say that attempts to con the referee, like when players dive in the box–now THAT is morally corrupt. Particularly when players like Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard bemoan it from other players and then do it themselves. I didn’t see Suarez walk away and pretend to not have done it, but yes, I agree that that is cheating, or attempting to cheat. But stopping the ball on the line is normal, and while it may not be heroic per se, it definitely is what most athletes would have done.

    2. You wrote a bunch of stupidities. You wasted your time and mine.
      What Suarez did has nothing to do with cheating or unfair play. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
      Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
      Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

  30. In American Football, a lineman will hold to prevent a sack, a defensive player will interfere with a receiver to prevent a touchdown, in basketball you always see intentional fouls to prevent a score and what about basketball in which fouling is the strategy to put a player on the foul line. How about those intentional fouls being given as 2 point rather than free throws. There are rules and there are penalties for breaking those rules and this is the case in every sport. This is an absurd discussion. There are rules, he broke the rules, he was penalized, no different than every other sport. The Ghanan player was given a penalty kick which should have a high percentage of scoring and he missed.

  31. You know how people keep saying any country would be hailing him as a hero…..yeah ummm NO THEY WOULDNT!

    You want proof? Go back to November and see the reaction out of France for Henry’s handball. The French were ashamed and said they didn’t deserve it.

  32. The rules of the game are clear. A deliberate handball destined for the goal results in an automatic red card and a penalty is awarded. It is well within the rules of the game for someone to use his hands in preventing a goal to help his team knowing fully well the consequences. Since Suarez didn’t get away with it and he was punished for the infraction he did not cheat. Had the resulting penalty been made we would not have been having this discussion.

    A cheat in soccer is someone that cons the referee; as in getting someone sent off by pretending to be tackled viciously or being awarded a penalty for diving.

    If you don’t like the rules of the game then by all means complain about it. But to label a player a cheat who didn’t get away with it is stretching it.

    I wanted Ghana to win but I would be a hypocrite if I labelled Suarez a cheat as the rules were followed by the referee and Suarez was accordingly punished.

    1. One interesting question then is whether cheating is especially morally problematic. If Suarez does nothing different, but is not caught (say, Henry), he has cheated on your definition. But is he a cheat? Do we blame him differently than if he did get caught? If so, then moral culpability rests on the actions of the referee, totally out of the control of the player! This is the problem of “moral luck” and presents a really interesting philosophical issue!

    2. I didn’t want Ghana to win and you are absolutely correct in your analysis. Most of the comments posted here are emotional reaction and are victims of convoluted logic.

    3. Suarez did cheat. One of the definitions of cheat is”to violate rules or regulations”. I think people have this connotation that cheat means to…I can’t articulate it properly but people attach more of a meaning to the word cheat than just a guy breaking the rules. Which is why they don’t want to call him a cheat.

      And to your point I don’t think it’s within the rules to cheat…it’s within the rules to DEAL in the event of an infringement. The rules don’t say you can deliberately touch the ball with your hand. It just explains the rules to follow in the event that someone does it.

      All this said I think the lost point is that Suarez didn’t do this thinking “WE ARE SO GONNA WIN NOW” Everyone saw him crying like a little baby walking away from the field thinking the game was over because ALL PENALTY KICKS SHOULD GO IN. For the life of me I can’t understand how they miss. The goalie truly has no chance. He knew the rules, and honestly he did was most people would have done, deliberately broke the rules to give his team a chance. Because if he doesn’t break the rules his team has no chance.

      I think the reason people are most upset is because it was the last play and therefore the red card meant nothing. But all this hoopla is just detracting from the fact that Gyan choked. Had he made it no one would be saying all this. In football if someone is interfered with in the endzone, it results in the ball being placed at the one yard line. If the team doesn’t score from there no one says “THAT GUY CHEATED”. They say what a wasted opportunity, they should punch it in from there.

  33. I think if you consider maradona a cheat then you should consider suarez a cheat too,only difference is suarez was caught out in the game.he clearly tried to walk away and acted as if nothing happened.if you argue that its instinct then so to maradona’s ‘hand of god’ was instinct,he couldn’t reach so he used his hand.

  34. every foul is technically cheating. they are all cheaters then. who wouldn’t have done it anyway. its note like he didn’t get caught. its not like ghana wasn’t given a clear chance to win the game. seriously, terrible article. once again wishing you could vote 0 stars.

    1. There is a large difference between a mistimed tackle and a deliberate hand ball on the goal line. So, no, I wouldn’t consider every foul cheating. Intentionally playing the ball with your hands is cheating though.

  35. Seriously questioning if some people have the slightest knowledge on the game called football/soccer.
    If we should believe some people every foul is cheating. If a player is one on one with the goalkeeper and is tackled outside the box, he should get a freekick and the goalie will receive a red card. He deserves more perhaps, but you can’t just give him the goal.
    The goalie in that case did his job and took responsibility for his actions. Just like Luis Suarez did.
    Harry Kewell also against Ghana ( haha tough luck), was he a cheat too?

    I can fully understand people who feel robbed, but this game is football, the best game in the world, loved because of it’s surprises and beauty, it’s emotions and atmosphere.
    If I see posts by the Gaffer and others they probably prefer a computer game or robots to play the game.

    I really liked Ghana from the first round till the end, even though I was cheering for Uruguay this match I really liked the team, but I don’t think people should make such off a fuzz about it.

