Chelsea Capture Creative Yossi Benayoun

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Premier League champions Chelsea have recruited Israeli international midfielder Yossi Benayoun from Liverpool on a three year deal rumoured to be in the region of £5 million pounds.

Benayoun spent three years at the Merseyside club, having previously been with West Ham and Spanish club Racing Santander. On his move, Benayoun said, “I am very excited to come to a club like Chelsea, it is a big club and I think it is a dream for every player. Hopefully, we will be successful”.

Carlo Ancelotti is thrilled with the signing of Benayoun, as it bolsters his attacking options for the new season, following the release of Joe Cole and Michael Ballack. Ancelotti said, “Yossi has a lot of quality in midfield and can play in lots of positions. I like his behaviour on the pitch and he will do a great job for us next season.”

Benayoun made 172 appearances for the Reds and scored 37 goals. His time was heavily influenced by substitute appearances and he didn’t get a consistent run in the team under former manager Rafael Benitez. A spokesman for Liverpool F.C. quoted, “Everybody at Liverpool F.C. wishes him well for the future”.

In my opinion, this is an extremely good bit of business by Carlo Ancelotti, as he looks to retain the Premier League title. Benayoun is, in many ways, similar to Joe Cole in the way he can unlock defences and create play to supply Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka. I think new manager Roy Hodgson will be extremely disappointed at the sale, because he would have loved to play Benayoun as a link-man alongside Steven Gerrard to Fernando Torres. Chelsea will now be dining at the top two table of English football, whilst Liverpool will have to live with the wide threat of Nabil El Zhar, Ryan Babel and Maxi Rodriguez as they try to regain their Champions League status.

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  1. Great signing for us. I was worried/unhappy that we let Joey Cole away and such, but Benayoun has shown moments of brilliance out wide and I can definitely see him slotting in easily in the starting XI without too much fuss. I wasn’t happy that we let the David Silva fall to MankSity, especially since we needed another wide midfielder/winger since J. Cole left, but Benayoun was one of the rare bright spots in L’pool’s tarnished season of yore. Hope Carlo has a few more in mind!

  2. The Board can kiss my . . . for selling him to another English club.

    David Moores can kiss my . . . for selling to Statler and Waldorf instead of the competing Arab consortium.

    And Yossi can kiss my . . . too.

    I’m sick of these players whining about no Champions League. You want to know who that’s on? Look in the mirror.

    Yes, Statler and Waldorf are still in charge.

    Yes, the club has no money.

    Never stopped you before.

    And don’t give me Alonso. A brilliant ’08-09 does not fully explain the club’s past success. Didn’t light it up prior to that; didn’t light it up in Real last year.

    Hey, Yossi. Have fun buried on Chelsea’s bench, subbing in to one game out of every four (which will be the situation by Christmas).

    And if/when Chelsea win silverware this year, revel in contributing slightly more to that success than, say, Ross Turnbull (assuming Cech stays healthy – otherwise Turnbull might make more of a contribution).

    Hey, Mascherano. Your family’s unsettled? Doesn’t know the language? Being a one language individual myself and imagining what it would be like to live on the continent for nine months out of the year without speaking the native tongue, I sincerely was sympathetic.

    Till Inter entered the picture.

    Perhaps they speak much more Spanish in Mee-lan than I’m aware.

    Finally, selling Torres is one thing. I won’t be thrilled, but I’ll get over it.

    Unless he, too, is sold to another English club.

    If he is, I start soliciting suggestions for (a) a Championship side to follow, and (b) how to follow that Championship side in the absence of US television coverage.

    End of rant.

    For the moment.

  3. Good rant. £5million quid is bargain of the century for Chelsea.

    Crock of shit- stinks to high heaven.

    Whatever happened to ‘no players sold till new manager arrives’ ?

  4. Hope he enjoys the joys of the bench and the mop up minutes he’ll be playing. at 80k a week I guess he sees it as prolonging his career.

  5. It is an excellent decision that leaves me scratching my head when I see Chelsea fans get angry

    Chelsea was not going to make any major moves this year (outside of releasing who they needed) as they currently have a title-winning team that is NOT over the hill yet….but they needed to acquire talented but experienced players that could fill in their needs with Cole/Ballack gone….which they did

    Hiring a scoring, young guy is a future move but wouldnt solve their current needs

  6. The official release stated that this sale was completed by Rafa just before he left.

    A last terrible transfer as a good-bye present by Rafa. Five million quid. Jesus.

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