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Poll: How Do You Rate this World Cup So Far?

 Poll: How Do You Rate this World Cup So Far?

We’ve seen 19 straight days of World Cup soccer. During that time, we’ve watched an mind boggling 56 games. There have been plenty of highs, lots of controversy and a few lows. But how does this World Cup compare to previous ones in your opinion? Better or worse, or same?

Vote in the poll below. And I’m interested to read your opinions in the comments section below. Is World Cup 2010 better or worse than WC 2006, WC 2002, WC 1998, WC 1994, etc?

I’ll share my feedback later so I don’t swing the voting in a certain direction.

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11 Responses to Poll: How Do You Rate this World Cup So Far?

  1. timF says:

    Way better than 2006, not as good as 02, 98 or 94.

  2. nick says:

    I think in early hindsight this wc will not go down as a classic. First the ball is dreadfull,way too light,every shot & free kick is landing in my garden. The negativity in the group stages was very boring (maybe 4 pts for a win will help,especially the last game). The officialdom has been horrific,its about time Fifa came into the 21st century.
    Finally is it me or has these visalulas or whatever there called grown old real quick,can you imagine if you travelled to South Africa to watch the world cup & ended up sitting next to a person who blew this thing nonstop for an hour&half, youd smash him on the head……………..

  3. Jay says:

    lots of controversy in this wc but overall its been great for me. espn has done a great job with their coverage and is obviously showing off its strengths to broadcast the Olympics in the future.

  4. Mike in Idaho says:

    I agree with post #2, the football hasn’t been that great overall and too many teams were happy with 0-0 draws. The vuvezuelas drowning out all crowd noise combined with the horrid officiating is not making this a WC to remember.

  5. gunn says:

    how many saw the spain vs portugal game – spain’s goal was offside – the linesman was nowhere to be found and the referee was standing there and did not call it ? also portugal did not make an effort to put a goal in the net – note: I think it was no. 9 Liedson who was attacking the most in the second half on the left flank beating 15 Sergio Ramos – was changed – why? I ask when this was the most dangerous player for portugal – sometimes I think these games are fixed – sorry but portugal did not want to beat spain – what would happen if portugal had ousted spain – any reprecussions – ronaldo plays for real madrid (hefty sum given to leave manchester united) does money talk – we all saw what happened to the south korean who scored an eliminated italy from the 2002 world cup on 6/18/02 (south korea moved to the quarters) the s. korean was playin for an italian team – and his contract was null n void right away- where’s the sportmanship

  6. gunn says:

    the brits should have gone out – they did not play the style – or enthusiastic – germans were overall better – bitterness over 1 goal – sour grapes – we all see the final score

    • rej4sl says:

      The Brits were not at the World Cup – England were – the other Brit teams – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland did not qualify.

      This world cup to me is boring not a quality game to be seen really – hope it spices up a bit in the quarters – the worst game had to be Japan v Paraguay – bored me to death.

  7. Brno says:

    Unless there are some Bangers in the last few matches, this World Cup has been the least entertaining for a while. I agree with Nick – the ball has been a disaster – dreadful crossing, free-kicks, and corners.

    There hasn’t been a match that I can remember which has had end to end action or a truly heart stopping last 10 minutes.

    Disappointing, if not outright shocking team performances (Italy, France, Eng….) The African teams, except for Ghana, failed to deliver.

    A lot of the superstars – Rooney, Rinaldo etc, failed to grip the competition.

    Outside of Suarez, no (relatively unknown) outfield player is having a breakout tournament (Honourable mention to Nigeria’s and Ghana’s keepers)

    The half-way decent refereeing from the first round of matches has fallen off the cliff.

    Too many visibly empty seats.

    At least there hasn’t been any violence – knock on wood. Unparalleled US TV coverage, Well done ESPN, (they’re even playing the national anthems this time)
    Football still has a long way to catch up with other sports in getting more pitch-side match and post match interviews with players/coaches however.

  8. Savie says:

    I won’t watch ESPN unless there is soccer on because they usually don’t do enough to promote it, and the newscasters bash it like it is a new sport still…However I must say I am VERY impressed with their enthusiasum and coverage. I love FSC and GOL TV but if soccer is going to make it far in this country we need ESPN to do more, like they are doing now. Yes it is the World Cup, but this much response from people is what would happen if there was more positive adversitement of the sport, and poeple would follow if given a reason to. However I believe that this World Cup is definatly lacking something. Italy :( I find it hard that some of the action and passion is just missing from the players. I remember true battles on the field in 2006. Maybe not a lot of scoring but passion from the players. When they won the celebrated and lost they cried. Some just seem glad to be done when the final whistle goes. Not just because my teams Italy and the US are out, but with some of the big teams out and the stadiums not full it just seems to be missing something. I am still glued to the TV and anticipate some more good matches, but I just feel that 2010 was two World Cups too soon to be in South Africa. They have done a good job, but it is clear to me at least that there is something missing.

  9. john says:

    why does every game have to be end to end this isnt basket ball.
    the beauty in football is in a good defence aswell as a powerful offense.
    one of the best games last season was barca vs inter at the camp nou where it was great to see how solid inter’s defence was and when the goal finally came it was a thing of pure quality not just an ” exciting ” knockdown from a centre foward.

    • Brn442 says:

      John – it’s not basketball but The Brazil v Holland match is what I mean’t by an end to end heart stopper. That’s the essence of football.

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