    The team with the best goalkeeper always wins, and the best goalkeeper is the goalkeeper who concedes at least one less goal than the opponent. In this case Muslera/Suarez

  36. Suarez acted instinctively to keep his side in the World Cup, but watch the entire incident again. How did Ghana earn the free kick from which the handball situation arose? from a dive! Suarez cheated with his handball, but it would never have occurred without Ghanaian cheating!
    Jack Charlton did exactly the same for England in the 1966 semi-final against Portugal. Though 2-0 up, England were under pressure and when Gordon Banks completely missed a cross, only Charlton’s hand could stop a certain goal and he made the same decision Suarez did – he handled the goal bound shot. The difference was that unlike Gyan, Eusebio kept his composure and converted the penalty. Charlton played in the final and though today he would have been banned, I think he’d have done the same today for his team.

    1. Yes, it looked like Ghana dived to win the free kick. But the TV cameras never showed a different angle on the replay, so it was difficult to tell for sure whether it was a dive or not. It certainly looked like one. But I can’t say 100% for sure that it was.

      The Gaffer

    2. it’s funny people are saying it was justified because Ghana dived….where were you when Altidore dived to get a free kick in the same exact spot against Slovenia? that’s right, you were whining about injustice

  37. Any player would have done exactly the same.
    If he didnt do that I would have to question his desire to win.

  38. I’m 100% certain the Ghanaian dived and the ITV commentator mentioned it was a dubious free kick at the time. On the highlight clip shown on, the dive is cut, because the notion of the plucky Ghanaians being ‘cheated’ by the evil Uruguayans makes a better story.

  39. The issue with Suarez’s handball is not whether Suarez cheated, its clear that he did, the issue is with the punishment and the rules. Clearly the punishment is not severe enough if a player can do this and then brag about it after the fact. Also clearly the rules aren’t perfect, because players can do this and come out of it ahead. In this case however the rules of the game were followed and Uruguay came out on top. This does not change the fact that Suarez cheated. Getting caught cheating does not remove the lable of cheater from your name, nor does getting punished for cheating change the fact that you cheated.



  41. I play rugby, and in rugby if u commit a foul such as bringing down a maul, while it is clearly going to move into the endzone, a penalty try is awarded and this, as well as goaltending in basketball r the perfect examples of how in other sports robbing an obvious goal or score using unfair play results in the score or goal being awarded. Some jackasses r arguing that its not cheating because in the soccer rulebook there are rules for how such unfair play is dealt with, and those rules were put into action (red card to Suarez and awarded penalty kick to Ghana)… Regardless of the rules that deal with it, the action itself of Suarez playing goalkeeper and flagrantly swatting the ball with both hands, is unfair play, and regardless of any bullshit anybody is arguing, unfair play equals CHEATING!!! There u fuckin morons argue that, argue that unfair play means anything else other than cheating. Some cockface ex uruguayan midfielder said its not cheating cuz he didnt try to hide it and did it in front of everybody….???? Thats so fuckin retarded I wont even waste thought on it. Obviously soccer needs to evolve and join the rest of world sports by modifying some rules, adding technology to the goal line, or whatever the fuck else it needs to do to ensure that the outcome of games is fair and just, cuz thats the only reason changes have been made in other major sports, to enure fair results. In response to anybody reffering to a Ghanaian dive, watch the game again and count how many times uruguayan players dived to he ground, its a part of the game which ultimately falls to the refs opinion. If diving is outright cheating then every player in this tournament is guilty. And for that matter, if fifa really wants to stop diving they should inflict hefty punishment on any player found to have dived or pretended to be hurt through instant replay, such as 10 game suspension and 20,000 dollar fine, see how many players would be diving and holding their faces like pussies then! Bottom line, Ghana should be in the semifinal, the ball was clearly going in, sure there is a rule that says handball within the penalty area is a penalty kick, but the rule has a grey area whether a red card or yellow is distributed because that is based on flagrancy, AND COMES DOWN TO THE REFS OPINION. If theyre not going to use replay technology to aid this officiating, the grey area of this rule should be widened to let a ref allow a penalty goal in the most extreme of cases…ie: THIS. Any rule that says a deliberate handball on a ball definitely going in resulting in a red card and penalty, simply must be changed! Why in hell, should a player have to try again to beat the keeper from the penalty spot, when the keeper was already beat and the ball was 100% definitely going in goal before obstruction!!!??? The fact that this happened to the last remaining african team, during a quater final of a world cup IN africa, makes this all the more outrageous.

    1. Intentional diving is a foul in soccer.. it is simply too difficult for the ref to catch it. Indeed, by its very nature, I would say intentional dives are clearly cheating since they are attempts to have unjustified fouls called on the opposing side.

      Whether something is cheating or not is clearly a matter of consensus within a sport. Certainly basketball and American Football have certain types of fouls that are routinely accepted as being part of the game without any particular stigma being laid on the player who committed them.

      In my personal opinion, the play at the moment (not necessarily what happened afterwards) does not rise to the level of cheating. I.e., I would defy anyone in Suarez’s position not to use your hand to stop the goal. Now, what a player in this situation should do is walk up to the Ref after making the play and freely admit they did it and ask for the red card.

      Now one last thing. I am sorry to see Ghana gone… they had a great story and a great run. But lets get some perspective here… The fact that they were the last African Team in an African World Cup really is immaterial to the situation.

