Brazil's Luis Fabiano Contemplates Manchester United Move

Brazil's Luis Fabiano scoring the 2-0 goal during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa 1/8 of final Soccer match, Brazil vs Chile at Ellis Park football stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 28, 2010. Brazil won 3-0. Photo by Henri Szwarc/Cameleon/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

Brazil’s star striker Luis Fabiano is looking to win the World Cup trophy with his country this summer, but second on his to-do list soon after is a high profile move to either Manchester United or AC Milan.

Fabiano has openly spoken of his intentions to not re-sign with current Spanish side Sevilla, and has snubbed a potential move to Premier League club Spurs stating,

There would be no point in me joining Tottenham. I might as well stay at Sevilla, as it’s the same thing. Sevilla are actually bigger when you look at how much we have been in the European Cup, so there would be no point me moving to a smaller team”.

 Maybe a bit tough to hear for Spurs fans, but Fabiano definitely looking to win something besides the UEFA Cup, which he accomplished with Sevilla, at club level before his career ends.

At 29, Fabiano is looking to join a “true giant of Europe“, and with current United striker Dimitar Berbatov coming off a not so hot season, United has a true shot at landing the world class Brazilian. United chief David Gill insists that the £80m from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo is still available for Sir Alex Ferguson to use to bolster the squad this off season in order to reclaim their Premier League title recently wrestled away by Chelsea.

Manchester United fans are drooling over the possibilities of seeing Fabiano in red this season as his inclusion to the squad, partnering Wayne Rooney up front, could in fact be a match made in heaven. United lacked another scoring threat last season and Fabiano, with all his European and international experience, could fill the void up front United crave for domestic and European success.

Fabiano is a goal-scoring striker with pace, a good first touch, deadly finishing abilities and enough technical ability and class to turn United back into a Premier League winning side. His contributions to Manchester United could be endless as he’ll always be a potent goal-scoring threat, but he’ll also be able to create space for another central striker or a forward player such as Rooney slotting in just behind him. 

Fabiano has scored 94 goals in all competitions for Sevilla since joining them in 2005 and has 27 goals (and counting) at the international level for Brazil.

United have lacked a true out and out striker since Ruud van Nistelrooy left Manchester in 2006 to join Real Madrid. Although Rooney was able to play further up the pitch for United with incredible results last season, it was the lack of another goal scoring threat that ultimately cost United the title when Rooney was out injured late in the season.

Away to Blackburn on 11 April was a clear indication of how much United need a player like Fabiano in their squad. With no Rooney came no goals, and with no goals came no title. Manchester United drew that day 0-0 missing the chance to remove Chelsea from the top of the league all but ending the chase for their fourth straight title.

Fabiano has also spoken of his intentions to make an announcement sooner rather than later on where his services will be used and which color, or which shade of red for that matter he’ll be wearing this year stating, “As soon as the World Cup is over I will make a quick decision on my future”.

As Fabiano focuses on quite possibly his last shot at winning a World Cup, Manchester United fans tum their focus to Fabiano and his soon to be made decision as they contemplate a dream strike partnership likely to be formed.

With Fabiano’s obvious interest in joining the red half of Manchester coupled with recent statements from AC Milan VP Adriano Galliani saying Milan would “have to sell another great player” in order to make room for Fabiano, United could very well land the star striker before ticker tape is cleared of the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

15 thoughts on “Brazil's Luis Fabiano Contemplates Manchester United Move”

  1. Strange…Ramos didn’t think Sevilla were bigger than Spurs when he ditched them to go manage at Spurs!

    In fact his words were “its a once in a lifetime chance to manage a really big club, I have to do it.”

    1. not strange at all.
      in RECENT TIMES seville have been a bigger club for the reasons fabiano stated. spurs are only a bigger club when you look at their overall history. im sure fabiano is interested in now and not 30- 40 years ago!

  2. He better stay at Sevilla. Sevilla are my team in LA Liga and I was furious when they sold two of there best players to Barca in Alves and Keita. They also better keep Navas.

  3. thanks to the kleptocapitalist Glazers United couldn’t even afford Fabiano’s boots much less the player. not that it is a bad thing, the guy is old and overrated. but make no mistake, United are broke, drowning in the debt of the American pirates who leveraged the club to death so they could rape and pillage it’s profits over the past 5 years while putting ZERO cash back into the club. the Glazer’s are scumbags and will, unfortunately for me as a fan, be the cause of a serious and long term decline at Manchester United. i mean come on, you know your business is in trouble when you have to bring in cheap Mexican labourers instead of top notch employees.

  4. If they are going to spend that type of money on one of the Brazilians, Maicon would be the smart buy

  5. luis fabiano is no doubt one of the best strikers in this ongoing world cup mundane in south africa,looking at it critically,i think manchester united need him more than any other player for now this is because he’s pattern fits united’s and he is quite good in front of goals,so he’s a must to buy for manchester united,and if bought am sure we ll’ not regret

  6. As a united fan, i really wish these articles would highlight negatives of a player, and give a true picture of the situation at the club…

    Wait, the author wouldn’t finish writing the article if he did that?? oh ok.

    1. Fabiano, for all his talent, is an egomanical ponce.
    2. United have already signed the breakout striker of the WC, Javier Hernandez.
    3. Rooney, Berbatov, Owen and Macheda + Wellbeck and Hernandez as an attacking force SHOULD be enough to cope with injuries and burnout.
    4. With United playing a 4-5-1/4-3-2-1, he doesn’t fit the needs of the club.

    Just my 2 cents.

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