Should Landon Donovan Join Manchester City?

Today the Late Show With David Letterman took the set outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater to show off the skills of USA soccer player Landon Donovan compared to David Letterman himself. Landon and David had a shoot out of their own on June 29, 2010 in the streets of New York City, New York. Landon seemed to be having a great time with the fans and Mr. Letterman himself.  Fame Pictures, Inc

He’s had a successful World Cup and proved last season he can play in the Premier League, but should Landon Donovan join big spending Manchester City this summer? Donovan is now in high demand, but is Manchester City the right fit for the US international’s second go at the Premier League?

As reported by Yahoo! Sports, the Champions League-hungry Mancunians are offering somewhere in the realm of $12 million to the LA Galaxy of MLS for the services of the former Everton on loan midfielder. We’ve been down this road before you’re thinking, after two pretty unsuccessful stints in the German Bundesliga, Donovan finally proved his worth in one of the world’s most competitive leagues when he joined Everton on loan last winter. In a handful of starts and appearances, thirteen to be exact, Donovan showed he’s got the pace and technical ability to compete in the Premier League.

So with a solid couple of months at Everton and a three goal World Cup campaign, the “should he or shouldn’t he go” question continues to be asked.

Loved by the Everton fans and respected by critics and pundits the country over, Donovan’s supporting role at Everton witnessed him gain the confidence he so needed to thrive on foreign soil, a variable he lacked when in Germany. David Moyes’ faith in Donovan’s potential was quickly witnessed as he stuck with Donovan time and again and even started him v Arsenal upon his arrival.

Realistically, if Donovan is to further his career in England, which I think and hope he does, wouldn’t Everton be a much better fit than Manchester City? If Everton were to make an offer, Donovan will deal with much less competition for playing time than if Manchester City get their way. City have proved to be the Real Madrid of the Premier League, seemingly buying up all the players and talent they can get their rich hands on in hopes they can break the top 4 and reach the UEFA Champions League.

A possibility is that Donovan could be third of fourth choice on the right side of midfield at City behind Craig Bellamy, Adam Johnson and Shaun Wright-Phillips, or could end up being incorporated into the side played out of position and falter. It’s not entirely sure if Donovan is even interested in a move back to the Premier League, he’s stated before his love of playing in MLS and seems to be comfortable playing at home in the US.

Donovan is now 28 years old and is obviously reaching the last 5 to 6 years of his career. But with his fit, athletic body type, Donovan could still play at the top level in England for another 3 to 4 years before heading back to MLS to finish things off. I personally hope Donovan makes a move back to England this summer, preferably at Everton. He’ll fit back into David Moyes’ plans immediately while a risky move to Manchester City could see another quick return back home if things don’t go smoothly, surely causing an abrupt and disappointing end to Donovan’s time abroad.

The questions surrounding Donovan’s future are sure to be answered in the next few months, beofre a decision comes, leave a comment letting others know your thoughts on a potential return to the Premier League for Donovan.


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