  42. What Maradona did in 1986 was cheating. He concealed a foul, which occurs in just about every game. Think of all the hand balls that are never called as fouls, the off-sides that are not called (and the player knows it) that lead to goals, the kidney and rabbit punches that players get away with, the diving and simulations where the diver was never touched. I could go on but you get the idea. What Suarez did wasn’t cheating—he broke the rules, got caught, and he and his team suffered the consequences. If Ghana had scored the resulting penalty, I wonder what would have been said then.

  43. Boys, boys let’s grow up a bit. A note to Come On People Open Your Eyes—-your logic is flawed and you can’t seem to spell LEGITIMIZE nor DEFINITELY. Also, one needs to be careful who he calls retarded.

  44. what you’re saying doesn’t make ANY sense… DID you WATCH the game to say what you’re saying?

    “Ghana who have been brilliant to watch and played fantastic football without cheating deserved to progress ” … Buddy, for your information, whatc the WHOLE game and pay attention to the offside from 2 players from Ghana before that happen…

    Cheating is not being rewarded here.. it was a situation of a REAL GAME …. If you’re british, you should think what could happen to Soccer AFTER 74, when you guys DIDN’T even score and became a world champion… THAT’S cheating…

  45. Hey, Suarez didn’t “cheated”. He committed a “Sending-off offense” as many other players did before him. Please read the rules at /mm/document/affeder ation/generic/81/42/ 36/lawsofthegame%5f2 010%5f11%5fe.pdf (pag. 35)
    He played soccer by the rules and while we can discuss if FIFA should change the rules in the future Suarez’ actions were faithfully to the game then morally correct on the context.

  46. There is a small, distinctive line between cheating and breaking the rules. Luis Suarez did not cheat. It was a handball and against the rules yes, but also a save.

    What Luis Suarez did was instinct under pressure. Intentional? I strongly doubt he wished to be put in a situation in which the future of his country’s team and their continuation in the World Cup, depended on him. How would he have faced his team, and country if he had just stood there and allowed a goal?

    No one, in his/her right mind would step aside and simply watch their team fail.
    Also, in my mind, having an opposing player called out of a fate-defining game like this, and awarded a penalty kick is good.

    *oh and by the way saying that all South American teams and players are cheaters is not only a very wrong generalization, but also discriminatory and racist.

    Call me whatever you want, but let me tell you first, I may be a naive Korean-American who thought the world had reached a level of maturity in which a loss was not favorable but accepted and taken with pride knowing you had done your best. Apparently, I am wrong.

    Go ahead, change the rules and complain all you want, but keep in mind that time and time again players will find themselves in the same position and will most likely do the same or whatever more it takes to give their country a chance. That includes Ghana.

    No questions asked, if the teams had switched places and Ghana had won at the end of the penalty shootout, no one would have complained as much as they are now. It’s disappointing to know that the only thing the majority of people cared about in this game, was keeping the African continent in, represented, and happy.
    Would you have cared as much if it were the last Asian team?

    Sure, I feel sad for Ghana. They deserved a win. They, however, did not deserve it any more that Uruguay for being the last African team in the competition.

    Finally, now that Uruguay is the only South American team left….

  47. Gaffer said, “The bottom line is that Luis Suarez cheated Ghana out of a victory.”
    It is astounding how wrong you are.
    Suarez committed a professional foul and knew the consequences.
    If you don’t like the rules, fine. Allow the ref to award a “penalty goal” as a rugby ref can award a “penalty try”.
    But to say Suarez cheated Ghana out of a victory shows an amazing lack of grasp of rules and consequences.
    2 questions:
    Assume a Ghanain had a clear break and the keeper was out of position. If a defender hauled down the attacker from behind, it would have the same consequence. What’s the difference?
    Second, would you be as pissed if it happened in the second minute of the match as opposed to the last kick of the game? Think about that before you answer.

    Gaffer, I’m truly disappointed with your stance on this issue.

    1. The only difference is that the player still had to score the goal. Quite a large difference to a goal bound header.

  48. The Question is not whether Suarez cheated or not, (he did and that is why he was sent off and is suspended), but whether he is a hero or a cheat, and Suarez is certainly not a cheat for doing what he did. He didn’t try to con the referee, he didn’t deny what he did, and he didn’t appeal his punishment. He did what he could to save his team in the only SPORTSMANLIKE way possible, and that makes him a national hero. Even if FIFA changed the rules, he still wouldn’t be a cheat, he just wouldn’t be a hero.

  49. the notion that there should be an automatic goal is ridiculous. I understand the situation in Hockey and with their rules being what they. I have yet to discover a situation in which automatic points can be awarded in American football… if the defending team commits pass interference in the endzone then the ttacking team doesnt get a free touchdown. I am mistaken there can be a safetyin which the player isnt tackled in his own endzone (i.e. a penalty by the attacking team that occurs inside of their own endzone). Regardless, goals are hard to come by in soccer, football not so much. The punishment is severe enough, Ghana gets to try to put the game away, and had there been any time left Uruguay plays with 10 men and suarez is banned for the next game or how ever much FIFA decides. regardless the notion of giving a goal to a team when they didnt score it, nonsense. step up and make the penalty. Gyan choked and made suarez a “hero.” if gyan makes the penalty we dont have this conversation and suarez just delayed the inevitable. maybe gyan should practice penalties more…

    1. I would argue that a deliberate handball on the goal line to prevent a goal in the 121st minute IS NOT normal play. 20th minute? maybe. But the rules as currently written don’t allow for nuance or judgment.

