Argentina 0-4 Germany: Video Highlights

At the quarter-final stage of a World Cup tournament, matches are often very close. We’re used to seeing extra time, penalty kicks or low scoring games. But Saturday, Germany put on a clinic in how to play defensively sound soccer as well as how to mount explosive counter-attacks as well as finishing off goals with such precision.

To say Germany’s performance was mindblowing is an understatement. They controlled this game from the start and prevented Argentina from getting many chances. Just as they did against England, Germany played a team game and everyone shone from the goalkeeper all the way through the forwards.

Argentina looked stunned, frustrated and unable to find creative ways to get around the tough German midfielders and defenders. It’s a small comfort for England supporters, but at least Fabio Capello’s side wasn’t the only one to be demolished by Germany. And at least England scored two goals (one being painfully disallowed).

A few days ago it seemed as if the South American teams would control this tournament. But after the exit of Brazil and now Argentina, the advantage is on the side of Europe who have three strong teams who are still remaining in the tournament. The prospect of a Spain against Germany semi-final is tantalizing, but the Spaniards first have to get past a very tough Paraguay side later this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Argentina 0-4 Germany: Video Highlights”

  1. Anyone have a clue why Milito was not used? I would have loved to be in the locker room to hear what Maradona had to say. Funny because he wanted the press to apologize to him a week ago. I thought his tactics were horrible.

  2. I, for one, am glad to see Argentina and Brasil gone. It’ll be great to finally not hear about the so called brilliance of messi and the samba magic of brasil.

    Is it just me, or has everyone who appeared in the nike and adidas ads have pretty much tanked this world cup? It’s like it’s the sports illustrated curse or something.

  3. youre right jose haha rooney-out, messi-out,kaka-out, ronaldo-out. who’s next? maybe torres perhaps? the stars of nike and adiddas were busts

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