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Arsenal Launches 2010-11 Official Home Kit: Photos

new arsenal home football kit Arsenal Launches 2010 11 Official Home Kit: Photos

After plenty of speculation and faked designs, Arsenal has officially revealed photographs of their new football kit for the 2010-11 season.

As revealed two days ago, Arsenal’s new home shirt is a classic retro design that is very reminiscent of the same shirt that Arsenal won the 1970-71 double in. The new Arsenal jersey features a white rounded collar, white sleeves, red cuffs and the famous red shirt.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, the new Arsenal home jersey features Dri-Fit fabric, which claims to be 13 per cent lighter than previous kits. Plus, similar to many of the new shirts from Nike, the shirt is made from recycled plastic bottles.

UPDATED: More images of the new Arsenal home jersey can be found after the jump.

arsenal home shirt vermaelen1 Arsenal Launches 2010 11 Official Home Kit: Photos

arsenal 1 Arsenal Launches 2010 11 Official Home Kit: Photos

arsenal 2 Arsenal Launches 2010 11 Official Home Kit: Photos

arsenal 3 Arsenal Launches 2010 11 Official Home Kit: Photos

arsenal 4 Arsenal Launches 2010 11 Official Home Kit: Photos

arsenal 5 Arsenal Launches 2010 11 Official Home Kit: Photos

What do you think of the new Arsenal kit? Judging by the above photographs, it looks like an instant classic to me and will definitely be a big hit worldwide. The classic design is a classic for a reason. It’s clean, simple, attractive and traditional. Hats off to Arsenal and Nike for a simple but beautiful design.

Share your feedback about the new Arsenal football shirt design in the comments section below.

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28 Responses to Arsenal Launches 2010-11 Official Home Kit: Photos

  1. Ryan says:

    At least they’ll be dressed sharp when we beat them in week one. :D YNWA!

  2. Bishopville Red says:

    THAT’S the way Arsenal is supposed to look.

  3. Stephen says:

    Arsenal need jerseys that are dirt-proof because they are going to be spending a lot of time on the ground being kicked around by the rest of the league :). Seriously, I think it’s good to go retro to try and bring back the good old days.

  4. sirram says:

    my dads a designer for Arsenal, and this article is bullshit.

    Credit to the photo edit though.

  5. brn442 says:

    Lovely shirt, nice and crisp, would have preferred red socks. The long sleeved version is an absolute peach – unlike the last shirt, this one actually has cuffs. Charlie George where art thou?

  6. Josh says:

    What, no photos of Cesc in the kit???

    • Luke says:

      You do know that he’s in South Africa right ? And that those pictures were taken at the Arsenal training ground ? Do you expect him to fly back just to take a few pictures ?

  7. jaygooner says:

    Josh in case you didnt realise Cesc is in South Africa, those pics were taken on Monday for release tomorrow,

  8. super_eagle says:

    hmmm….not 1 pic w/Fabregas

  9. Rachid says:

    Times are more modern now and this kit looks way too old fashioned for current football. This isn’t 1971 and if I wanted to buy a kit that looked like the 1971 kit…then I’d go out and get one of those. It’s too simple and lacks any creative spark. It’s also basically the same kit we wore in our first season at The Emirates minus the gold streaks down the side. There’s no flair to this kit and whoever created it lacks imagination. It could’ve been made to look like the 1971 kit BUT have included some more modern touches to it but whoever instructed Nike not to do so decided is clearly a fuddy duddy that can’t get over the past.

  10. Gerwyn says:

    Its on the arsenal website it is the real deal and its a lovely kit just ordered mine today :D looking forward to the new season Arsenal all the way lets pray for minimal injuries (Y)

  11. Gerwyn says:

    By the way there is no pic with fabregas because every player there isnt in the world cup

  12. Kevin says:

    Lol, did Arshavin put his socks on backwards? No Nike logos like the rest of the lads…

    • David the Yank says:

      Short legs: he rolls the tops down over the logo…

      • Kevin says:

        Fair enough, just odd that they would allow this for the photo shoot for the unveiling of the new NIKE kits…the little russian definitely gets his way!

  13. Fee says:

    I hate to say I told you so… But I told you so! For the first time in a while I love both the home and away kits! Yeah it’s similar to the 06/08 kit, but there are enough differences to make it special and flourishes should not be thrown onto a kit just because they can.
    Traditional red/white home, proper yellow away shirt! Anyone else already feeling good about this season?!

    What should be noted however is that there is no Goalkeeper shirt and let the record show that 90% of the time it is released on the same day as the home. Guess they couldn’t wrap up the Schwartzer deal in time!!

  14. bazza says:

    this shirt is immence!! although i am only 11 (arsenal 4 life! my brother is called brady!) i fink its quality, only bad thing is that victoria concordia crescit is on the back of the badge, it should be right there on the front with the cannon

  15. olatunji says:

    This is the best club in the world

  16. Tom D says:

    All of the great sporting teams across the world have 1 thing in common. A jersey, strip, kit, uniform whatever u wanna call it that is simple but shows strength as a united force not only by those wearing it on the day but the legends that have come before them. Pride, passion and history all portrayed along with a fear from opposition players that know this history.
    I think the arsenal kit has all these qualities, it’s new as well as an influence from the past… Anyone concerned with fanshy shmanshy creativity should pay more attention to the 90 minutes arsenal put on show each week

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