  50. I would have done the same again. Cheating is the right thing to do. Cheating as long as it’s not caught is correct. As long as I serve my penalty according to book, I should cheat whenever I want. People will consider me a hero if I cheat. I was saving the honor and the prestige of my country by cheating. I’d even go as far as saying it’s GOD who lend me a hand so I can cheat.

    1. There is a particular irony in claiming that one would cheat to save the honor of one’s country. Whether the hand ball was definitely cheating I think is an issue for the culture of the game. I.e., what the ultimate consensus says it is, despite it being clearly a violation of the rules.

      1. There is no honor in cheating, just wait for the consequence. Remember fair play as FIFA decides on your fate. Thanks.

  51. Stop saying that what he did was “within the rules of the game”, because if it was he wouldn’t have a red card against his name.

  52. Sounds like football needs a new rule and it goes something like this:

    “If the ball is kicked and it gets by the goal-keeper heading in a direction that is clearly in between the boundaries of the goal post, points are rewarded.”

  53. Cheat.
    For me a cheat in Footy is someone who rolls around for an hour after the slightest touch.
    Players who constantly ask the ref to card the opposition.
    Taking a red for your team to stop a goal is part of the game.
    Nothing to do with cheating.

  54. It depends on what sides of the divides one is, to us in Africa and all clear minded and good lovers of the round leather game is a complete cheat that needs to serve a one year ban to Suarez and other like minds who becomes instant second goalkeeper to serve as a deterrent and deserves condemnation. To Uruguay and those that condones cheat Suarez was a hero that needs to be celebrated with a national awards. Remember Argentina got there own share of punishment because of Maradona’s hands of god, France got first round outer due another hand of god by Henry,Germany awaits there own sooner than later. When will we learn to play a fair game as laid down by FIFA rules. God hand is not for cheat. I do not mean to malign but to align with the truth and just. Thanks awaits your reply. Remain bless. UP the WORLD.

    1. With respect, I hate it when people claim that rational, honest and good (or whatever good traits you care to list) fans must agree with them. From the discussion that is taking place here, I think it is clear that this is an issue that people of good will can disagree on.

      I do agree, however, that how you see this probably depends if you are a fan of African (or Ghanan) football or a fan of South American (or Uruguayan) football.

      The rules are clear on the issue, and Suarez will be sitting out the semifinals for his choice. Lets not call for crucifying him when virtually any other player on any other team might have done the same thing in similar circumstances.

    2. yes because the africans are clear honest players who play beautiful football; in reality the most honest countriesa are south korea, usa, australia and japan; the africans cry as much as the south americans do, watch some more soccer buddy and youd see.

  55. This is just funny.
    Technology… well tech shows a Ghana player in offside possition (the one that shooted first), so the whole situation was null from the very begining.
    Cheat… well, no. If this is cheating, since every action of the players are destinated to avoid a opponent goal, ANY fault in any similar sport should be considered cheating.
    About “the hand of God”… poor boy. Good player, no brain.

  56. I’m sorry but are many of you guys blind to the way Suarez has been playing this entire World Cup? This guy is one of the most annoying players to watch in my opinion because he is constantly falling over and writhing in pain from the slightest touch from his opponents and I’m serious, just watch him after a challenge and how he over does everything and if the referee dismisses what he thinks could be counted as a foul, he’ll stand up and continue playing normally. I know many players will act but Suarez just does it too much! I really cannot stand watching him play and to be honest I was actually thinking he would try to dive in the Ghana box but instead I was “pleasantly” surprised that he wanted to try another way of CHEATING by consciously doing a handball at such a crucial moment in the game. I don’t know about you guys but the way Suarez carries himself in many of his games and the fact that his FEET were behind the goal line when he made contact with the ball.. It’s such a shame that Ghana did not get through. I supported Ghana not simply because of their cinderella story but because they genuinely played their best and I can’t really think of a time in the WC they did anything to the extent of Suarez’s actions. It’s a shame and I really do not think this WC was run as well as it should have been.

  57. Same people here defending Suarez would be having fit if it happened to the U.S team. It is sad some people never like to see Africa projected positively. They love the lie and demonizing that Africa is a basket case. Africans are good at nothing. Psychologically, they are devastated that Ghana beat the U.S.A – and they will beat probably more than the U.S will ever beat them; so, they are now defending injustice to Ghana as relief for the fair and square beating the U.S received from Ghana. It is sad that Suarez is a hero for some. Alexi Lala, Andy Gray, Warren Buffet, Roberto Maritinez and all these African-hating pundits would say this was not cheating. These idiots tipped Ghana to lose every match anyway. That ethnocentric Andy Gray on ‘Ticket to South Africa’ is so arrogantly anti-African. Making statements that Europeeans have a stronger mentality than South Americans exposes Andy Gray’s lack of objectivity. That old scotsman was not a good play and he is not a pundit. Ghana shamed them! They are just like the same clowns here defending Suarez.

