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  1. Somewhere John Terry is laughing at him…but that’s just cause Terry’s an awful person.

    I’m glad that as a Chelsea fan, time heals all wounds.

    1. so 40+ years of not winning the title heeled your wounds? BS! money heals your wounds. dirty oil blood money.

  2. Let that be a lesson….stopping that ball with your hand and taking a red card gets you to the semi-final. Penalties are not easy…If Landon Donovan misses his penalty and the US lose 1-0 then that would have wrecked him.

  3. Could intentionally committing a handball on the goal line be considered a form of ‘cheating’?

    I mean, that handball ‘took away’ a certain goal, right?

    Just interested in how people feel about that point of view.

    1. Suarez was cheating but can you blame him. He basically sacrificed himself to keep Uruguay alive. So it’s quite a selfless honorable act from a Uruguayan perspective. But it really is a shame for Ghana to lose this game.

      1. A selfless act? Arguable (Sure, he will be hailed as a hero back in his country but it could be argued that by leaving his side with 1 man down he actually hurt his team).
        But honorable act? How? By doing what is a big no-no in football and getting rewarded for it? Personally I would rather lose with class than win like that. SHAME!

        1. Pakapala,
          If you read I said honorable from a Uruguayan perspective. Also it was selfless. “One man down hurt his team” Did you watch the game. This was the final play of the game. The one man down part of this is completely inconsequential. There were no moments of open play after this red car.

          1. I know the play was the last of the game but that is after the fact; but as the play was unraveling I doubt anybody let alone the player knew this was gonna be the last play of the game.

      1. Ooops – for some reason, I thought you were talking about Suarez, hence my comment about him being better in goal than Rob Green.

  4. Too bad that Gyan will be forever be associated with that missed penalty during extra-time. I thought the manager showed great confidence in him by letting him take the first penalty in the shootout and that he took it well and scored. Showed great poise and character. He will definitely be one of the more sought-after players after the World Cup.

    As for Suarez. In Uruguay he is andwill be hailed as a hero for that deliberate handball on the goal line since the resulting penalty was missed. To the neutral, Ghana should have won. Definitely not a fair result but this is what happens in soccer and we will be talking about it for years to come. Things like this make soccer so unpredicatable as far as the result is concerned. What is predicatable is that we will always have incidents like these to remember and talk about.

  5. what no one notices is that #10 on Ghana is offsides when he plays the ball towards the end of that play. he’s behind the keeper and thus in an offsides position. Gaffer I figured you may have seen this but no one has mentioned it. The penalty never should have taken place and Suarez never should have been carded b/c his hand ball occurs after the offsides takes place. The center performed well in this game but each AR made a mockery of the offsides rule.

  6. Considering there were two field players for Uruguay on the goal line, there was no offsides, the position of the keeper is inconsequential. Just watch the end of the replay on Espn3…

  7. He did nothing wrong morally and was punished within the laws of the game twice, suspension and penalty.
    He’ll be a hero in montevideo.

    People forget Uruguay should have had a penalty in extra time when Pantsil tripped the pirate, Abreu. Pantsil should be the villain today and not Ayan but thats life.

    Suarez did what most people would have done and I think it was more instinctive than pre-meditative. Would we be advocating a longer ban for Harry Kewell ? Of course not though his was more accidental.
    He misses Holland now and missing a World Cup semi final is punishment enough.

    1. There was nothing instinctive in Suarez handling the ball, just like there was nothing instinctive about Maradona scoring with his hand of god. Suarez decided to handle the ball on that play, deliberately doing a goalkeeper move.
      Gyan is no villain in that game, he just missed a penalty, that is all. Something that happens to every player. He should have never been in the position to shoot one. It’s games like that where I wish FIFA would just give the goal instead of having the team shoot a penalty. The ball was clearly going towards goal and got stopped on the way by a cheater.

      This article should be about Suarez and how he’ll be remembered. Gyan is a hero, Suarez is a cheat!

    2. I can almost guarantee most English players with their sense of fairness and sporting would not have instinctively done this unless instructed by their club/national team manager. For all the grief I give the English about their performances, English players for the most part respect the game, take fair play to heart, and don’t dive, whine and cheat the way many foreign players do. In fact, had the roles been reversed, I’m not sure the Ghanians would have done the same thing. Cultrue dictates how much bending of the rules is tolerable to win, and unfortunately in some cultures cheating fair play to win is hailed as heroic. Just look at Maradona, Messi and Matteratzi for further proof. You’d be hard pressed to find an English player are one that is Anglicized that would have done what Messi, Maradona or Suarez did. That’s the bottom line to me.

      1. The only other time I have seen this happen was a Merseyside derby two or three years ago. Liverpool came back from a goal down and hit what looked like a sure winner in stoppage time until Phil Neville “an Englishman” dove to his left and made a fantastic save. In that case Dirk Kuyt hit the Penalty and Liverpool rightfully won the game. I’m not saying you are wrong, just saying the only time I have seen this before happened to be an Englishman.

      2. Not even close Kartik. English dont dive? Michael Owen did against Argentina in 2002 in a World Cup nonetheless.

        9/10 people in England would have done what Suarez did and he was punished within the laws of the game – sad for Ghana yes but I didnt hear a lot of people clamouring for Uruguay’s deserved penalty earlier. I was in England and the vast majority of people said they’d do it too.
        I feel the officials got this right. Suarez – controversial no doubt but he did it and had Ghana scored the follow up , or won the shootout this would all be moot.

  8. Gyan will be remembered for his quality football. He was truly and amazing player! better than Rooney and Terry for sure!

  9. Eric,
    You obviously don’t understand the offside rule. All it says is that there has to be 2 opposing players (ANY 2) between the ball and the goal at the time the ball is played. Since there were 2 Uruguayans on the goal line when the ball is played there is no offside. Where the goalkeeper is when the ball is played is irrelevant.

    1. no you obviously don’t understand the rule. it’s the player’s position when the ball is initially played to him. if you stop ESPN3 at 120min and 17 second mark you will see that #10 of Ghana if behind all but 1 Uraguyan defender, who is standing on the goal line. the keeper has stepped up to punch the ball away but a Ghanayan player has deflected the ball over to #10 of Ghana. Since a teammate has passed him this ball, it is clearly offsides. CLEARLY! #10 of Ghana is standing at about the 2 by the right post. A player on Uraguay is standing right in front of the back post and nobody is in the goal. therefore he is offsides when he plays the ball 1 second later.

  10. What a player… Asamoah Gyan . He is great great player. i didn’t saw any player like him. WE all Ethiopian Love’s U Gyan. I am proud of being an African by Asamoah Gyan. Pls any one give me his Address.I saw The match b/n Uruguay and Ghana, Ghana must be z 1 2 go 2 the next round. Asamoah Gyan done everything he can for Africa. i am proud of being African and Ethiopian by Gyan. Love u love u.
    and proud of u Gyan.

  11. Asamoah Gyan will forever be a hero….pls he is human…he will always be remembered as the one who took Ghana to the semi finals….There is a proverb which says”it is the one who goes to the river ti fetch water who breaks the pot”…as 4 FIFA fair play indeed………

  12. Asamoah is a great player. Eric plz study the offside rule. It was not an offside. Watch out asamoah can win the ballon d’or in the next future.

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