    1. of course id be pissed if it happened to the us, but id forgive suarez and still think how I do on this post; im irish american and was cheated by a handball from henry; i has pissed for a week; then thought and said i would have done the same thing!!!! im not angry at what henry did; i get angry when players flop to win games

  58. I wonder if you all thought the red card and the penalty kick wasn’t good enough before Ghana missed it.
    I didn’t see Ghana cry for justice when they were awarded a CLEAR shot at wining with that penalty.
    What I saw was the players rejoyce at that kick, their classification towards the semifinals.
    You can’t choose to demand for justice when things don’t go your way. That’s a lot of crap. As I see it, that is cheating.

    1. I sure did think that it was unfair in that situation that they were denied a clear goal, and would have to try and score one from the penalty spot. and all I was doing in the build-up to the kick was saying please make it go in, or this would be a cruel injustice. So yes I thought about how in this case a penalty kick does not really reward the offensive team, since there was a clear goal denied there.

  59. I wonder if you all felt the red card wasn’t fair before Ghana missed that penalty.
    I didn’t see the players cry for injustice when they were awarded a CLEAR shot at winning. I saw them jump around celebrating the passage to the semi-finals. Because it was a given, the ball was in, as simple as that. But no, when Ghana fails to step up and win, suddenly the call was absurd. Red Card? For that? No! He should be suspended! Severe punishment for Suarez!
    You can’t choose to demand justice when things don’t go your way. THAT is cheating, honey.

  60. there was no foul to start with and the guy that headed the ball was offside when the free kick was taken, so the penalty shouldn’t have existed at all! wouldn’t have been unfair if Ghana had won?

  61. There are a few serious issues when dealing with Suarez’ actions:

    1) It violates the spirit of Soccer (or Football in the rest of the world). Owing that soccer is a game where all but the goalie can’t use their hands.

    2) Owing to the circumstances, the punishment was hardly valid nor appropriate.

    3) There is a larger question of did his actions justify the means?

    4) The rules don’t adequately address a scenario like this.

    Barring the psychological implications of losing a match due to unsportsman like behavior (which explains Ghana’s apparent lack of athletic ability in the shootout); what Suarez did, violated the entire guiding spirit of soccer! You’re never supposed to use your hands in the game AT ALL! Rule number one in soccer is: Don’t use your hands.

    Secondly, saying the ends justified the means (Suarez made the right decision because it allowed his team to win) is exactly in line with intentionally injuring a player. In fact, purposefully hurting a star player would be the next step. It’s a calculated breaking of the rules to create an advantage for your team or to ensure victory.

    If this World Cup has shown anything, it’s that the rules implemented by FIFA are woefully inadequate. Obviously, goal line cameras and technology need to be instituted, certain rules need to be rewritten, a Palpably Unfair/Penalty Try rule needs to be written in, and their should be an official review of penalties, calls and goals. With appropriate punishments handed out for blatant misconduct, and intentional dives.

    To address my second point: This isn’t a case of “was the shot going in or not” it was crossing the line of the goal, when Suarez threw his hands up. Looking at the replays, the ball was well on it’s way to the back of the net. The closest sports scenario is goaltending in basketball; and points are awarded to the wronged team when that happens.

    Even FIFA says in their rulebook “Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly. Cheating is easy, but brings no pleasure.”

    1. bullshit, cheating and winning still feels good to most; ask ghana; they cheat and dive with the rest of them

  62. I am just gonna address this thought I see running around that Suarez did what every single other player would have done, in that situation. How many times have this happened in matches that any of you watch? Rarely, right! Not every player would have reacted like Suarez, in fact very few players would have done like Suarez. We’re not talking about instinctively and timidly reaching out with your elbow or arms here to stop the ball, we’re talking about turning into an extra GK, in fact we had to players on the line acting as GKs. Again I ask how many times have this happened in the hundreds of matches that any of you have watched? Rest my case. So stop with this BS comment that every other player would have done the same thing.
    And yes he’s a cheat! He did not play within the rules of the game. That’s the reason, once caught, he got sent off because he committed an act that is against the rules of the game. This idea that you’re a cheat only if you don’t get caught is ridiculous. Someone rob you and the police catch him, does that mean that person is not a robber? Say it turns out that this person was robbing you to feed a family does that mean he wasn’t a robber? A hero to his family (if they don’t care about the means he uses to feed them)? Sure! Yet still a robber. Not just to you who got robbed but to his family even though they’re happy that he robbed you to feed them (they still know deep down he’s a robber), and to society at large where the rules say you should not rob others.

    Suarez cheated, just like Henry, and others who did anything that was against the rules of the game.

    1. Pakapala, I think the reason it happens rarely is that it is only rarely that the stakes even approach this high. We are talking the World Cup Semi-Finals, in the last few minutes of the game. During most games, the stakes are not anywhere near that high. Basically one of the major tournaments, or to save a draw or a win that would get your team promotion or save it from relegation are the only occasions I would expect a player to make this move. In those circumstances though, yes, I really believe most players would make the move.

  63. “It violates the spirit of Soccer (or Football in the rest of the world). Owing that soccer is a game where all but the goalie can’t use their hands” (and many other comments, like the 50-50 chance to score a PK ??????)

    I belive a lot of people just don’t understand games. Not only soccer, but almost any game. Faults are a tactical resource, people, nobody does it for other reason. Ask a coach, any coach of any similar sport, someone you trust, and he will say “we take advantage of the rules”. And in this case, it was not “a game”, it was “the game” for Ghana and for Uruguay, all 22 players knew that “there is not tomorrow” for the one who loose.
    Suarez did what any other player should do in the same situation, exchange final defeat for an opportunity (even when it was a little chance to survive the PK).
    Deal with it or just look for another sport to watch, but stop crying for something you don’t understand.

    1. Coaches take advantage of situations, they don’t encourage their players to cheat. No player should cheat to win.

      By your logic then: Steroids and doping are legitimate ways to win a sporting event. Using underage competitors in gymnastics is entirely correct, because it exchanges “final defeat for an opportunity.”

      And I understand sport all to well. It is supposed to be the embodiment of all that is good in competition. It is supposed to be a level playing field, where the best clash against the best and it truly is anyone’s game at any time. Sport is a place where, no matter how unjust or unfair the world at large is, there still exists a sense of honor and decency.

      But what would I know, I’m just crying about things I don’t understand.

  64. The writer is probably an American, who watches AMERICAN ‘games’ like ‘American football’ and ‘ice hockey’.

    First of all, he obviously does not understand the game.Suarez is not a cheater, he is a hero.Like mentioned by some people before me, several other great players like Thiery Henry and Maradona have cheated.Cheating, sometimes, is a neccessary evil.

    And secondly, stop saying SOCCER!!!!!!It’s FOOTBALL!!!

    1. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I’m British (and American). And it is soccer. 60 million Brits call it soccer, too (as well as football). It’s time to learn to deal with it.

      The Gaffer

      1. ‘Gaffer’ don’t talk as if you are talking for the entire British population, How long have lived in the U.S? No one in this country calls the game soccer so what are you talking about? You strike me as someone who calls themselves British when it suits your purpose and American when it suits your purpose.
        I live in England and I know what people call the game, it is football as in FC (football club) If people in the U.S want to call it soccer that is fine by me but don’t use your half arsed British-ness to try and speak for the British population.
        60 million Brits do not call the game soccer. It’s time for you to learn to deal with it.

        1. How do you explain “Soccer AM,” “Gillette Soccer Saturday,” “Pro Evolution Soccer,” and so on and so forth? The term ‘soccer’ was coined by an Englishman and is still used by British journalists. What’s so wrong with calling it soccer? Is it too American for you?

          The Gaffer

          PS – I have both British and American passports, so I’m proud of both countries. I don’t switch allegiances. I love both countries equally.

          1. As far as Soccer AM and Gillette Soccer Saturday are concerned, I have no idea. Maybe they thought it sounded better. (gillette soccer saturday rather than gillette football saturday) maybe it is because the programmes will be aired in other countries such as Australia and Ireland. It doesn’t mean that the word is used by anyone who appears on the show though, I’ve never heard anyone who appears on those shows use the word soccer to descibe football.
            Pro Evolution soccer is a computer game, probably designed by an American and therefore has no role in the argument.
            Like I have said already, if people in the U.S want to use the word soccer, I have no problem with it but you are wrong when you say that 60 million Brits use the word soccer because the simple fact is, they don’t.

          2. The term ’soccer’ was coined by an Englishman and is still used by British journalists.

            I have no interest in what the posh hacks at the Guardian have to say about football. Most of these pricks attended Grammar schools where they don’t even play football (Rugby and Cricket being the main sports at these schools). Most of them would fall over if they tried to kick a ball and therefore they hold no interest to me.
            I would much rather listen to what managers, scouts, coaches and ex players have to say about the game, people who actually have a clue about the game, not what some posh prick who did a journalism degree at University has to say.
            It is the difference to me listening to what your own Laurence has to say or what Andy Gray has to say.

  65. As far as I’m concerned, Suarez cheated. He intentionally broke the rules (even if it was instinctive) to give his team an advantage. However, he was punished for this in the only way possible.

    The rules can’t be changed to award a ‘penalty goal’ as there may be similar circumstances where it isn’t as clear cut as to wheter or not the ball is going in. Then the ref will have to make a judgement call which one side will disagree with.

    As for the timing, I don’t think anyone would disagree that if this happened in the 10th minute, a red card and a penalty would have been a fair punishment. However because it happened so late people think it’s not harsh enough. How can this be avoided? FIFA can’t exactly say ‘before 60 mins you get a red card and a pen, but after that a penalty goal comes into effect’.

  66. well, let us see the whole play, even before suarez’ handball, when ghana was given a last minute free kick, which wasn’t even a foul, then two ghanaian players offside. the first cheat here was the linesman who saw it all and didn’t call anything but suarez’ hand. of course there was an entire stadium, continent, fifa, etc. supporting ghana, and now suarez is the cheat. he did something wrong and was penalized and so his team. ghana missed the chance, sorry, that’s the way it is. but if we are to talk about cheating we need to go deeper than this, and start a lot of world cups ago, 1966?

  67. Matthew,
    “No player should cheat to win”
    Agree, and as I said, this is not cheat.

    “Steroids and doping are legitimate ways to win a sporting event”
    What are you talking about? Did you even read my post?

    “It is supposed to be a level playing field”
    In Chess championships, maybe.

    Sport is a place where, no matter how unjust or unfair the world at large is, there still exists a sense of honor and decency.”
    IT IS A GAME – Don’t you understand that?
    Neuer will never say “Mr. Referee, my opponents, the mighty players from England deserve to be credited for that goal, the ball was over the line”.

    Yes you are crying about things you don’t understand.

    1. Bravo Ed!

      You’ve taken sentences out of context to prove your point! Congratulations you know how to copy and paste.

      It’s not a game. Not at the international level. These are people representing their countries on the worlds stage. If anything, they should embody everything good and noble from a country. Sorry I didn’t mean to type out ideas similar to the messages used by FIFA in its advertisements about soccer. Are you going to tell millions of fans, and FIFA itself that its “just a game?”

      Prove that it wasn’t cheating. Show me where it says in the FIFA rule book that it’s completely acceptable to use your hands in a match when you’re not the goalie or throwing the ball in from the side.

      Neuer did say as much in the post game interview stating that he got away with a fast one.

      Chess? really?

      I’ll go back to crying now.

  68. The question is whether Suarez is a hero or a cheat. Following dictionary definitions, is both. But for those who think that Ghana lost the game because of his hand at the last minute, I would like to recall that the situation arose because the referee awarded a free-kick to Ghana from a situation that patently WAS NOT a foul. So, if a Ghanian player took advantage from a previous situation that was not a foul, and he misled the referee (or acted dishonestly, or obtained unfair advantage from an inexistent foul), then both are cheaters. And if you continue to examine previous situations, and previous games, and so on, then you have a chain of circumstances mmany players, if not most of them, are “cheaters”. What makes this case different seems to be that the Ghanian player missed a penalty in the last minute of the match.

  69. soccer is a disgraceful sport, players diving, faking injury, acting, cheating,stalling for time just disgusting.

    that is why soccer is so dead in America, get this crap off the air. Can’t wait for the real football season in the fall. Go Redskins

    1. yup. enjoy those disgraceful redskins with their disgraceful owner, disgraceful market-fu**king contracts to underachieving headcases, the disgraceful stadium with disgraceful obstructed view seats, disgraceful parking situation, and disgraceful PSL and season ticket fees. I’ll take the diving

      Hail to the Disgracekins.

  70. I think each team should have one blue card that the can challenge something once for review. The ref can’t see everything, and this would bring down the stress. If a goal is obvious…it should remain. We are in the future people not 1910 so making a small change is in order, nothing sucks worse than questionable champions. I also think that the clock should stop at every injury. Nothing is more annoying than time wasting right when the game finally gets good in the panic moments! Uruguay got the win, but it is not a clean one…even Uruguay fans agree. When I am in a fight…I let the man stand so there is no doubt in his mind that he got his ass kicked! As in the England game…maybe Karma does actually exist in the world of Football. And for the sake of just fairplay…allow goaline technology FIFA, don’t be stupid.

  71. Ghana deserves to win because it was the last South African team? Please.
    A football game is composed by many, many incidences that form a whole, you cannot take one of them as clear as it was, and decide who deserve to win de game, there are a lot of other, evident or not so evident actions that, along 90 or in this case, 120 minutes, take their part in the final destiny of each team.
    If you want to know which team was more close to win, take every action, analyze it, give it a percentage of chance in the final scores, consider refs job, etc, or just watch the game, enjoy it, take the good and the bad parts of this incredible world cup, and stop thinking a single incidence decided the match, because by doing so, YOR ARE CHEATING.


    1. um he has a 3rd place game and earned a spot in the semis; thrashed it was 3-2 they were outplayed yes, thrashed no; i dont what kind of moral highground you think you have, bit is not

    2. Who are you? Gilazo the truth is that you are so stupid, i´m sure you can´t tie your shoes by your sefl nabo mirate la cara de tarado al espejo antes de insultar gratis cagon!

      1. @ Enano: Who am I? I’m definately not your cheating scumbag dad Luis Suarez. And dont try to be smart you inbred, cause I’m pretty sure a retard like you who cant even spell the word ‘self’ properly cant tie his own shoelaces so I wouldnt worry about others if i were you, (not that I would want to be haha).

        Stick to the argument about football and Suarez dont try to be a big man and argue with others as you’re too scared to even write the majority of your messages in english so I can give you the appropriate response.

  73. Matthew

    Out of context? I don’t think so.
    You wrote that by my logic, “Steroids and doping are legitimate ways to win” and that “Using underage competitors in gymnastics is entirely correct because it exchanges final defeat for an opportunity.” Don’t you see a slight difference between that and my comment, since Ijust said that sports are played taking advantage of the rules? And by “exchange final defear for an opportunity”, I was talking about an eliminatory footbal game, how your comments fits that? Your free interpretation of my comments is amazing.

    Now you say “These are people representing their countries”
    Well, nicely done. It is just a game, but your comment do make sense, these men are indeed representing their countries and good values should be represented somehow. Nevertheless, allowing easy scores are not part of any moral rule, because, again, this is a game.

    The cheating thing… let my try another approach:
    How to probe Suarez did not cheat? All the players are cheaters in a way, they do anything they could to take advantage of the rules! They all try to cheat the referee, diving, hiding hands after hitting the ball or whatever.

    Suarez couldn’t of course, but is was not his choice, in my opinion there is no difference between him, Henry of Maradona, these are faults like so many others we see in every game, just not all of them are seen by the ref, like the offside of the Ghana player in the begining of the whole incident.

    Should that player said “Sorry, is all void, my fault”… of course not, he should claim for the PK and the red card. Is that cheating? MORALY YES, but THIS IS A GAME and that’s how it is played, for every player, in every country, in the whole world. And up to this, there is no difference between football, basketball, hockey, or any similar sport.
    Do you really think there is any difference because Neuer tell the true AFTER? No, there is not, he only said he cheated fast enough.

    And I love chess, a two sides true balanced game.

  74. doesnt matter what he is for others but what matters is what he means to the team & for his team he is a hero …… because of his actions his teams stands a chance to finish 3rd @ the grandest stage of them all ……

    & dont forget he was the one who cleared the first shot off the line as well so for me he is a hero

    Thanks for proving that South Americans are a bunch of dirty cheating scumbags. Cheating does not get you anywhere, it just exposes, shames and disgraces the cheater when all is set and done.

    1. oh HAHAHA chupajapi you are so intelligent! DOOOOHHHH! the scumbag is in your head, no la busques en america latina. GiL

      1. Enano leave them alone, what in the world do Americans know about Football??? they even call it soccer when their own “football” it’s a throwball.

        Anyone would do the same for their country, i would def do it.
        Uruguay 2 time World Champion, 14 times champion of America

        Haters shhhhhhhhhhhh…….

        Uruguay nomaaaaaaaaa’!!!!!

  76. @ Enano: OK then…. because doing Homer impressions really shows how smart you are…. and no, the scumbag is Luis Suarez as well as those who try to defend his handball as not cheating. Just because he was sent off in the 120th minute (BIG DEAL! Match was pretty much over thats a REAL punishment! -.-‘ Sarcasm for those who dont know) and Ghana given a penalty. It does not atone for the fact that it IS a cheat in football for an outfielder to deliberately block a certain goal with his hands. Just because a criminal is sent to jail for his crime, it does not make him ANY LESS of a criminal. Had Ghana won, Suarez still cheated. End of.

    And by the way Eduardo is NOT right – he has some sick distorted view of football in which handballing is a ‘natural impulse’ and cheating is ‘beautiful’. Im sure many would agree that hes just talking s***.

  77. Oh and by the way ‘ENANO’ I would mind who one calls stupid, I just saw in your message to ‘THE TRUTH’ that you can’t even spell ‘self’ properly. Dont try to be smart kid, you’re just showing how retarded and illiterate you are.

    “oh HAHAHA chupajapi you are so intelligent!” : Haha. is this kid for real?!

  78. If da rules are not readdressed, i will live to repeat dis and will tag it “hand of jehovah” cos its no cheating

  79. Oh no no no !!! What Suarez did has nothing to do with cheating or unfair play. This is a gross misconception of those that have a very superficial knowledge about football. That was a desperate attempt to avoid a goal and it is historically fully acceptable in football. So much that up to twenty years ago you wouldn’t even get a yellow card. That is part of the game and has nothing to do with unfair calls by referees, which is a totally different issue.
    Cheating is simulation or scoring with your hand. That is totally disgraceful and unaccepted. But what Suarez did is absolutely acceptable in football. He will pay the consequences (red card) but it’s an acceptable and understandable action.
    Those that don’t see the difference between Suarez handball and Henry’s handball, know nothing about this game. I’m sorry to say this.

  80. Suarez didn’t cheat. He broke the rules and was punished. Those are the rules are they not?

    What if he took down a player on a break away? No one would call him a cheat. Hand ball = foul, a bad tackle = foul, both can be red cards.

    what’s the difference?

      1. biting a player is a different story and no one is “glorifying” Suarez. I’m just saying that those that know football know very well that avoiding a gol with your hands is perfectly acceptable. It is not “cheating”.

    1. that’s what I’m saying. Suarez did not “cheat”. In football it is fully acceptable to prevent a goal with your hands. You just pay the consequenses (penalty and red card). That’s it. It has nothing to do with fair-play. It’s just part of the game.

  81. If there was a cheater was Ghana. The free kick that was given to them at minute 120 was the last attempt from the refs trying to help Ghana advance. That was the most ridiculous dive ever, Fucile was 5 feet away from the Ghana player. Ghana injured Lugano, Lodeiro and almost killed Fucile. Suarez only gave them their coin back. Suarez and Lugano had been available to play against Holland Uruguay would have been finalist

  82. Carla, we can read the rule book to figure out if Suarez was a hero or a cheat, but that’s not exactly the question…..It threatens the integrity of the game if things like this, and like the England goal, are allowed to pass by without warrant to changing the rules and implementing new laws and technology.

  83. “If what Luis Suarez did is fair, acceptable and is “within the rules of the game”, then any non goalie/outfield player, can become a goalie whenever he feels like it and can block any shot on goal off the line with his hands and handball whenever he feels like because it is after all “for his club and anyone in his position would do the same”

    Except that that player will receive a red card, put his team down a man for the rest of the match, and also give up a penalty. Oh and he’ll also miss the next match. But yes, now every outfield player will look to do this. Keep believing that.

  84. ” Thats the most retarded excuse and attempt …” … ” it DEFINATELY is not football.”
    what kind of sport are YOU watching to?

    What he did was natural impulse. that’s definetely the most RETARDED discussion ever…. THIS IS FOOTBALL. That’s the beauty of the sport.
    Cheat is what Henry did. Cheat is what Maradona did. Cheat is what Tevez did and most important, CHEAT is what HUGH GRANT did

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